FreedomPop Has Unlimited Wi-Fi Internet Access For Only $5 A Month

Internet service is important enough for families to pay up to $100 a month for the services, depending on when and where they use it. Even businesses will spend a lot of money on their Internet services, just so their business can have high-speed Internet that is very reliable. It’s obvious that the Internet is extremely important to anyone who uses it, especially those who rely on the services for their business. Maybe a business can afford to spend whatever it takes to have Internet access, but families may not be able to afford a high Internet bill.

In certain cases, a family or an individual may go where there are Wi-Fi services in order to use the Internet. Maybe the person has a laptop that they connect to the Internet once in a while, and they don’t need constant Internet service in their home. Although everyone’s Internet needs are different, those who need Internet at a very low cost are in for a treat. If a person doesn’t mind using Wi-Fi in order to connect to Internet services, then they can sign up for a FreedomPop’s Wi-Fi hotspot, which can help them save a lot of money each month.

FreedomPop has a service that allows anyone to download the FreedomPop Wi-Fi application in order to access FreedomPop’s Wi-Fi hotspots around the USA. There are millions of locations available for FreedomPop hotspots, and this means that no one will be left out when it comes time to use the Internet. These are high-speed hotspots, so there’s no worry about sluggish speeds, and not being able to connect to the Internet. It’s only five dollars a month to get this service, and no other company has a lower price.

Some of the biggest Internet companies out there today offer Wi-Fi services to their customers, but it may come out of a monthly allotment that the customer is allowed to have. Once the customer goes over their allotment, then they will be charged a lump sum for a specific amount of data used. The FreedomPop Wi-Fi hotspot has no limit on how much data can be used, and as long as the service is available, the person can use it as they see fit. Anyone who wants to save money should join the FreedomPop Wi-Fi hotspots in order to scale back on what they pay each month for Internet services.

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Take Mobile Marketing to the Next Level with Visual Search Technology

Picture this, you own a business that makes designer shoes and you have an account with a visual search company like Slyce. Now when someone sees one of your customers wearing your shoes all they have to do is use their mobile device to scan the shoes and look up more information on them, or make an instant purchase right there on the spot. Sounds pretty unreal doesn’t it, being able to extend your marketing reach so effortlessly? However, this is just the start as mobile marketing continues to evolve and image search technology begins to unlock the door to more powerful marketing strategies than ever before.

Transcending Old Limitations

Traditional forms of marketing such as TV spots, print ads, and billboards have always had one major weakness: they had to influence the consumer to pursue the product later. This meant that being memorable was often times focused on more than other more powerful marketing techniques. Thanks to current sound recognition technology TV spots can now trigger mobile marketing experiences for consumers leading to instant sales in some cases. But what about print ads?

Thanks to visual search technology offered by companies like Slyce, brands can now create print ads that are mobile activated without the use of QR codes. While QR codes do have their place as means of driving brand interaction visual search technology is poised to become the easier, faster solution for driving direct sales through print media. It works like this; a consumer sees an ad for your product, they scan your product, they buy your product. Fast, simple, easy.

Getting the Most Out of Your Customers

Getting your customers to advertise for you is nothing new. How many times have you seen someone wearing a shirt or hat with a brand logo on it? Probably a lot. However, what if your customers could drive direct sales? Going back to our first example, any product you have registered with a company like Slyce can be searched and bought by someone using this technology. Not only does this extend your marketing reach, it also perpetuates your advertising: the more products you sell this way, the more opportunities there will be for other consumers to scan and buy. Honestly this is probably about as close as we’ve come to having products that “sell themselves” in human history, thanks to visual search technology.

Slyce – The Visual Search Technology Leader

One of the main companies pioneering visual search and its use as a marketing juggernaut is the company Slyce. Their visual search technology allows you to do everything we’ve went over. From turning your customers into walking salesmen to bringing print media ads to life in ways never seen before, Slyce is on the forefront of this marketing revolution and they want you to be a part of it. They even have features that allow consumers to identify products on popular services such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This can instantly extend your social media marketing reach to millions of consumers around the world.

Know Your Favorite Brand: FreedomPop

FreedomPop is a mobile phone and wireless internet service provider based in Los Angeles, California. The company was founded in 2011 with a dedicated goal of eliminating the digital gap through provision of free mobile phone services and wireless internet access to each person wherever they are located. Backed by companies such as Doll Capital Management, Mangrove Capital and Atomico, FreedomPop was founded by its current CEO Stephen Stokols together with Stevan Sesar. It sells tablets, mobile phones and broadband devices that are used with their services.

FreedomPop is laying its strategy of success through the utilization of well-placed Wi-Fi routers around the country to reduce cell phone costs. Stephen Stokols gained important experience prior to setting up his company as he served as a CEO of a video-chat and entertainment company Woo Media. The company sold its first smartphones in October of 2012 and in the same month managed to convert to paid users 5% of its free users. As a boost in its quest to expansion, the company increased its paid users to reach to 10% in November 2012. A further 10% of its users were converted from free to paid users to reach 20% by December 2012.

According to a Freedompop review, the company has been offering its free cellular services on Sprint’s network with a plan to expand its services to Wi-Fi to tap more customers who use Android devices through the use of an Android app while iPhone users will also be able to access the services in a couple of weeks once the iPhone app has been fully developed. The move is aimed at giving customers access to over 10 million hotspots for $5 a month. The main aim of this company is to create a better and cheaper alternative to the expensive cell phone plans on offer in the market. The company’s CEO has always expressed his vision to make his company a giant tech in the near future and expects the number of customers to swell above 20 million within this year.

FreedomPop is working with companies providing Wi-Fi hotspots all over the country. This is being facilitated by their software that is enabling smartphones to automatically join these Wi-Fi networks whenever they are available, meaning they need not to connect to the networks manually. This will enable its users to utilize the more than 10 million hot spots spread across the country, some of which are not openly available to the general public, for $5 each month. The company has already