Thor Halvorssen Is Raising Eyebrows

When a liberal supporter criticizes a liberal candidate, it is certainly noteworthy. In a recent Fox News interview, Thor Halvorssen noted that socialism is ultimately responsible for severe human rights violations. He reasoned that this happens primarily through dictatorial politics that treat human beings like numbers and try to arbitrarily control the economy. Of Venezuelan heritage, Halvorssen lost his mother to the Hugo Chavez regime, his father was incarcerated, and he currently has a cousin that is in prison as well. So when he says that human rights violations occur because of socialism, he’s not speaking from a dearth of experience. What was more intriguing than even this was what he said next, though.


Documentary film producer Thor Halvorssen said that he had made the largest legal contribution possible to the Bernie Sanders campaign. He said he had done this because he believes the alternative leftist candidate as endorsed by the Democratic party is a much worse choice. According to Thor, Hillary Clinton has accepted money from dictatorships and regimes which regularly commit wanton acts of human rights abuse. So, in Halvorssen’s eyes, it is better to endorse Bernie Sanders even though socialism usually leads to human rights violations, because the Clinton campaign is so corrupt. He did caveat he believed there were instances where non-dictatorial socialism had had some positive effect.


While many conservatives likely will not agree that there’s any vindication for funding a socialist candidate, Thor’s reasoning is certainly understandable. And that is the key to the current election: it’s defined by party candidates who have been revealed for what they truly are; puppets on the strings of corrupt financiers. While it would be unthinkable for Thor to vote for Donald Trump, it’s easy to see why he’s choosing the non-party candidate. When one follows the trail of the money, where it leads isn’t always as grand as where it is found.
Whatever happens at the end of this year, there is likely going to be some exceptional political upheaval. As these April birth pangs are demonstrating, the final election of our country’s next president will be historic.

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