My Healthy Pup!

A few months ago, I was clipping coupons from the Sunday newspaper. I came across a coupon for Beneful Dog Food, I am always looking to save some money and I was not really happy with the dog food I was currently feeding my black lab. I went to my local store and found Beneful Dog Food with Beef and used my coupon for $2 off, which certainly was cost efficient! I read the ingredients and I was pleasantly surprised that I could get all this nutrition in this dog food and an affordable price. Just about a week after feeding my dog Beneful Dog Food with Beef, I noticed a difference in my dogs coat, it was so shiny and soft! I also realized he did not seem to be having upset stomach episodes. I was a very pleased dog owner and so thankful I found Beneful as my dog is much happier and I feel good feeding him something so healthy that he just gobbles down! Then next time I went to purchase dog food, you bet I went straight for the brand Beneful! This time I noticed that there were so many flavors to chose from for my dog! I selected Beneful Dog Food with Salmon! I thought he would love that and how awesome that I can feed him some fish in his diet! Once again he gobbled it right up, I read the ingredients again and was pleased to find that Beneful did not contain a bunch of fillers like other brands! I really felt like a better pet owner and that I was truly giving him the nutrition he deserves. Next, I decided to try Beneful Wet Dog Food with Chopped Blends. How yummy does that sound! I went with beef, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice. Wow! The price was amazing, I can’t believe they can pack all of this into a container of wet food for such a low price compared to other brands of dog food that carry similar nutrition content. I felt like I did not have to find a second job in order to feed my dog what he deserves. He certainly loved the wet food and I feel good adding this in as well! Last, I bought the Beneful Wet food Beef Stew flavor. My happy pooch enjoyed that very much! Also, the wet food comes in such earth friendly packaging! Such little waste afterwards and these can even be reused! Amazing! I certainly am a happy dog owner who feels like I am feeding my dog food that should cost a ton of money, yet is easily purchased on my one salary income!