Sergio Cortes: The Most Authentic Impersonator Of Michael Jackson

Impersonating someone takes a lot of effort and transformation to convince people. It also takes a lot of practice to show the audience that they are not missing much from the real person. This can be witnessed clearly by a Brazilian by the name of Sergio Cortes.
After the dead of the pop singer Michael Jackson, there have been many look-alike people that have taken the job of entertaining his fans just like he did. However, not all have perfected his looks and moves like Sergio Cortes. Born in the year 1971, Barcelona, Spain, he is known to be the best and most creative impersonator of the late king of pop.
Sergio Cort├ęs’s career
Just like MJ, he has his physical look and voice that matches him. Many fans will testify that it is hard to distinguish the two, and this is why he is known to be the best impersonator of all times. He decided to take this role after performing an excellent show in Madrid, and many people encouraged him to go with more shows. His energy and charisma is just like that of MJ, and this gives him the title of being the most excellent impersonator for generations to come. He has choreographed every move of the late pop idol, and many fans will testify this is not a simple thing to do especially doing the moonwalk move. He is also perfectly dressed like MJ giving fans a chance to experience the work of the creative and famous king of pop.
He has done songs like the famous Thriller, Smooth Criminal, This is it and many more. This has been made easy from the fact that his voice is accurate and can even reach the high notes of every song done by the late pop performer. From his work, many fans will not miss so much of the original work of the late singer. He has made a career out of this impersonating job, and this shows that he adored and lived up to the image of his pop idol.
After performing in his country, he has toured other parts of the world thus showing he is serious about this creative work and career. Many other impersonators have not toured other regions, and this limit their work. With the performance of Sergio Cortes, it is now possible to be part of the Michael Jackson’s work that was superb.

Sergio Cortes Makes MJ Fans Do A Double Take

If someone searched for Sergio Cortes on Google they would get quite a few results. Many of the results would lead to articles about this Michael Jackson impersonator, and there would be some videos mixed in between. If someone clicked on one of the videos they would probably look for a second and then wonder if they actually were looking at an impersonator or an early performance by Michael Jackson.

Sergio Cortes puts on a killer show, but to say that he has the same energy as Michael Jackson is a daring statement. Yet, this is what many fans are saying these days because Sergio puts so much hard work into this. He has the looks and the moves so it was only natural that he would make this his life. Cortes was born in Barcelona, but he was fascinated by the pop icon that grew up in Gary, Indiana. Sergio would see Jackson imitating his idol James Brown and Sergio would eventually inspire to imitate Jackson.

With plans for the “Human Nature Live Show” it is just a matter of time before more people discover who Sergio Cortes is. He has already dazzled audiences on television shows and all types of concert appearances. This is just a small portion of what he is planning to do though. Cortes is getting geared up for a tour that will expand his brand as an impersonator. It is possible that he could become a headliner in Las Vegas simply because he has the look and the stage presence that is very similar to Michael Jackson.

Before Jackson died he was planning to make Las Vegas home. Fans were buying tickets in advance to witness the magic that Jackson was bringing to the stage. Right now there is a show called the “Michael Jackson Experience” in Las Vegas that features dancers, but there is no Jackson impersonator in place. It is a dazzling show, but it could really bring out more people if Sergio Cortes was in place. There has also been talk about a hologram performance with Michael Jackson for concerts, but this would be very costly. It is more cost effective to pay a live performer like Sergio Cortes to headline an MJ tribute. So far there are thousands of fans that are proclaiming Sergio to be the best among the sea of MJ impersonators that are imitating this pop icon.