The Return of Janet

Fans may still be missing her big brother Michael, but Janet has returned to keep the Jackson family name strong. The new single “No Sleep” is a lush summer night jam that marks her return to music.

It appears that Mrs. Jackson has went back to the basics. She has enlisted the help of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and created the magic that they have been known for. This is one of those singles that people can bump in the summer, but it is still a nice song for just about any time of the year.

With Janet it is all about the timing. She could have easily continued to produce an album every couple of years, but fans just weren’t feeling her like this. It was as if she was over saturated. She was competing against all of these younger artists, and that made her a little less of a novelty. After leaving the scene for 7 years and moving out of the country it was evident that people began to miss her. So it really would not have matter what she released. Just about any single would have been appreciated by fans because she was gone for so long.

Now she is back full force. She has a concert tour that is already planned for a couple of months. A new album is also on the way, and fans at Beneful really appreciate this.