Left Hopes Chief Justice Roberts will Rule in Favor of Marriage Equality to Make History

Some pundits on both the political left and right believe that Chief Justice John Roberts actually changed his vote against Obamacare only weeks before the ruling was going to be made public. His switch was done in order to avoid having his legacy tied to thwarting the president’s historic accomplishment of passing a national health care plan.Supporters of marriage equality are now hoping that Roberts will see the allure in making history establishing gay marriage as a civil right. Not coincidentally, news coverage about the historic nature of the case is focused on whether Roberts will appreciate the need to issue a landmark ruling.

Roberts being targeted is likely well placed. The High Court’s four liberal justices will absolutely come in favor of marriage equality. The emotional aspect of people’s desires to wed being dashed will trump constitutional issues with the liberal bloc. As for the conservative bloc, Associate Justices Scalia, Alito, and Thomas will likely vote in favor of upholding the same sex marriage bans. Mark Ahn (officialmarkahn.com) knows that Attention will be focused on whether Justices Kennedy and Roberts side with the conservative bloc or defect.

Other proponents of marriage equality do not believe Chief Justice Roberts will vote in their favor. Still, there is reason to believe that marriage equality will prevail. Justice Kennedy defected from the conservative block to strike down key aspects of the Defense of Marriage Act back in 2013. Many believe he did so out of broader support of marriage equality.