How One Dentist Is Working To Make A Difference

Philanthropy can take on any faces. When thinking of philanthropic endeavors and dentistry, one may consider Operation Smile. This endeavor entails aiding children and teens who have facial deformities or birth defects. Surgeries are performed at no cost to the patient in order to rectify cleft palates, cleft lips and other deformities of the face.

This charity operation has been relying exclusively on donations of both medications, tools, and professionals. Many have given of their talents and time to travel around the world and aid children and teens. Unfortunately, they have been running quite low on supplies and have had to cut back a bit on what they can do.

This is where Dentist Avi Weisfogel comes into the picture. He is a dentist in New Jersey. He did his undergraduate work at Rutgers and studied dentistry in New York. He has a huge heart for those who have medical needs. For more than 16 years Avi has worked to educate his fellow professionals bout sleep disorders and how they may affect dental health.

Avi is an avid philanthropist. He opened two different businesses in which he helps to educate professionals and patients about sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. He has also begun to lecture about the different oral devices that can help with some sleep disorders (like apnea) and their ramifications on dental healthy. Watch his educational YouTube video below.

This leads us to Operation Smile once again. Avi recognized their need and saw a way to aid them. He has started a GoFundMe page in order to help raise funds for the great work that this organization is doing. He hopes to do his part in aiding these professionals in bringing a brighter smile to all their faces.

Operation Smile started out as a small operation in the Phillipines in 1982. Since then the operation has spread worldwide. They have performed over a million free operations helping to change the outlook of many, many patients. The present staff is drawn from over 80 different countries from around the world. This staff goes to more than 60 different countries to aid children and teens.

Avi’s work to help these children has not gone unnoticed. Other professionals have dedicated their time to help train staff. Many have also donated medications and equipment to keep the good work going. Operation Smile continues its good work in fixing children’s and teens smiles to this day around the world.

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