How Bernardo Chua has Made Organo Gold a Market Leader in the Direct Selling Industry

Bernardo Chua is a professional in the multi-level marketing sector. He is responsible for the introduction of Organo Gold in various global markets. He founded Organo Gold back in 2008 and used his excellent marketing and promotional skills to market the company’s product. The company has many good beverages for people who love coffee, tea, and cocoa. Its coffee is produced by mixing unique blends that address the specific needs of coffee lovers. Chua played an integral role in boosting the sales of two different companies that is Gano Excel and now Organo Gold. He has deployed Ganoderma in both Philippines and North America Markets.

Origin of Ganoderma idea

Facebook makes it clear Bernardo was born and raised in the Philippines. Due to his Chinese origin, he had an idea of Ganoderma at his tender age. Ganoderma falls in the same genus with polypore mushrooms and grows on logs or wood across the globe. The herb has been highly respected and used in both China and several Asian countries for centuries. Chua is the first individual to market the herb across the globe.

Business strategy

Taken straight from his Twitter, Chua is an advocate of direct selling marketing strategy, which has helped his business to cement its position in the Philippines and attain an incredible global presence. He believes in teamwork and collaboration as a tool for handling a project. He practices an open style of management and collective decision-making.

Career achievements

Chua tops the list of most awarded businesspersons to have ever lived in The Pacific Rim. He has received numerous awards and accolades throughout his career. He was awarded the Dangal ng Bayan Award back in 2014 from the National Consumers Quality Awards. The National Shoppers Choice acknowledged his company as a prominent direct selling firm. He has been recognized on five separate occasions as a top direct seller.

Currently, he specializes in increasing operations for Organo Gold by tapping into new markets. He mixes freely with established Ganoderma producers across the globe. He manages a team of experienced researchers who conducts intensive research to ensure Organo Gold is always ahead in the highly competitive market.

Bernardo is a strong advocate of quality education and spends most of his time educating people on various benefits of Ganoderma. He has managed to establish an incredible trust with both consumers and distributors. He has managed to use his excellent management skills to lead Organo Gold from a local shop to a firm with many coffee shops across the globe.  See Bernardo Chua speaking about the future of Organo on YouTube.