FreedomPop Helped Me To Get Internet Again

Things have been very difficult for me lately, especially since I lost my job. I remember I started crying and wondering what I was going to do, especially since I had my kids to care for. I was able to find some temporary jobs until I found a permanent part time job. The problem is, my kids love their cell phones and the Internet, and once I got laid off, I wasn’t able to give them the services anymore. No doubt it was hard around the home, especially since I used to use the internet so often.

The Internet would have been a great source to look for a job, but I just couldn’t afford a $60 dollar month price tag for the services. One day I was coming home from work, and someone was standing on the corner handing out advertisements for FreedomPop services. All I remember them saying was that services were 100% free, and I could get free internet and cell phone. I laughed, but I did take the advertisement and I said I’d read it later. I honestly didn’t believe when the person said that the services were free, but I decided to inquire about what I was told.

I was impressed by the brochure, and it clearly stated that I could switch phones from a previous company over to FreedomPop, so that meant that I didn’t have to buy my kids new phones. I also would get Internet for free, and the service would be enough that I could continue searching for jobs at home on my own. Not only was I impressed with what I read, I went ahead and signed up for the services. Not only was I able to get free Internet at home, I was also able to get a hub as well, and the hub gave me wifi throughout the house.

Since my family doesn’t use a lot of data, we were able to make it through the month with the free Internet service we were given. Even better, I was able to switch my phones over to FreedomPop, and I was able to continue using my cell phone free of charge. FreedomPop has made a big difference in my life, especially since things were going so bad, and I was low on money. I would definitely recommend FreedomPop to anyone who is struggling with the cost of Internet and cell phone services.