Billy McFarland and Magnises

Billy McFarland has probably started and sold more successful business startups at a younger age than anyone else in recent history. He started at age 13, and he hasn’t stopped yet. Starting at age 13 with a neighborhood business that found customers for a local business, to his latest venture at age 23 in 3013, Magnises, McFarland is making big waves.

Magnises is a platform built for millennials so they can meet and socialize at a very attractive discount at many of their favorite restaurants, clubs, nightspots, meeting areas, bars. trips, events, concerts and other special occasions. Membership requires a $250 annual fee, and people gladly pay for access to what is deemed to be the place to be and the thing to do among the millennial crowd.

From people who are getting their first jobs, to seasoned young entrepreneurs, professionals, managers, and other upwardly mobile millennials between the ages of 21 and 35, Magnises offers a totally naturally way for meetings, socializing, sharing ideas and getting business contacts. Presently located in New York City and Washington D.C. there were already over 10,000 members in both locations.

The gem of the operation is the Magnises Care, also known as the “Black Card.” With this card, the information on the credit debit card of the member is copied onto the magnetic strip of the Black Card. The Black Card is used to pay the bill at the appropriate member business and to apply the discount as well at that time.

Membership is not necessarily automatic, as there is an online application form that must be completed by the management team. Billy McFarland is looking for young up and comers in the 21 through 35 age group, and they are looking for him. In addition to discounts, there are always exciting perks for which the millennials are looking.

Recently, members enjoyed a “Booze Cruise” on the Hudson, where the chartered boat offered samples of different alcoholic beverages along with finger food. Another event featured a trip to a local racetrack where Telsa offered a test-drive in some of its newer models.

According to The Guardian, Billy McFarland is seriously looking at expansion too, as he wants to populate the United States and other cities abroad. It looks like he’ll do it too, based on his past record and the popularity of Magnises.