Brilliant and Memorable Brazilian Authors

Many famous authors have come out of Brazil over the past few decades. Some of them include the famous, controversial poet Jose Oswald de Souza, Paulo Coelho who was the creator of The Alchemist novel, Jaime Garcia Dias who found his marvelous writing talent at a young age, and so many more.

Jose Oswald de Souza was a famous poet that was known for being the founder of Brazilian modernism. Much of his work would still to this day be considered controversial as some revolved around the taboo topic of cannibalism, but he still won the respect of many fans for his works.

Paulo Coelho is known as one of the best selling Brazilian writers ever and has sold over 30 novels. He began his career as a song writer and it was not until later in his life did he decide to begin creating novels. He wrote such great works as The Alchemist, which sold over 83 million copies, and By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept.
Jaime Garcia Dias is another famous Brazilian writer with over 20 different publications under his belt. Dias began his writing career at the young age of 15 and has now won many prestigious awards due to his fascinating imagination and ability to put the words to paper to create his outstanding works of fiction.

João Paulo Cuenca, who was voted as one of the top 20 best young Brazilian writers in 2012, has wrote many different genre’s and has even worked as a reporter. Some of Cuenca’s better known novels include Corpo Presente, O dia Mastroianni, and O único Final Feliz Para Uma História de Amor é um Acidente.

João Ubaldo Ribeiro is a true man with many talents when it comes to the writing world. He wrote novels, was a journalist, a screenwriter, and he even worked as a professor. Sargento Getúlio was the name of his first novel that went to print in 1971 and from there his fame as a writer only grew. One of the most notable awards that Ribeiro achieved was the Prémio Camões in the year 2008. He won many awards before the Prémio Camões which included the Lifetime Achievement Award given by the Brazilian International Press Awards, the Anna Seghers Prize from Mainz, Germany, and many more.