The Finest in Italian Footwear is Worth Every Penny

Italian leather shoes are one of the world’s greatest luxuries. The best brands and styles are sought over by the best dressed and admired men. They are crafted by hand with pride and care that is second to none and offer the maximum comfort to all who own them. Men who appreciate the finest in Italian leather know that a pair of shoes created by some of the world’s finest designers and craftsmen will last and will deliver a sense of pride whenever they are worn.

When the company made it’s start in the beginning the brand handled just three Oxford models for its customers. Today the shoe line has expanded so much that you can find Paul Evans boots, loafers, oxfords and monk straps. The Paul Evans company set out to eliminate the traditional retail experience most men went through to purchase a good pair of shoes. Offering style, comfort, and a shoe made of the highest quality products available were goals set from the very beginning. Then they discovered a way to save money for their customers. By offering their exquisite shoes directly to the customer and not through a traditional store front that cost money to maintain the mark up could be relatively low. After joining forces with companies in six different countries, today the shoes are created by the most talented craftsman in Naples, Italy.

When it’s time to shop for your next pair of luxury shoes, eliminate the trip to the store, the hassle of dealing with salesmen and waiting behind other customers when you already know what you want. Your time is valuable and you can save the time it takes to go through all that. Paul Evans offers luxury leather shoes that are delivered right to the customer’s front door.

There really is no finer shoe that one made from Italian leather. You deserve to treat yourself.