John Textor’s Ascend to the Top in the Film and Business World

In the movie industry, John Textor is not a new name to mention. Textor has made a fortune out of the industry considering his notable work. He has had several great projects under his belt including big movies like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Transformers, and the greatest of the all the Pirates of the Caribbean. With such projects, Textor has created an impressive career in the film industry and over the years he has played different roles in the industry. He is also known for the contributions he has made in other areas of the media industry apart from the film industry.

Yahoo Finance tells us that Textor is also a renowned academician judging by his focus and value for education. He is a role model to the younger generation. He has a Bachelor of Art’s degree in Economics which he achieved in 1987. He went to Wesleyan University where he learned many skills that are out of his academic scope. He also doubles up as an entrepreneur and he has put in a lot of his resources in the filming industry where he is more proficient. His entrepreneurial skills led him to invest on diversified areas in the media industry including telecommunications, internet among other forms of entertainment. He particularly created and co-founded the Wyndcrest Holdings one of his great and well performing companies.

Over the years, he has held many positions in different companies for instance being a managing partner of Wyndcrest Holdings. He also became the director of Parent Company and BabyUniverse which he headed and helped to become one of the leading online retail site for children products. He moved up the leadership ladder and he later became the chairman of the company in 2002and later he was named the new Chief Executive Officer three years later. He has been a CEO in different companies including Sims Snowboards.

Among his achievements that have earned him the global recognition that he experiences today includes his active role in the tactical planning and financing of the Michael Swerdlow Companies. He has diversified his investment to the banking industry and under his entrepreneurship the Lydian Trust Company was created. This is an online banking company of which he is the founding director. He is an authority in the film industry considering it was under his leadership that the Digital Domain Media Group did visual effects for more than 20 big films. The company has several films that where produced under his leadership.