TSA Security Failure Leads to Reassignment of Chief

On Monday, ABC News released the first report about the TSA security failure: in 67 out of 70 cases, undercover members of Homeland Security were able to sneak weapons through the security checkpoints. This means that while women have had trouble getting breast milk through and random individuals are pulled out of line for further invasive checks to make sure that they aren’t attempting to bring weapons on board a plane, actual weapons are making it through the checkpoints with astonishing ease.

Luckily, Keith Mann mentioned that the TSA isn’t taking this lightly. There was an immediate reassignment of the security chief, with a temporary chief put into place until a permanent assignment can be made. Homeland Security is hopeful that the permanent nomination will be passed quickly so that the new individual in charge can take the necessary steps to provide Americans with more safety in the air.

Homeland Security also assures Americans that they aren’t finished checking TSA’s security measures. They’ll keep on with their covert testing until they’re sure that nothing is making it through the system. Hopefully, this will also lead to fewer false alarms.