Tech Entrepreneur & Mogul Eric Pulier

The technological field of work has grown into one of the most progressive and profitable industries in modern times. This industry is rather exclusive, but it’s also demanding. Many of today’s hottest technologies have some form of advanced technology built right in. This includes smartphones, televisions, computers and other electronic equipment.

Technologist, Eric Pulier is one of the most important figures in this line of work. His passion is very deep, and his solutions are priceless. Though you may not have ever heard of his name, this guy has probably touched the lives of millions of people indirectly.


Eric Pulier is from Teaneck, New Jersey. As a youngster, he would always seem to ask all of the right questions. His inquisitive nature plays a critical role in how successful he has become. The guy has literally attended two of America’s most prestigious higher learning institutions. MIT and Harvard University was his stomping grounds back in the 1980s. Pulier worked as a student journalist for the Harvard Crimson publication. His column, “Pulier’s Leg,” was very popular among the student body. He just so happened to be the Harvard Crimson’s editor. Of course, Pulier fine-tuned his technological craft at MIT. In 1988, he would go on to graduate magna cum laude.

Eric Pulier has always been a firm believer of serving the needs of humanity and many of his founded companies does exactly that. Technology-based solutions was the name of the game, and he most definitely specialized in it to the fullest. He has envisioned a world to where humanity and technology works hand-to-hand. As of today, this idea rings true on many different levels. “Innovations and technology will improve the world”, said Pulier. He believes so firmly in this idea to where he has invested hundreds of millions of dollars into tech startup companies. Many of these very companies have gone on to become a huge success. Eric Pulier is leading by example, and he has laid out a successful blueprint to follow.

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Adam Milstein Named One of the Most Influential Philanthropists.

Adam Milstein was recently named one of the most influential people in the world as part of a list of philanthropists and social entrepreneurs. Adam has been recognized for the influence that his Twitter and Facebook accounts have on the world oh philanthropy. He is also the co-founder and Chairman of the Israeli-American Council as well as a leader in other Jewish organizations such as StandWithUs and Hasbara Fellowships.


Adam says that his philanthropic work is the most gratifying and rewarding parts of his life. He is also in charge of the the Milstein Family Foundation, an organization that’s dedicated on strengthening the Jewish community as well as Israel through acts of philanthropy and synergy with other organizations.


Adam Milstein is an Isreali real estate investor as well as a managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties where he oversees the company’s finances and accounting. Adam married his wife Gila in 1974 in his home city of Haifa, Isreal. In 1981, he and his family moved to the United States where Adam received his Masters in Business Administration two years later.


Adam and his wife founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in 2000,which has been dedicated to helping students and professionals to connect with their Jewish roots and their homeland of Isreal. In 2015, Adam helped to found the Campus Maccabees summit, an event that helped empower the pro-Israel community and stop hate groups from spreading antisemitism and lies about Israel on college campuses all acroos the United States.


Thor Halvorssen Is the New Face of a Global Human Rights Faction

About Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssenis the CEO and President of the Human Rights Foundation, HRF. The HRF is a New York-based human rights protection agency. Halvorssen is half Norwegian and half Venezuelan. He descends from a great family setting. His old man was Venezuela’s diplomat in Norway during the Second World War. His family lineage has always been involved in human rights protection. Thor has often been heard saying that he was a rather unfortunate son of Venezuela’s elite. His objective is to attack human rights violators through demonstrations, night emails, and Wickr messages. He is well famous for his radical thoughts against the government institutions. His New York HRF has the primary objective of fighting global oppressive regimes. The organization hires activists from all over the world to mount political prisoner freedom campaigns.

Thor organized the Oslo Freedom Forum

The organization also holds annual international forums where journalists congregate. This year will form its fifth annual congress. Thor has organized the Oslo Freedom Forum which will be hosted by international human rights activists including representatives from Belarus, Syria, Eritrea, and Saudi Arabia. The forum will be held under closed doors at the Grand Christiania Hotel Theater in downtown Oslo, unlike the conventional open onstage speeches. The conference attracted four hundred attendees during this year’s annual Oslo Freedom Forum. More than fifty countries will be represented. The forum has commonly been referred to as the ‘Davos of human rights’ due to its internationalist nonconformist networking party for trade tips to overcome authoritarian regimes.

Thor philosophical commitment in the complex global human rights politics has put him under the spotlight of numerous international clashes.

Halvorssen is the kind of the anti-Soviet freedom movement ideological throwback. He considers the world a place where most governmental institutions have been divided and overshadowed with oppressive ideologies and movements. Thor is a classical liberal with no political interests. His international portfolio makes him reputable as the staunch human rights advocate in the modern world. Halvorssen’s profound commitment to the complex global human rights politics has put him under the spotlight of numerous international clashes. It has also developed him as the most puzzling human rights activist.

Troy McQuagge’s Excellent Service at the USHEALTH Group.

Troy McQuagge has been working as an expert in the insurance sector for more than three decades. He has been working for the USHEALTH Group since 2010 and currently serves it as the chief executive officer and president. The progress of the firm has been outstanding during his time in office, and he was appreciated through the CEO of the Year Award, which is sponsored by the One Planet. The organization has been acknowledging the efforts top professionals and companies across several industries. The One Planet Award offers an equal chance for enterprises to present their nominations regardless of the solution that they offer, their location, or their size. The award recognizes a broad array of categories, and they can be classified into corporate communication, executives, public relations, emerging products and services, marketing, and teams.


McQuagge’s first role at the USHEALTH Group was to work as the head of the USHEALTH Advisor, which serves as the supply channel of the enterprise. He strived to better the performance of the agency. His performance at the distribution unit was unparalleled, and the firm made him president and CEO in 2010. Troy has had a successful tenure as the head of the company and has managed to evade the stiff competition in the sector to ensure that it makes millions of dollars as profits. He was gratified for being appreciated by the One Planet Award, and he said that efforts of the USHEALTH Group’s staff were the highly helpful. Troy believes that winning the award shows the outstanding dedication of the firm to offering it solutions.


The USHEALTH Group is one of the top providers of health insurance solutions in the United States. The company manages its activities from its head office in Ft. Worth, Texas. The primary markets that it targets are self-employed persons and proprietors of small enterprises. Its representatives and employees are well trained and have adequate knowledge to offer the best products and services to the clients.


Troy A. McQuagge also works as a board member of the USHEALTH Group. As the chief executive office of the company, he will also be managing subsidiaries such as the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. Troy’s career as an insurance professional started in 1983, and the first enterprise that hired him was the Allstate Insurance Company. His next job was with the United Insurance Companies Inc. where he was employed to serve its Student Insurance Division. He later got a promotion at the firm to act as its president and supported it to make huge profits. In 2006, the business’s ownership was changed, and it was renamed HealthMarkets. McQuagge headed the marketing activities of the firm, and he became CEO in 2007. His outstanding work assisted the company’s Agency Marketing Group in earning profits that are worth more than $1 billion.

How Billionaire Eric Lefkofsky Is Making The World A Better Place

He’s Founded Company That Might Cure Cancer

Tempus is the latest startup by the entrepreneur that gave the world the likes of Groupon and Lightbank. Through the use of personalized cancer treatment Tempus is changing the way we treat cancer. Everyone has a unique DNA sequence and the genes encoded won’t always respond to medicine the exact same way in each person. Using the DNA unique to each specific cancer patient, Tempus offers every patient a treatment plan meant just for them. Big data has worked wonders in so things, like marketing and research, it isn’t too extreme to think Tempus will cure cancer.

His Foundation Is Giving To Children In Need

The Lefkofsky Family Foundation is the center of the charitable work of Eric Lefkofsky. Running it with his wife Liz Lefkofsky, he helps contributes to the betterment of children in need around the world. Typically this will occur in the form of contributions to organizations focusing on the academic futures of underserved children. As a graduate of the University Of Michigan he understands the importance of receiving the best education you can.

He Joined The Giving Pledge

As a man of enormous wealth Lefkofsky does his part to support philanthropic causes financially. Like many others of with fortunes of his size he has joined the Giving Pledge. Founded in 2010 by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, the campaign revolves around encourages the wealthy and powerful to use their position for the betterment of the world. In the 6 years the organization has existed it has already generated more than $700 billion dollars in revenue. Although Lefkofsky didn’t create this campaign, he has done all he can to promote this organization through his efforts in his own organization.

He’s Giving Back To His Community

Eric Lefkofsky currently resides in the city of Chicago. While he has plenty of efforts to help those far from him, he has not forgotten his neighbors in the process. Lefkofsky is an important figure in Chicago and participates in projects aimed at promoting the arts and culture in the city. He is on the board of directors of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Science and Technology. In 2008 alone Lefkofsky led the push to have the Summer Olympics hosted in Chicago. Although his efforts were not successful, this campaign stands as an example of his contributions to his city.