Stolen Puppy Mysteriously Returns Home

On June 4, a 15-week old caramel-colored toy schnoodle by the name of Skout was stolen from a house on Upton Road in Windsor. Although it may sound hard to believe, this sole puppy is worth $2,000. Over the weekend, he mysteriously appeared home again. According to Stonington Crime Investigation Unit Detective Senior Constable Katie Johnston, Skout’s owner, Ally, came home from shopping at around 6 PM Sunday evening to find her puppy in her backyard. She said that everyone was overjoyed when Skout arrived home again.

While two laptops and an iPad were also stolen, Skout was what they were most concerned about. The police officers felt this was cruel because a pet is like a family member, “It’s not an item,” Johnston said. Ultimately, everything ended well and the Victoria Police actually went so far as to thank the public for their help in the matter.