I Love the Help that Handy Gives for Spring Cleaning

When it comes to Spring Cleaning Handy is one of those companies that you have to enlist for help. I have done it time and time again. Every year, around this time in April, I pull out all the stops. I like to get the spring cleaning done with Handy because they do the dusting. There are also other contractors that do things like vacuuming and the dreaded cleaning of the bathrooms.

Cleaning isn’t something that I like to do. I don’t have any desire to clean on a regular basis. I like to schedule Handy because these are people that like to clean. They have the ability to do a great job because they take pride in their work. I wish that I had the love of cleaning the way that contractors from Handy do, but I don’t.

I also like the fact that this company has actual Handy men. That is awesome to me. I don’t have to worry one bit about how I would get plumbing issues fixed. Handy has someone for that. I don’t have to spend any time wrapped up in issues with electrical problems. Handy has something to handle that as well. I love the fact that this company offers so many solutions for homeowners.

Spring cleaning is such a funny thing. I look at this as a time of year to renew my spirit. I get my house in order and – for a certain time frame – I feel like I am in order.

Handy is affordable, but it would not matter what they charged. The service is priceless, and I jump at the opportunity to get their help. In the spring I have the desire to really go in and get rid of those things that I don’t use. I make it my business to get rid of old clothes that my husband will never wear again. I put lots of time into cleaning the blinds (something that I never do any other time) and rearranging the furniture. When it is all over I feel like I have a new home.