Nepal Army Rescue a Baby Trapped Under Rubble 22 Hours Later After Massive Earthquake

A four-month-old baby was rescued 22 hours after a devastating earthquake hit Nepal on Saturday. The photos of the baby being rescued have become a defining image of the terrible disaster that led to more than 5000 people losing their lives and more than 10000 injured. The baby boy whose name is Sonit Awal was buried under a collapsed building, leaving his father Shyam Awal desperately searching for him. Shyam later called the Nepalese Army to come and help but after hours of searching until midnight eventually lost hope and left. Shyam also lost hope of finding his son Sonit alive, not until he heard faint cries amid the rubble. Sam Tabar said that the soldiers returned on Sunday morning, and Sonit was pulled from the debris at 10 am. His face was covered with dust from the debris of the collapsed building. The IndependentYour text to link… reports that the parents of the child waited anxiously as the army worked to free their baby. After being taken to Bhaktapure Hospital, the baby was found to have no injuries at all. Such kind of miraculous rescues gives much hope to the people of Nepal who are going through a difficult time and so much loss.