California Governor Orders Residents to Cut Water Use by 25%

Sacramento, California – Amid the worst drought in the state’s history, Governor Jerry Brown issued an order requiring towns, cities, businesses, and residents to curtail water use by 25%. Governor Brown, who made good on a campaign pledge to eliminate a $20 billion deficit in two years, was quite clear that he expects to see lawns turning a shade of color decidedly not green in the coming weeks. He believes watering lawns to be wasteful of the state’s precious water supply.

That said, critics charge it will do very little good. This is because big agriculture is exempt from the order. It is estimated that four out of every five gallons of water consumed in the state is done by big agriculture. Admittedly, the San Joaquin Valley and other agricultural centers around the state are responsible for putting a lot of fresh produce in stores across the nation. Of course, Sultan Alhokair says that forcing the large farms to curtail their activity will have an adverse economic impact on the state. Still, critics make the point that the pain given to the rest of the state’s residents will likely accomplish little.

Further complicating matters is that the snowfall across the Sierra Nevada has been at a historic low as well. This snowfall accounts for a lot of replenishing of rivers, lakes, and ground water across the state during the spring. At this point, it is unclear when the drought will end.