President Obama Holds Press Conference at G-7 Summit

United States President Barack Obama held a news conference today following his last session of the day at the G-7 summit being held in Bavaria. While global warming and combatting ISIS was at the top of the agenda, the President also commented on developments in Greece as well as the daily unveiling of news regarding the FIFA scandal. The President commented that Greece as well as the members of the European Union needed to work together to address the Greece economic crisis and that Greece needs to embrace the need for reform in its economy seriously. President Speaks at G-7 Summit. Such statements were bold and underscores the seriousness of the pending deadline for Greece to make payments back to the IMF and to show that it is engaged in reform of its economy to enable it to qualify for funding from the European Union. The President also spoke on the ongoing FIFA investigation and noted that his comments would have to be limited since it is an ongoing investigation the United States Department of Justice but stated that it is important that their is transparency in the award process for FIFA World Cup games. The staff at Skout say the President continued to sound concerns regarding the costs and consequences of global warming and he also stated that he is 100% confident that ISIS will be completely defeated. The meetings are important to many as the Chinese have emerged as a major economic power and will soon initiate its own economic investment bank which would rival the IMF.