Brilliant Scholarship Award; Keith Mann

Keith Mann an entrepreneur and philanthropist, is giving out a scholarship award through Keith and Keely Mann scholarship for Professional Achievement. This scholarship is targeting one student from Uncommon School in Brooklyn to have an opportunity to attend a four-year course in college. The entrepreneur has a firm belief in education and its impacts to people. Therefore, through the award, he would like to present a child from a low-income family to have that opportunity. However, in order for one to stand a chance of winning the award, they have to write a 1000 word essay explaining, in their own opinion, what a college degree will do to their professional careers and/or lives. A successful applicant will win $5,000, which will go to their college tuition.

Keith Mann being an entrepreneur is the founder and CEO of Dynamics Search Partners. The company deals with outsourcing services from various regions and sourcing them to hedge fund and other private equity industries. In addition, it deals with various investments in the U.S and Asia. Mr. Mann has been working in the industry for over 15 years and has a vast experience in the field and other related fields. However, Mr. Mann had to rise through the ranks through his hard work and good strategies. He initially was working with Alternative Investment Practice in 2002. He expanded it into private industries in 2006 and later formed Dynamics Search Partners in 2009.

however, one may ask, “why choose Uncommon schools?” The collaboration with Uncommon School High School is beneficial. This is because the organization focuses on urban charter public schools that are preparing students from low-income families to graduate from college. The organization deals with 44 public schools in locations such as New Jersey, New York and Boston, Massachusetts.

However, this award aims a student from Uncommon School in Brooklyn, New York. The application date runs until 29 February 2006. Moreover, the announcement will happen by end of March 2016.

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Rock and Roll Against Autism!

Time for a good piece of news. A former financial investor Sanjay Shah, father of three, has begun a new phase in his life. When his youngest was diagnosed with autism he sprung into action and began learning about the disorder. He has started a charity called Autism Rocks to organize musical events that will benefit autism and its research. He has pulled in household names like One-Direction, Prince, and more. He has a good friendship with american rapper Snoop Dog, who may help throw an event as well.

Shah made his wealth through the financial markets and had created his own firm, Solo Capital. Solo Capital helped to increase Shah’s wealth and helped to create some of the legislative foundation. The LLP is sitting at a net worth of 15.4 million pounds and holds 67.5 million pound in assets. While Shah describes himself as “semi-retired”, he still puts in a lot of work to organize fantastic events that benefit Autism Rocks.

The first event Shah threw was in Dubai and it was dubbed the “Blended Festival”. Although the event wasn’t benefiting the charity, it helped Shah get a feel for how to organize large music events which are continually pulling support and large crowds. The fantastic part is that through events like these Shah can increase awareness for autism and financial support for research. Previously Shah had made direct donations, through normal channels, but now he is amping up his musically connected charity. “I’m in a good position where I can persuade colleagues, clients, and friends to donate money”. The idea behind future events is to reach out to superstar musicians and contact them about doing events or concerts, but instead of having them at large venues have them at smaller venues that draw a crowd of charitable donors.