Sergio Cortes Is Amazing As An Impersonator Of Michael Jackson

Everyone should remember where they were when they heard the news that Michael Jackson had passed. The passing of Michael Jackson is something that many people will never forget, just like when Martin Luther King or Malcolm X died. Not only was Michael Jackson an icon, but he was also a person who only improved with age, unlike many stars that are out there today. Michael Jackson started off in the Jackson Five, and then he started doing music on his own many years later. It was after Michael had surgery on his face and lightened his skin that Sergio Cortes realized that they both looked alike.

Sergio became a big fan of Michael’s when he was still alive, and Sergio even met Michael in person as well. Michael Jackson himself gave a nod to Sergio’s looks and style as well as his performances, meaning that he was given permission by Michael to be his doppelgänger and impersonator. Sergio has a flawless look that favors Michael Jackson so much that very few could tell one person from the other. Michael was well known for having a dimple in his chin, and the same dimple can be found on Sergio’s chin as well.

When Michael died in 2009, Sergio, as well as all Michael Jackson fans, found themselves mourning his death. Many could see the Michael Jackson funeral on TV, but there were too many Michael Jackson fans to possibly let everyone attend the funeral that was held in a stadium. Those who were not able to go to the funeral had to find their own ways to honor Michael Jackson, and Sergio chose to do just that. Sergio held a stage show that showed his appreciation of the late Michael Jackson. The show also displayed Sergio’s immense talents as a Michael Jackson impersonator.

Sergio can dance like Michael Jackson almost effortlessly, and his dance moves mimic every dance that Michael used to do. Michael was well-known for the Moonwalk, which is an incredibly hard dance to perform, but Sergio can do the Moonwalk without a second thought. Sergio has brought smiles to the faces of many Michael Jackson fans, even though they feel that no one could ever possibly fill Michael’s shoes. Although no one can mistake Sergio for Michael Jackson because Michael passed, Sergio can surely be admired as a Michael Jackson impersonator because of his looks, dance moves, singing voice, and style.