Pet Food Gets Better As Sales Go Higher


Is there any greater love in the world than that of a human for a pet? If sales of premium pet food are any indication, there is honestly a lot love of love going on in the world for our pets. With sales of premium dog food now skyrocketing to $27.3 billion annually, it seems that humans today are willing to pay a high price to ensure that their furry best friend gets food that is healthy and natural, just like theirs.

As the twitter trend towards healthier, more natural (and more expensive) organic foods has continued for humans, so has a trend towards healthier food for pets. The result is a major boom in the premium pet food industry, and there seems to be no end in sight for the skyrocketing sales.

Some major pet food companies like industry leader Purinastore’s Beneful have long made a commitment to using high quality ingredients in their food. Beneful uses ingredients like fresh salmon and chicken in its kibble and canned foods, and their good tasting food has dogs wagging their tails.

Other up and coming premium pet food companies like Blue Buffalo Co. and Fresh Pet are also stepping up their use of high quality (and more expensive) ingredients, just like Beneful. As prices of some pet food is increasing however, so are sales, which is a detail that has this industry feeling in expansion mode.

Major industry veterans like Colgate-Palmolive and Nestle’s Purina are introducing new products, like weight loss dog food and individually mixed foods, that cater to pricey specialty markets.

There’s no doubt that dog lovers love to treat their furry friends right, and if this trend continues, sales are sure to continue to spiral upward.