The Right to Self Determination

The New York Times describes Thor Halvorssen as being a person “who champions the underdog and the powerless” while Buzzfeed declares that Thor Halvorssen works tirelessly with the intensity to match the dictators that he hopes to eliminate from power. As a Venezuela native, he understands what it is like to live under a powerful dictator. While Thor was studying at the University of Pennsylvania, his father was arrested for money laundering while government officials shot his mother for attending a peaceful protest.

Thor is tireless in his support of human rights. Never one to sit on the sidelines, Thor took action by founding the Human Rights Foundation headquartered in New York City. The mission of this organization is to promote human rights everywhere in the world.
One of the missions of the organization is the freedom of self-determination. Thor believes that each individual should have the right to determine their own future. He believes that individuals should have the right to deliberate different choices and decide which one makes the most sense for the individual.
Thor believes that everyone should have the right to solve problems in ways that make the most sense for them. Furthermore, he believes that everyone should have the right to advocate for the positions and choices that make sense for them as an individual. He also believes that everyone should be able to request accommodations that help make those choices reality. The ultimate goal of self-determination is that everyone has the right to control their own time and behavior.
The primary focus of the Human Rights Foundation is on closed societies where people have very little self-determination. Among the worst closed societies in the world are Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tibet, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Western Sahara. When people around the world put pressure on these governments, they will be forced to change.