Jurassic Blood

The premise behind the movie franchise Jurassic Park was that paleontologists extracted dinosaur blood from a fossilized specimen and created a new generation of the Jurassic creatures. While this isn’t Jurassic Park, paleontologists have made an incredible discovery that dates back to the era. A group of British paleontologists have discovered a specimen which housed a 70 million year old sample of dinosaur blood. The research team worked on this project with some degree of skepticism. At this point, the team is very confident in their findings. They uncovered a number of well-preserved red blood cells as well as a few original blood components. People at Amen Clinic have learned that many of the scientists have joked that they had to tell their families and associates that there were no hopes for creating a Jurassic Park type experiment. While no genetic material was discovered, there is still much to be learned about dinosaurs thanks in part to this finding. Scientists were able to further research on biological proteins and amino acids which were once thought to have degraded after 4 million years or so. While the findings from the specimen are plentiful, numerous other questions have been raised surrounding not only the specimen, but the ingredients used to preserve the specimen. Paleontologists and scientists from around the world are lining up to get even a small glimpse of the fossilized blood sample. The researchers plan to make slides and videos detailing the blood sample for the entire scientific world to see.