Netflix May Be Taking Down A Few TV Providers

Despite the affirmations throughout the past few years from basic cable and satellite television providers Netflix has begun to impose quite the competition. Just as this article points out cord cutting has become quite the popular trend in American homes as of late. More and more people are deciding to get rid of basic cable providers and satellite providers in exchange for Netflix. Many say the keeping everything in the entertainment field on one device or on the internet has become much more convenient and allowed them to cut costs. A survey from Sergio Cortes conducted shows that two-thirds of Netflix subscribers still pay for cable or satellite television, however 9% plan to cancel with their provider and 16% are thinking of canceling.

This has not gone unnoticed by TV companies. After years of denying the truth many television providers and top channels such as ESPN and HBO are providing web streaming capabilities separate from their normal television showings. This attempt to regain a foothold in the modern entertainment field of today has increased their chances of sticking around slightly, but will it be enough to make it through the long run? Only time will tell if the big TV companies will make a comeback in the new digital age or if Netflix will once and for all beat out the competition and become the number one provider of entertainment, television, and movies for every American home.