A Hard Time For Acquisitions In The Energy Sector

An article was published by the New York Times. The article delved into the merger between Energy Transfer Equity and the Williams Companies. The article discussed the ups and downs of the energy crisis and the ups and downs of the merger.

The positive effect of the drop in energy prices can be felt by everyone. It has helped to keep more discretionary money in consumers’ pockets. However, there is a negative side. The article explained how banks, like JP Morgan Chase, have already or will have to increase their reserves because of bad energy loans. Many energy companies have applied for and received large loans, with the assumption that they would easily pay it back. But then the price of energy dropped. The combination of the low energy prices and the high amounts have debt will very likely bring about a third of the companies involved in production and exploration of energy will have to file for bankruptcy. Shell and Chevron have already started letting large numbers of employees because of the dramatic decrease in profit.

The article also discussed the positives and negatives of the merger. One of the biggest downsides of the merger was the doubts that investors had about the merger being too complicated. This, coupled with the lowered energy prices, wrecked the companies’ values and stock prices. They lost a combined value of 37 billion dollars, which is over 60 percent of their worths. And after the release of earnings report, Energy Transfer, alone, lost another billion dollars in value. However, many shareholders that just think that the timing of the merger was not great, but as soon as the energy prices recover, the companies and their value will recover. They are staying positive because they know how natural of a merger it truly is. The merger is currently being reviewed by regulators and if they approve it, and neither side backs out, the merger will go through and Energy Transfer Equity will own the Williams Companies.

There are several firms that are watching this merger closely. One such firm is Madison Street Capital. This investment banking firm stays within the middle market and provides services in five areas. The first area of services that are provided is financial opinions, this includes services such as independent third party fairness opinions and solvency and capital adequacy. The second area is asset management industry focus, which includes areas such as portfolio valuation services and restructuring services. The third area is valuation or financial reporting, which includes services like structured finance products and share-based compensation. The fourth bis business valuation and the fifth area is corporate advisory.

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Madison Street Capital: Doing Things Untraditionally


Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that is well known for their expertise in mergers and acquisitions. Since 2005, when the company was founded, the firm has been providing that service along with corporate advising, business valuation financial opinions and financial reporting valuation. Madison Street is a great firm for many middle market companies that are looking for a sound exit strategy, seeking favorable lending or looking for acquisitions. They have offices in North America, Asia and Africa and have a goal of coming to a mutually beneficial transaction for buyer and for seller.

The firm is led by Karl D’Cunha, the Senior Managing Director. D’Cunha has a Bachelors in Economics and Finance, which he received at the University of Western Ontario. He then went onto McGill University to get his Graduate Diploma in Accounting. He is a FINRA registered General Securities Representative, in the Chartered Financial Analyst Program as a level 3 candidate and he is a Chartered Accountant. D’Cunha has created a network of connections for his firm through is memberships with American MENSA, Ltd., CFA Institute, CFA Society of Chicago, Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants and the New York Hedge Fund Roundtable.

Madison Street Capital released a statement and report of its 2015 year. In the statement, the firm noted how it had managed to announce or close 42 hedge fund deals in 2015 alone. The firm also noted how this was a 27 percent increase since the previous year and that this type of momentum was only going to build and produce even better numbers in 2016.

The firm followed up the statement with a report that they released and was covered in the news. 2 of the news outlets that covered the story, pr.com and HedgeWeek, also wrote a summary of the report. In the summary, Madison Street Capital Senior Managing Director, Karl D’Cunha was quoted. He said that the hedge fund industry deal environment was very strong in 2015 and it would prove to be stronger yet again in 2016. D’Cunha believes that the industry will start seeing alternative deal mechanisms that will suit both the buyer and seller in a more effective way than traditional routes. Some of the examples he gave were revenue share stakes, seed or incubator deals, PE boltons and PE stakes. D’Cunha believes that the industry has been fragmented in the past but in the next few years much more consolidation will take place. He said the industry should expect to see quite a few partnerships beginning to emerge that will bring distribution and product offering together. Karl D’Cunha thinks that there will be growth throughout the entire industry.

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Philip Diehl and George Soros’ Top Investment Strategy

While more and more people are seeing the negative long term effects of the recession, they are starting to understand how difficult it can be to make money. Protecting wealth and saving for the future is difficult enough, but when you throw in the fact that we still have near record highs when it comes to people out of work then you can easily understand why many people fear for income over the long haul, let alone the ability to save and possibly even retire. That’s exactly the reason why so many people are afraid to invest all of their hard earned money into the stock market and possibly watch it disappear. When you barely have enough money to get by you need to protect what you do have. That’s where the investment strategy of George Soros comes in and it’s exactly why so many people are protecting their wealth for the long haul with confidence.

The key to understanding gold in general is that gold has maintained its value over some of the worst periods of time, and has actually increased when the economy crashes. Because of the strong belief in gold and the strong demand for it is constantly so high, you can truly imagine why it is such a worthy investment to look into. When you consider that people truly do want and need confidence in their investments for the long haul, and then you consider how stable and safe gold can be over almost any period of time, then you can see why some of the greatest financial experts of recent time have put so much time and effort into the development of gold. Not only has it continued to be something that grows as a great asset should, but it also has held value and even appreciated in value through the great recession.

Don’t worry about getting rich overnight and trying to play the get rich quick schemes. People who truly accumulate wealth do so over multiple years and due to great decisions that are thought out over the long haul. If you are thinking that you can simply change your mindset about investing and find the asset that makes the most sense for your portfolio then you should be considering the asset that billionaire George Soros is harping about. Look to see what you can do with gold in your portfolio and see how the US Money Reserve can increase your wealth today.

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U.S. Money Reserve Guarantees Gold Coin Purity

In a recent podcast, U.S. Money Reserve’s President, Philip N. Diehl, talked about his company’s rise, reasons for buying precious metals, and why gold coins are a better alternative to bars.

Under his leadership, US Money Reserve became the top distributor of gold, platinum, and silver coins in the world. The company does business on all continents, including…Antarctica. (Yes, there are coin buyers who are based there.)

As Mr. Diehl explained, US Money Reserve embarked on a six-year program to improve their customer service. What’s more, the company guarantees the purity of its coins.

As commented in the prnewswire, the U.S. government-issued coins are of guaranteed purity. This isn’t always the case with some precious metals bars in circulation around the world. Some of these bars have been tempered with.

On the other hand, U.S. Money Reserve customers are assured that the products they buy are pure. In addition to American gold and silver coins, US Money Reserve offers government-issued coins from South Africa, Australia, and Canada. The coins come in various sizes, ranging from 1/10 to 1 ounce, making it possible for even small investors to take position of precious metals.

In addition, this year the company started offering self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) for their clients.

Mr. Diehl had also spoken on the outlook for the precious metals. Gold continues to be a safe haven, especially with unclear monetary policies and world’s instability.

As to his background, prior to joining U.S. Money Reserve, he was a Director of U.S. Mint, nominated to the post by Bill Clinton. Mr. Diehl also was involved with the U.S. Treasury and the Senate.

As more and more investors seek to diversify from stocks and bonds, finding a reliable and trustworthy precious metals distributor is as important as finding a good broker or financial advisor. US Money reserve takes its responsibilities very seriously by offering wide product selection, guarantees, and superior customer service.


Money is a big concern for pretty much everyone. We all go through money issues. We all need to try our best to save money. Sometimes it becomes a bit of a challenge. This is why we all need help from the US Money Reserve.

The Us Money Reserve prides themselves on helping every day people like you and me. Well today the US Money Reserve is here with us today. Craig, a rep from the global company, decided to stop by and give us some insight. His insight will hopefully help some of us to make better choices with our money.

“Saving money starts with cutting out some very unnecessary spending. I tell all my clients to make a mental and physical checklist of all spending. At the end of each month go through your checkbook. Go through all your spending. Is there any spending you can afford to cut out? If there is, get rid of it. This will put more money back in your savings.”

Craig went on further to talk about investing in mutual fund and other various stocks.

“Mutual funds are becoming a big investing ticket for many of my clients. The first thing I have to say is that it’s a good idea, if you can afford to do so. The other thing I will say is to choose your stocks options carefully. You need something that is low risk, but will yield you high returns. I tell my clients it’s best to invest in a variety of funds. Make sure that your portfolio is as diversified as possible.”

We questioned Craig on the biggest mistake people make with mutual funds and stock options.

“The biggest issue I can see is that clients tend to react quickly. Sometimes you have to just “ride something out.” The idea is to invest in something that will not bring any negative results. This is why I tell clients to be sure you really want to invest in mutual funds or low risk stocks. When it comes to investing in anything, it’s a gamble. I always make sure my clients are going to be prepared for the good, bad and ugly.”

“It also depends on what you want to invest the money for. Some want a short-term plan. Some want something more long-term, like for retirement or something. Figure out which plan best fits your needs and pick something that works with those needs. If you are not good on “riding out the storm, I suggest looking for something a little bit more low-risk.”

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US Money Reserve’s GoFundMe Benefits Austin’s Police Operation Blue Santa

This is the time of year when we all look to help spread good cheer. Officials at US Money Reserve share this feeling. They want to help people have a very merry Christmas. This is why they have started a GoFundMe campaign to help benefit the people of Austin, Texas. Partnering with the good folks at the Austin, Texas police department, they have helped raise funds to provide presents for kids and a merry holiday for area adults as well. The campaign aims to provide struggling area families with the opportunity to celebrate the holiday and style and provide their kids with a fun day and presents they can enjoy.

The Blue Santa project in Austin aims to collect donations from area residents and businesses to enable presents to be distributed to kids who have parents who may not otherwise have the means to provide such presents for them. Each year. officials here work with companies such as US Money Reserve to help local area families celebrate the holiday. Parents and kids in need are visited by local area volunteers who visit them on Christmas Eve and distribute presents. All those in need can sign up for the program and anyone who wants to help can do so.

US Money Reserve is one of the nation’s largest specialists in the area of gold coin collection. They have been helping thousands of people to expand into the area of gold coin collecting in order to help them have a portfolio that is likely to grow and increase in the future. Their staffing specialists know exactly how to provide for the needs of their clients and how to help them purchase gold and silver coins that might be right for them. The result of their efforts are many very highly satisfied clients.

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U.S Money Reserve Extends A Hand To Fight Hunger In Central Texus

Founded by the gold market veterans, the U.S Money Reserve has gathered many experienced personnel over the years. The gold market veterans have really put their skills into practice after realization of what need lies in the combination of the vast market knowledge, customer service and the guidance necessary to customers from all over that come in to purchase precious metals such as gold and silver. The U.S Money Reserve today stands out as the major and largest distributer of gold, silver and platinum coins issued by the United States Government. Over the years, the U.S Money Reserve has worked with very many clients who take pride in working with the reserve. This is due to the great advantages that come along with owning precious metals.
In a broad view of our market today, the U.S. Money Reserve has really put their effort in providing gold, silver and platinum coins. These coins are exceptionally issued by the government of the United States. Most of the individuals on profit positions today in the line of dealing with precious metals can’t fail to show their appreciation to the United States reserve. Following their good work, many clients placed their trust in their ability to offer guidance and help in pinpointing coins that would go for higher value in the market and this greatly assisted in making wise purchases. Clients hosted are served well by professionals who hold high levels of experience and are highly knowledgeable.
Recently, the United States Reserve will be holding a CrowdRise campaign. This is a community that stands out as the largest in the world and it mainly focuses on raising funds to support various situations. This mainly works online and greatly encourages those already familiar with the campaign to pass the knowledge on to others. The community, following its great achievements over the years, it was named top twenty five best philanthropist in the globe.
The United States Money Reserve’s campaign mainly targets in getting friends, family and clients to assist the needy in central Texas area. With many partner agencies across Central Texas, the capital area food bank has strongly showed up to curb hunger where they managed to offer thirty one million pounds of food to needy families. Therefore, the U.S. Money Reserve has come in with the campaign to help bit the record by helping many more families.

An Insight On Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a globally recognized investment banking Company that specializes in valuation services, corporate financial advisories, financial opinion services, acquisition services expertise among others. Since its inception, the firm has been committed to professional leadership, transparency, and integrity in offering excellent service to its clients. The services offered by Madison are critical and instrumental in putting its clients in long-term profit positions in the global market places. The firm boasts of a team of qualified individuals with unsurpassed experience in investment banking industry. Madison Street Capital personalizes the financial needs of its clients and works towards achieving them. The financial needs of the clients vary depending on the niche the latter are aligned to. For instance, some clients request for M&A transactions while others come in for ownership transference.
‘The emerging markets in the investment banking, particularly as a result of introduction of online banking, are the core element that will drive the clients’ growth globally’. This was according to the chief executive of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway, in a news report through PR.com. Mr. Botchway notated with great satisfaction that his company has received global recognition for doing exemplary work in the financial industry. Among other milestones, Botchway recognized the great responsibility the global society has placed on them due to their unwavering dedication to provide highest levels of integrity and professional conduct.
Awards and Recognitions
As the14th, M&A Advisory competition gains momentum, Madison Street Capital was announced a finalist for the coveted M&A Advisory awards. The awards are regarded as the pinnacle of achievement in the investment banking and financial industry at large. Any company nominated for the awards or scoops the awards automatically gains global attention as one of the best financial companies worldwide. The awards seek to celebrate achievements and contributions of leading professionals and firms in finance industry. Madison was nominated for the category of Cross Border Deal Award. This nomination seeks to celebrate and recognize the AVEVA’s acquisition of FabTrol Systems, a transaction that Madison was very instrumental in making it a success. Madison’s senior managing director, Karl D’Cunha, played a crucial role in sealing the deal. The role of M&A Advisor is to provide intelligence and insights about the activities of M&A. It has over a decade experience in researching, publishing, reporting, and awards. They have an established network of restructuring, acquisitions and mergers of financial expertise.

U.S. Money Reserve Continues To Have Clients Trust In Them

U.S. Money Reserve has been exceptional in providing government issued Gold, Platinum, and Silver coins to clients. These coins are at a high value and are very profitable and have been for a very long time. U.S. Money Reserve was founded by veterans of the gold market. The gold market veterans wanted to help others by choosing the right precious metals. They not only provide trustworthy guidance, they have the knowledge and customer service, all which is necessary for the company. Today U.S. Money Reserve is one of the biggest distributors of precious metals and gold coins in the U.S. The U.S. Money Reserve clients continue to put their trust in the company because of the trained team that consists of knowledgeable professionals.

All the professionals are experienced in customer relations, sales verification, inventory, coin research, vault and shipping along with so much more. U.S. Money Reserve offers many products and services such as – certified and graded gold coins, gold, silver, and platinum coins along with the gold buying guide and U.S. government gold. U.S. Money Reserve operates as a financial service and has 51 – 200 employees with their company. Founded in 2002, U.S. Money Reserve happens to be the only gold company being led by Philip N. Diehl, former U.S. Mint Director and now serves as President of the company. The U.S. Money Reserve have several one ounce gold bullion coins that include: Austrian Philharmonic, Canadian Maple Leaf, the American Eagle, and the South African Krugerrand. The sizes include 32.15 ounce (kilo) bar, one ounce bar, ten ounce bar and other smaller sizes.

The Silver Bullion offers the 100 ounce Johnson Matthey bar, 500 coin monster box, the American Eagle coin and the 90% Silver Bag which equates to $1,000 face value. The last is the Gold Numismatic coins which offers the American Eagle Platinum Proof coins, the Modern Congressional gold coin and the 57 Modern Congressional coins which was available from 1984 to 2008. Future clients have the opportunity to move their assets into the U.S. Government Issued Gold, Silver, or Platinum. The clients also have the option to create a portfolio which can consist of high grade coins. The staff of U.S. Money Reserve continues to be a success as more clients decide to put their assets with the company. Providing an excellent experience is just one of the many benefits you get with the U.S. Money Reserve. Providing excellence with each individual keeps clients investing in their trust.

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Why Choose U.S. Money Reserve?

When you want to secure your wealth, you have to turn to partners you can trust and commodities that you can trust will hold value. U.S. Money Reserve is a company that knows this and knows what’s important to you. As one of the nation’s largest distributors U.S. Money Reserve can provide you with the largest selection of profitable precious metals. Their highly trained staff of over 100 knowledgeable precious metals specialists will guide you through every step of the way.

For the seasoned gold buyer or even new prospectors, U.S Money Reserve is a great choice to deliver your gold or precious metals. When dealing with your wealth it’s important to have peace of mind. And that’s exactly what you get with a company that is AAA rated by the Business Consumer Alliance. Their experts can guide your investment choices to ensure the utmost in value retention. Their experts include Senior Gold Specialists, and Coin Research Professionals that provide you with the information you need to be a leader of the pack.

When buying from U.S. Money Reserve you can rest assured that you will be getting access to expert market knowledge. With over 100 top professionals you can be certain that the guidance you receive is sure to make you a market leader. Buying from U.S. Money Reserve not only gets you access to the best experts in the market but also the best selection of precious metals on the market. They only offer their clients the highest graded coins and bullion available on the market. Ensuring excellent value and opportunity.

All of these reasons combine to make U.S. Money Reserve a solid choice for doing business in the precious metals market. Between years of expert experience and buying power of a large distributor there’s simply no better choice. When choosing U.S. Money Reserve, you won’t be alone. Over hundreds of thousands of happy clients have taken advantage of these resources and continue to do so. If there’s one thing that indicates true customer satisfaction, it’s repeat business and when it comes to purchasing precious metals, there’s no competition.