Kyle Bass Costs America Millions

In 2008, American banking practices led to a collapse that made waves across the world. Kyle Bass was there to predict that collapse, and as a result his word has been trusted ever since. Even though Bass has made terrible calls financially ever since, that initial call in 2008 has ended up vetting him numerous times.

It’s strange. The more Bass makes media appearances, the more his hedge fund seems to decline. Yet he makes more predictions on media outlets as time goes by! This is suspicious. There are clues, however. For example, whenever Bass mentions Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, it’s almost always in a positive light. Despite the fact this woman has been responsible for defaulting Argentina twice over the course of thirteen years, Bass just can’t seem to say enough good things about her. De Kirchner is a socialist, and she presides in a despotic way over Argentina. Bass is a financier with a hedge-fund in Texas who made one really good prediction and has ridden that ever since.

Since Kyle Bass’ hedge fund regularly performs less efficiently than other funds of the same variety, Bass has been forced to branch out. Or perhaps his branching out would have happened either way–it’s for the reader to decide. The branch in question is CAD, which stands for the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. CAD uses infirm people and those who have a high profile but little understanding to advance petitions and lawsuits geared toward big-ticket pharmaceuticals. The pharmaceuticals are forced to cut the prices of their drugs, and thus lose substantial profits that otherwise could have been funneled toward things like Research and Development. With low R&D output, other sick people who could have been saved by any of the many cures/medicines on the cusp of unveiling lose out. Meanwhile, Bass short-sells all the stock he’s purchased in the companies he sics CAD on, and after all is said and done he makes millions.

Since Kyle Bass is of Argentinian descent, and works at the behest of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, the money he reaps from these big-ticket pharmaceuticals is likely sent toward extra-American interests; meaning the USA loses substantially from Bass’ exploits. The thing is, these losses are entirely legal–Bass has legally manipulated the stock market to make his millions. The problem is so bad that congressmen on either side of the political debate have come into cooperation against Bass, but to no avail.

It makes sense to avoid Bass in light of these facts, as it seems ulterior motives drive the man.