Dr. Walden Loves Life In Austin

Austin, Texas is a community of close knit people united for a common goal. One native of the region left and has now returned to make the region her home again. Dr. Walden grew up in this area in a loving family that helped nourish her adoration of science. As she grew up here, she realized that she wanted to make the world of medicine her own. To that end, she began to study very hard. In doing so, she was able to master many areas of science, allowing her to apply to college and major in biology. After her graduation from college as a biology major, she decided to apply to medical school. While initially wait listed, she was eventually admitted and did extremely well here, graduating second in her entire class.

Completing Her Education

As a resident of the region, she attended medical school in the state. While at medical school, she realized that surgery was to be her calling in life. She decided to become a plastic surgeon in order to help people look their best. Plastic surgery is a demanding field that requires a great deal of concentration and preparation. In order to successfully do well in the field, as she tells Austin MD Magazine, she needed to get specific training. This led her to seek out training at a prestigious fellowship in New York City. While attending the school she was able to be involved in the publication of many important papers in the field.

Coming Right back Home

Despite her success in New York, in her heart she always knew that a return to Texas was in the cards for her. This is why she decided to return home and start a practice in the Austin area. After giving birth to her twin boys, she realized it would be ideal for she and her boys to return home to her loving family. She has since started a very successful practice here that allows her to provide for her boys and continue to part of a profession that she knows is just right for her.


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