NewsWatch TV Earns Positive Reviews for Promoting and Marketing Avanca’s and Saygus’ Products and Services

NewsWatch TV recently collaborated with Avanca to market and promote Ockel, Avanca’s sister company, through a crowd-funding campaign. As a leading manufacturer and designer of mobile lifestyle accessories, Avanca enlisted NewsWatch’s help to promote new line of pocket PC. The campaign was aired countrywide through NewsWatch’s online networks and social networking accounts.


NewsWatch received positive reviews for previously conducting a similar crowd-funding campaign and enabling Ockel to achieve its goal by over 2939 percent. NewsWatch’s role in the current campaign involved handling video production and logistics. This work also included post-production editing, BROLL filming, on-site interviews, and traveling to Germany amidst the International IFA Conference.


Besides Avanca, Saygus (a smartphone manufacturer) also enlisted NewsWatch’s help in marketing and promoting its new smartphones. The new phones were being launched at the critically-acclaimed Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona. Just like the Avanca campaign, NewsWatch used its online networks and social media accounts to air Saygus’ campaign. NewsWatch’s role also involved project development, production, scripting, and distribution.


About NewsWatch TV


NewsWatch TV is a popular American television show, which started airing in 1990 and focuses on consumer news, mobile app reviews and sponsored consumer electronic reviews. The TV show also airs public service announcements, breaking government and medical news and electronic news.


Besides having its headquarters in Washington DC, NewsWatch has satellite offices in Denver, CO, New York City and Fairfax, VA. NewsWatch’s parent company is Bridge Communications, a communications and video production company. NewsWatch gained critical acclaim for its consumer-based TV shows. The company also connects with its viewers on social networking sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Its videos are also available on its Vimeo channel, YouTube channel and the NewsWatch Blog.


NewsWatch TV show is usually hosted by Michelle Ison, Susan Bridges, and Andrew Tropeano. These hosts introduce product or service reviews and individual stories in the TV programs. They also interview newsmakers from remote locations and celebrities on a wide range of topics.


John Goullet – Renowned Personality in the IT Industry of the United States

The world of information technology is complex and continually evolving, and all due credit goes to people like John Goullet, who continues to bring innovation to the IT sector through their foresightedness and vision for future. John Goullet is a leading IT executive, who has worked as an IT consultant for some of the most famous IT companies in the United States, such as Piscataway, TSR Technology, Cap Gemini, and more.

As a qualified IT professional, having studied computer science at Ursinus College, he was well-equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to make it big in the IT sector. However, during his time working for the big IT companies, he noticed that most of these companies were struggling to source IT talent. Even though there were vacant positions ready to be taken, the seats remained empty for months with no suitable candidates available to take the position. Even though considerable supply was there, and many recruitment firms did help to fill the void, it was not enough to meet the rising demand of the fast growing IT sector.

It is where he saw a business opportunity as well, and without wasting much time, he jumped in and took the opportunity that was right in front of him. John Goullet started a specialized IT recruitment firm named Info Technologies that sourced IT talents and professionals nationally and internationally and provided recruitment and staffing solutions to the leading IT companies. The company was amongst the fastest growing in the sector, and in the short duration of five years, the company managed to push its net worth at $30 million.

However, John Goullet understood that the IT sector is fast developing and to maintain the growth momentum of Info Technologies, major decisions needs to be made. It is for this reason, John Goullet decided to merge Info Technologies with other leading IT firm named Diversant LLC. Presently, John Goullet holds the position of CEO and Principal Executive at Diversant LLC. He helps the firm to manage large accounts, and oversees various projects that the company manages for the clients. John Goullet also helps Diversant LLC with implementing various business development initiatives.

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Rescinding Emails

We have all experienced that feeling of dread when we realize that an email was sent to the wrong person. This can now be a thing of the past if you use gmail. Google has added a function to their email service that allows a person totake back a sent email.

The user does have to activate the service though said the Amen Clinic. In other words, in order to have the option to stop the delivery of an email, one will need to enable that function. This is pretty easy. A couple of clicks will allow for the person to stop delivery.

Simply go under the tools section of the email account and choose an option for the function. One can choose 5 or even 30 seconds to choose to stop the email delivery. Simple and quick and it can avert one from experiencing embarrassment or doom.

Years of debate and testing have led to this revolutionary option for gmail users. The hope is that this will overflow to the other email providers quickly. Many may even choose to now make gmail their primary account for the option to stop a mistake is quite alluring.

Hopefully this trend will catch on and it will become a normal function no matter what type of email is used. Many a person will be saved from the embarrassment of sending an email to the wrong person, or saying something they wish that they could take back.

YouTube Turns 10 Years Old

In the ten years since it’s launch, YouTube has become synonymous with online videos, becoming the world’s go-to spot to see everything from piano playing cats to concerts to DIY videos for projects around the house. It is also Ivan Ong’s favorite place on the web. Saying “YouTube it” is almost as common as saying “Google it” when referring to any kind of online search. Ironic since the search engine has owned YouTube since 2006.

It’s reported that 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube very minute. And hundreds of millions of people visit the site daily, resulting in billions of views. It’s no surprise it now sits as the third most popular site on the internet, behind only Facebook and of course Google. But having such massive size and traffic does not necessarily mean it has been a cash cow for it’s owner. Some analysts say quite the opposite. Speculating the video streaming site is not profitable. Google has never confirmed whether the site itself makes a profit.

Despite the success of artists like Psi who’s “Gangnam Style” video has more than 2.3 billion views, the majority of YouTube content is user generated. Meaning videos of recitals, little league games and your cousin’s wedding. These videos are not going to drive advertising revenue, yet still require storage and bandwidth, and limits the video site’s profit potential.

Google is planning a birthday celebration for May 10th, the date the site went public.