Vijay Eswaran talks community with Premier league linkup

Across Asia there are a number of brands that continue to grow by leaps and bounds each year, which include the soccer’s English Premier League and the multi level marketing group QNet. In recent years, QNet CEO and founder Vijay Eswaran has been keen to improve the brand in Asia and in particular across India where his company has been enjoying a high level of growth and brand awareness. By choosing to align the QNet group with former Premier League champions Manchester City, Eswaran is leading his company into a new era where QNet will expand on a global scale with the backing of some of the best known athletes in the world.

However, there is more to the linkup between Eswaran and Manchester City than simply the many business opportunities that are created. The former Southeastern University student in the US has made sure the Premier League club he partnered his business with has as strong links with its local community as QNet does in Malaysia and India. Manchester City are known as a community club across the northwestern city of Manchester in England as they feature heavily in the community running programs to assist young people who may be struggling to find their way in life. Vijay Eswaran himself has recently been at the forefront of a series of educational programs across Asia designed to give those with little chance of achieving success a fresh opportunity in life.

QNet has recently been gaining a large following in India and at a recent conference the largest group of delegates were drawn from the company’s group of employees and independent contractors in the country. In a bid to assist those who are seeking to improve their lives Eswaran and QNet are offering Indian people the chance to bring their ideas for products and inventions to QNet and have them assessed for inclusion in the QNet range of products. Giving back plays an important role in the future of QNet, Vijay Eswaran and Manchester City, which is why this partnership could be of great benefit to people in many different areas of the world.