The Brown Agency Poaches The Best In Talent Development

Just like people in white collar jobs need a role model to look up to, modeling requires a mentor. In fact, modeling calls for a lot of training sessions to be successful. With the onset of many modeling agencies in the industry, choosing a reliable agency that comes with serious professionalism can be a challenge to many aspiring models. This is because many pose as good mentors, but they are not. With Brown Agency, a model should not worry about the possibilities of becoming a hit in an industry swarmed with amateurs. The Brown Agency boasts of being a full-service provider of lessons, entertainment, and impeccable services.




The history of Brown Modeling Agency stems from Justin Brown, a young, ambitious college boy who paved his way up the crowded industry. Working as a trainer in college, Justin focused on ensuring that models grasped the essential details of strutting the catwalk. He worked at a boutique modeling agency for a little compensation of $1.00 per hour. Little as it was, his focus defined his character as he was persistent and determined to achieve so much even with little resources. Justin Brown thus became a fitness modeling instructor.



Brown majored in business management. Perhaps, this explains his excellent skills on managing a modeling agency. Even as a student, he was interested in camera work and entertainment. Working behind cameras, Justin aced different jobs in the corporate industry. From development and placement, he focused on working with the models to reach client needs. He focused on training models to achieve excellent results.






Nothing much has changed since Justin graduated college. He still holds onto aggressive training sessions to empower models. At Brown Agency, he is a team leader and choreographer. When the agency merged with Wilhelmina Brown and Heyman Talent South, he was the head cheerleader. He focused on producing the best from the team. From entertainment to runways and commercial modeling, Brown Agency redefines the fashion industry by incorporating new ideas tailored to meet client needs.


Company Profile


Brown Agency was established in 2010. The commercial agency focuses on developing raw talent. Being part of the prominent Brown Agency Family, the company has made vast progress in becoming an industry leader. With excellent leadership, the agency has defied the challenges that come with working in an ever-transforming industry. Since its establishment, the agency has opened doors to Austin based models who are interested in showcasing their talent in runways and print modeling. Brown Agency has a stellar reputation to the point of working with huge brands like Dell, Lorea’l, Louis Vuitton and Toyota. The company is an energetic and as good as the talent it nurtures. At Brown Agency, the management prides itself on being the best at choosing the best.  Follow the Brown Agency on Instagram.