When Should the Modern Parent Stop Supporting Their Children?


Every parent wants the best for their child in life. Parents will do anything just to make sure that their children live a happy and comfortable life, even when they are already grown up. When a child grows up and completes their education, they go out to look for work so that they can support themselves and live an independent life away from their parents. However, most parents in the modern times will help their grown children financially for a longer time, even after they are already living on their own.


According to a recent study, a large group of parents feels the need to support Millennials in paying for their rent, because they believe that living in a safe neighborhood is the best thing for them. The study also revealed that parents cater for household expenses for their grown children because they feel that these kids cannot buy the commodities on their own.


Most of the individuals who are being supported by parents are aged twenty-five to thirty-five, and most of them are already done with education. The study indicated that parents would mostly pay for groceries, rent, mortgage expenses, telephone bills, entertainment expenses and many other crucial facilities.


These parents, however, do not manage to save enough money for their retirement because they have to look after the grown up children. Financial experts like Tabar say that most of the senior citizens in the United States save just four hundred dollars in a year, compared to the Millennials who are making huge savings and safeguarding their futures. Sam Tabar believes that these parents should invest more money and make more savings instead of supporting the Millennials who are already doing well.


Sam Tabar is a respected lawyer and financial expert who is currently based in the United States. Sam Tabar is also a philanthropist who has done a lot to help communities living in America and other parts of the globe. Tabar has worked with some of the major companies in the world such as Merrill Lynch, and several law firms in New York City. The successful financial expert has also had an opportunity to work for companies outside his homeland.  Sam has provided free investment tips through PRNewswire, and continues to be a positive force for the environment with his appointment at Full Cycle Energy Fund.