Hackers Took The Personal Information Of Every Present And Past Federal Employee

The confidential information of millions of past and present government workers is now in the hands of hackers, according to a union of federal workers. The government recently announced that 4 million workers had their personal information stolen by hackers, but new information says the breach is much more damaging than that. The government has not confirmed that claim.

Alexei Beltyukov said that according to the union of federal workers, the hackers took social security numbers, birth dates, addresses, military records, health insurance information, veterans’ status information and other pertinent personal information from all federal workers past and present MTV writers said. An American Federation of Government Employees executive called the government’s security systems antiquated, outrageous and seriously flawed.

The hackers have not been identified, but some government sources say the Chinese are responsible for the breach. If hackers can get information from government files that easily, then some government employees say the hackers had help from the inside. The government employs a large staff of computer specialists that do nothing but detect and prevent hackers from entering the system. For some reason, the government fail-safe systems was compromised.