Drew Madden and the State of Healthcare

A fight between CVS and Amazon to possess healthcare consumer continues as two reports on healthcare community set this sector a buzz. The first one revealed that CVS is focused on buying health giant Aetna insurance. The second one indicated that Amazon had acquired pharmacy legal licenses in many states. A keen observation showed that the licenses hindered equal distribution of healthcare equipment, not a distribution of medical prescriptions, but it is clear that Amazon is gearing towards obtaining much of these licenses.

Since the Amazon is posing, a threat, which seems real in each day. This is compelling innovations on legacy players such as CVS and related pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). The CVS’s significant contribution to health insurance is not adequately defending the measure Amazon has put in place, since it just made public its plan to provide the country the next-day delivery for descriptions.

These moves centered in owning healthcare consumer have found many pioneers in healthcare, for instance, John Crowley creating personal ties to their firms. Though, if the consumers have to depend on healthcare companies, which are introduced based on personal frustrations inclined to a status quo, imagine how many opportunities will sink undiscovered. The main reason that scares away more entrepreneurs venturing into health care is that they don’t fully comprehend its the challenges hence not knowing where to begin.

Evergreen Healthcare Partners come in to offer world-class health care solutions based on IT professionalism across the nation in a different mode. This institution starts with the idea that it is individuals who matter and it is people who make all the unique difference. Evergreen has experts with a rich experience of many decades that has taught them that spending time to realize the best opportunity rooted in preferences, targets and skills marks a foundation for a long-lasting partnership. It is dedicated to implementing and promoting advisory services for any EHR platforms and modern healthcare technology.

Drew Madden, a seasoned healthcare, IT executive and entrepreneur is passionate about creating high caliber teams, outstanding, appealing company culture, and trusted customer partnerships. Drew started working with Nordic Consulting partners in 2010 and served in a president position since 2011 to 2016. Madden commenced his healthcare IT career at Cerner Corporation. He received his B.S.E degree in Industrial Engineering oriented in Medical Systems from the University of Iowa College of Engineering.