Emma Stone Passed on ‘Ghostbusters’.

We just have to stop for a moment and appreciate the fact that Emma Stone, the redhead teen from ‘Superbad’, is now in a position where she can pass up mega-blockbuster franchises. Okay, now that we’ve done that let’s move on. Emma Stone, coming off of Oscar winning films like ‘Birdman’ and ‘The Help’, recently admitted to passing on the ‘Ghostbuster’ reboot despite loving what Paul Feig had done with the script. The declaration absolutely floored us because Stone, who has some of the best comedic chops in the biz, would have fit hand in glove perfectly with the franchise. However, Stone clarified why she passed on the film in a later interview.

What most fans don’t realize is that when you sign on for a franchise with big money possibilities, like ‘Ghostbusters’, you have to sign a contract that binds you into place for X amount of years and X amount of movies. Your freedom to take on other, potentially more challenging work, immediately begins to dry up. So that was the primary factor behind Stone passing on the franchise reports the bank, Madison Street Capital. Stone said that a franchise was ‘a big commitment’ and that she had to really think ‘before diving back into that water’.

Still, after the flop that was ‘Aloha’, we are betting that Stone will have second thoughts as ‘Ghostbusters’ comes closer and closer to its release. Paul Feig is coming off of a critical hit with the McCarthy led vehicle ‘Spy’ and Melissa McCarthy is anchoring the ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot.