The motivating musical career of Cassio Audi

From 1985, Cassio Audi started the journey of his musical career in Brazil. The start of the career was marked y difficulties, but his dedication and passion for music urged him to stay in his lane. For the first five years of his musical career, Audi struggled to gain a good audience. It was during this epoch that he formed a band which was useful in his career in the later years. Between the years 1985 and 1990, Audi managed to bring the band together and they made an impact in the music industry in the country that is remembered to date.

The tough musical career

By the time Cassio Audi and the band was starting the music industry, there was very little known about rock music. Brazilians did not understand the nature of music, and for this reason, the songs that the band played did not receive the desired audience. On the other hand, the band had special drumming skills. The people around the country knew the potential of the band because of the drumming skills. From their motivation, the band focused on the strength, and this led to the growth of their fame.

Cassio Audi’s drumming skills and the growth of the band

As the band was struggling to get a proper audience from the people, some critics did not like their performance. Both the critics and the people who loved their performance spread their names which added to their popularity. Cassio Audi’s contribution to the success of the band was the most attractive. Since people loved the drumming skills, the attendance increased day by day. The skills that were expressed by the band especially Audi’s ability to play the drums led the band to a better fame. The story of their performance not only got audience within Brazil, but it got several others internationally.

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