Technology is leading alternative investment for investment banks. The firms are providing expert investment advice for investor’s wishing to invest in the expanding sector. Most investment banks are taking advantage of the latest innovations in the marketwatch that are requiring companies to outsource capital for expansion. The pace at which the technology industry is growing is presenting numerous opportunities for investors. Investment banks are providing excellent advice and resources to technology companies to navigate the ever-changing environment in the market. The help is mainly through providing secure financing and successful merger and acquisitions transactions. The investment firms are playing a crucial role in advising investors on the best field to invest. The major industries where investment banks have made a significant impact include the software, it services, telecommunications, renewable energy and consumer electronics sectors. The investment banks cut across these areas helping thousands of business owners raise operational capital. The investment banks remain focused on providing services to both the emerging and established companies in key technology sectors. The benefits include a broad range of products that the investors can choose from. The primary investment banking services in the technology industry include the private placements, public offerings and general financial advisory. The other key factor significant in the banking sector is the investor relations. The technology investment professional has developed deep corporate relationship with clients making the sector grow faster. The relationships have proven to bear fruits in raising capital and advice in transactions experience in the technology industry. The investment banks work across the global financial markets carrying out millions of transactions every day. The technology sector is the fastest growing impacting the current economic climate. Citadel is Chicago based investment firm leading in investing in the technology sector. The company employs more than 1400 professionals in its offices in North America Asia and Europe. The company is focusing on the technology as an alternative industry due to its potential to grow. The company has been operational for the last 25 years since starting its operations in 1990. The company’s management team has over twenty year of experience dedicated to achieve the business’s goals in line with the interests of the client. The professional are creative and incredibly talented. They focus mainly on achieving results through thorough research of the market and its dynamics. The team aim is to keep the companies potential by occupying the opportunities that emerge in the market. Citadel’s CEO Mr. Ken Griffin understands perfectly the power of technology. His company has the most sophisticated software to analyze the market and create investment models. Griffin had a satellite dish installed during his days in campus to get a glimpse of real-time market data. The company is focused in investing in technology sector and taking part in the next innovations that will revolutionize the industry. Ken Griffin is an experienced and talented entrepreneur. His love for investment banking began at Harvard where he managed a small hedge fund from friends and family contributions.