Shaygan Kheradpir Joins Coriant as the New CEO


Optical systems global giant, Coriant, recently named Shaygan Kheradpir as the new CEO of the company. Kheradpir will be taking over from former CEO and President Dan DiPietro. Kheradpir was one of Merlin Equity Partners’ board members before he accepted the position at Coriant.

Coriant is owned by Merlin Equity Partners. It was formed from the combination of three different networking companies namely Nokia Siemens (Germany), Tellabs (USA) and Sycamore Networks (USA). DiPietro was appointed in 2014 to help in the integration of Coriant with its new acquisition called Tellabs. As a neutral partner between the two companies, DiPietro was the perfect candidate for the job. The fact that Kheradpir was brought in to take over from DiPietro shows that Coriant has successfully completed the integration process and aims to move on to the next step.

Market Competition

As president and chairman of the Coriant board, Kheradpir will be instrumental in helping to stimulate growth in the company and oversee the development of new and innovative products. This will be vital if Coriant aims to become an industry leader and beat tough competition from Ciena, ZTE, Alcatel-Lucent, Infinera and Cisco.

Coriant has successfully won several deals with top key customers some of whom are international carriers. These include China Unicom, Telia Sonera International Carrier, NBN from Australia and BSNL. With these huge deals in place, Coriant is positive about its growth and development in the global scene.

The main task that faces Kheradpir as the new CEO is driving up new sales in order to meet target revenues. Current market requirements include hyperscale data centers, cloud infrastructure buildouts, mobile backhaul upgrades and multi terabit metro systems for service providers. The company is also preparing system upgrades in order to comfortably accommodate all 4G and 5G deployments.

Shaygan Kheradpir

Kheradpir is a telecom industry veteran with a 28-years working experience. He has acquired skills in his tenure in top executive and management positions in the telecom and financial industries. He started working at GTE in 1987. When GTE became Verizon, Kheradpir became its Chief Information Officer and VP. He was a key figure in the team that rolled out the FiOS program.

After Verizon, he joined Barclays and worked at the International banking institution from 2011 to 2013. He had a brief stint as the CEO of Juniper Networks before joining the board of Merlin Equity Partners. In September 2014, he was appointed as the new Boss of Coriant.

A Great Brand For Animals

Purina is a very well-known name in any American household and especially if that household has pets. Everywhere I look there’s always Purina news about all the things they produce such as pet food, pet treats, and other pet supplements. Some of the most popular brand of pet food are Friskies, Beneful, and Purina One. Thousands of dog and cat owners all around the world use Purina pet care products to feed and nourish their pets.

By the by around 2009. Purina pet care became one of Nestlé’s fastest-growing companies. The reason is because many more people around the world are willing to spend more money on pets, and they want to do all that they can to assure themselves that their pets are getting high-quality pet food. Later in 2008 Purina formed a company called Purina care. This company sold pet insurance and later it was acquired by pet health. Apart from just the United States, Purina pet care has different factories and offices in China, Russia, and Thailand. In addition in 2013 Purina brand care adopted Petfinder. Petfinder is a very popular website, because it allows individuals to adopt different pets. Many thousands of individuals each year go onto in order to get information and and statistics about pets that they may be interested in adopting.

Purina pet care went on to acquire many different pet companies, and because of that some of their most outstanding brands are ALPO, Beneful, Chef Michael’s, Fancy Feast, Purina One, Purina Pro Plan, Tidy Cats, and Whisker Likin’s. These are all very well known pet brands, but many people may not know that they are all owned by Purina. Purina also has many programs to help pets lose weight and they formed a merger with Jenny Craig in 2012 to help owners and pet owners and their pets to lose weight together. Purina pet brand is truly a unique brand of pet food. They strive to give animals only the best, and because of that Purina employees stand by the brand and the only feed that brand to their pets as well.


Is New Jersey real estate really poised for a comeback? Is talk of New Jersey becoming a magnet for young professionals seeking affordable, yet very upscale housing here, as an alternative to Manhattan, the real deal? Can this hard-charging state bring new life and vibrance into areas that have been overlooked for years? According to the talk among the experts, the answer is a resounding yes.

Though it’s been talked about for years, even as the “Garden State” has endured a string of tough challenges including fallout from the Great Recession and job losses and business closures in the aftermath of two major storms, this time, it looks like this hardy state is playing for keeps, comeback-wise. And why not? New Jersey has always had a vital fighting spirit, and now, with major developments coming up from major players like Boraie Development LLC and Tucker Development Corporation, the talk of a major real estate comeback seems very real indeed.

In a recent story in, a panel of commercial real estate experts, including Wasseem Boraie of Boraie Development LLC made it clear that the outlook is very positive in the New Jersey market. Boraie observed that now there are 5-10 “Class A” projects currently under construction or in the development pipeline in New Jersey, and that is very good news as well as a new kind of strategy. According to Boraie, in the past, civic leaders in cities like New Brunswick were looking to one major project to bring new vigor into the area. Yet what is really needed is for a whole swarm of projects to come in to really attract vibrance and growth.

Now, with the new developments coming in, including a 168-unit residential high-rise from Boraie Development, New Jersey has every chance of becoming a very exciting real estate center. And yes, that is very good news indeed.

University of Cincinnati President Santa Ono Turns Down Bonus for Third Year

Santa Ono from the University of Cincinnati’s turned down his annual presidential bonus for a third consecutive year in a row now. This time he requested that his $200,000 bonus be given to 14 different scholarships and charities (some for students and others for faculty members). In addition, he requested that the family of fallen Cincinnati Police Officer Sony Kim receive $10,000. At the same time, Ono also rejected a salary raise, leaving his base salary at $520,000.

Trustees praised Ono’s performance as president, and that he’s turned down his bonus for three years straight. Board President Tom Humes said it’s hard for them when someone turns down money, however they’ve learned that in order to satisfy him they must allow him opportunities to help others. With this in mind, they full heartedly endorse his decision on this matter.

The question still remains: If Ono is president for a fourth year in a row, will this tradition continue? A few at Qnet see that being the case.

Bottled Water Recalled

Niagara Bottling announced that they’ve discovered their spring water may have been contaminated with E. coli. Furthermore, the company believes the water was probably contaminated with human or animal waste.

Erring on the side of caution, Niagara Bottling said they decided to recall their spring water products manufactured at the Pennsylvania facilities.

Folks at FreedomPop have found that there were 14 brands affected, and all have been recalled.

Niagara also advised customers they should boil water before drinking for one minute and let cool before using.

The products in question have codes that lead with the alphabet F from the Hamburg facility or A from the Allentown facility. For example, the code that is currently recalled is displayed as A610JUN15 2000.

E. coli germs certainly serve as a bigger risk for infants, elderly adults and anyone with a compromised immune system. The company said it has not received any reports of illness or injury.