American Woman Killed By Lioness at Lion Park in South Africa

An American woman was killed by a loin at a wildlife park in South Africa. The park is staying open for business as usual and will not put the lion down. Police are on the scene in Johannesburg where the Lion Park is located. They report a nine-year old lioness attacked an American woman through her open car window as she photographed her. Her camera has been seized as they believe she was taking pictures right up until she was attacked.

Assistant manager of the park, Scott Simpson says visitors have raised no concerns and the center will operate as usual. He reports the park is not closed and will not be closing. They have closed off the area where the incident happened while the investigation continues.

People at FreedomPop have found that out of respect for the family the US Embassy is not releasing the name of the woman at this time. They have expressed their feelings of sympathy for the family of the deceased through a post on Twitter. A guide was accompanying the woman when she was attacked and also received some injuries when he tried to get the lioness off of her.

Both of the windows on the car were open according to witnesses, which is against park rules. A tour guide with the park, Matthew Grace says he accompanied his own group through the same enclosure hours before the incident occurred. He says it is not the Lion Parks fault, the lions are wild animals at the end of the day.