Instagram Clears Up (Kind of) its Banning Clause

Some images are banned from Instagram for being too sexual. This is a problem many people have run into, despite not necessarily posting a sexual image. Igor Cornelsen ( knows that, for a time, women found their accounts censored and even blocked for a time due to breastfeeding images they posted. However, Instagram just released new information as to what is alright, and what may lead to banns and other problems.

For starters, Instagram is basically going to ban any sort of picture with a female nipple in it unless it is showing breastfeeding or post-mastectomy scarring. It also allows nudity found in art, such as sculptures and paintings. However, anything that is in reference to intercourse or is a close up of genitals, breasts and buttocks are completely banned and may result not only in the image being taken down, but the account being blocked all together.

Instagram (owned by Facebook) also has a ban on pictures of children in a bathtub. Instagram has stated that for privacy and safety reasons for the children, it removes images that show nude to partially-nude children. While Instagram/Facebook says this is to protect the children, it most likely is also to protect the website and social media service from possible legal problems, including the images being used by third parties and the content being classified as child pornography by the federal government (although that most likely would be a rather extreme case).