New Hiring by James Dondero

Highland Capital is one of the largest and most respected investment firms in the country. James Dondero has done a great job helping this company reach its current level of success. Over the past couple of years, James Dondero has looked for ways to expand the reach of Highland Capital. There are a lot of people who think that the company should just continue to do what it has been doing. However, James Dondero wants to continue to see innovation in many forms. Terry Jones was recently hired at Highland Capital. Many people believe that this is a great hiring for a variety of reasons. Not only does Jones have a wide variety of experiences in the industry, but he will also be able to reach the goals set by James Dondero.

The Life of James Dondero

There are few people who are able to achieve success like James Dondero. While running Highland Capital, he has been able to positively affect the lives of millions of people around the world. There are a lot of people looking for ways to help others in the world of finance. Dondero does that every day through his work with Highland Capital. Investing in the stock market can be scary for a lot of people. However, to help people achieve their investing goals and dreams. Anyone who wants to eventually work in this field should work to help others like James Dondero has.

Highland Capital

There are a lot of companies that claim to care about customers. However, few companies work as much as Highland Capital to help customers in all economic environments. Anyone who wants to invest a lot of time and money into helping others should look at the business model of Highland Capital. Even in a business that is difficult for many people to break into, there are a lot of ways to help others. People tend to get scared when it comes to investing in the stock market. This is one of the most important aspects of building wealth, and learning how to invest is something that Highland Capital helps with.

Future Plans

The hiring of Terry Jones is just one of the many ways in which Highland Capital plans to expand in the future. Under the leadership of James, there are few people who do not think that this will happen. He has been great for the company and its customers.

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Home Depot to Hire 80,000 Seasonal Workers


Retail sales have not been all that great. The sad result of this is retail stores end up cutting back on jobs. In a very refreshingly positive bit of news, Home Depot has announced the company is going on a hiring binge. During 2016, Home Depot hopes to hire a staggering 80,000 workers. There are roughly 2,000 Home Depot stores in the United States. So, 40-odd employees are to be hired at each location.

One caveat here is the jobs are seasonal ones. Once the season ends, Home Depot is forced to cut back. Customer demand decreases. So, there is less of a need for the additional employees until the next reason rolls around. For Home Depot, the high season is not December. April is the big month, and this should be expected.

During the spring, people start to do work on their homes. Beautification and repair jobs are put on hold during the cold and inclement weather of the winter months. Once April arrives, all that work that was once put off is put in motion. Marcio Alaor BMG knows that. Home Depot is the top supplier of tools and materials for such work.

Home Depot’s financials reveal this fact. The company has shown some very good fiscal returns. Revenues have increased, which is interesting considering how poorly other retailers are doing. One reason for Home Depot’s good fortune has been the upswing in housing prices.

Marketing Your Business With The Power of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is most known for being one of the best encyclopedias on the web. It is ultimately the best place to be if you want to gain that sense of professionalism and respect on the web. The truth about Wikipedia is that it’s the ultimate place to be if you want to gain that competitive edge, but the key is to have a strong plan in place to ensure that your site grows efficiently and effectively on the web. The reason why Wikipedia can be so beneficial is the fact that it can open up doors for you to gain that prestige and also gain more respect online. Wikipedia alone works well with the search engines and can help offer that unique proposition and authority online.

The hardest part for most people trying to get their own page setup is just not having the right ability to get their own page made. Oftentimes, creating a wiki page is not that difficult, but following the guidelines of their staff editors can be hard. This is why so many people seek the help of a team of pro writers not only have writing experience but have also written for the company before. The reason behind this is the fact that Wikipedia is so hard to be approved by because they have a highly experienced team of pro writers and editors who check every single article that comes through. Not only do they expect top of the line content from their writers, but every single article that needs to be uploaded to the site must be completely checked to be written similarly like every other article on the site. This helps ensure that the content maintains its sense of integrity. 

Get Your Wiki has a team of talented Wiki writers who have done this multiple times, and they can create, edit, and even further improve your Wikipedia page for you for a small price. Wikipedia is the one source online that you need to grow sense of professionalism. Wikipedia is the resource people rely on in order to grow their business and brand. This is your chance to grow your business and accomplish everything you have always wanted in your business. The key is to know exactly what your goals are and to have a good amount of things put online about your business. With the help of Get Your Wiki, they can help guide you successfully.

BMG Bank And The Culture Of Innovative Leadership

It is said that an institution is nothing without the people at its helm. It is by the strength of character and quality of these people that an institution, irrespective of whether it is public or private, finds success. BMB Bank has become a household name in Brazil and at the helm of this bank is Ricardo Guimarães, the CEO and President. Ricardo Guimarães has kickstarted the culture of innovative leadership with the BMG group.

So what are the key elements of the leadership of Ricardo Guimarães? Can young leaders learn anything from the innovative leadership style of Ricardo Guimarães? The following points will answer these questions –

Communication – Ricardo Guimarães has always ensured that with BMG, he has an open communication line with the employees. He does not put his employees into boxes and pigeon hole them because he understands that people respond to different management styles. Instead, he understands the story of each and every employee and treats them as individuals. With this unique approach, he not only has the trust of his employees but he also knows his people better than anyone else. This kind of understanding from the very beginning has paved the way for success in the future.

Flexibility – Ricardo Guimarães has stood by BMG’s principle of always being flexible. The current environment of banking and finance in Brazil is extremely capricious. In the best of circumstances, this industry is still a pretty dynamic one. As such, banks like BMG need to be ready for anything the industry and market can throw at them. They need to have a good risk profile that would prevent any catastrophe from occurring. When the times are good, leaders like Ricardo Guimarães help to ground the company while during bad times, these leaders know how to keep their employees motivated.

Planning and Organization – Of course, an organization as big and successful as BMG could not have succeeded if Ricardo Guimarães wasn’t as resourceful and organized as he is. Planning and organization are skills that need to be learned over the course of one’s professional career but Ricardo Guimarães was always quite good at it. He analyzes every situation and prepares for every controllable event. He also ensures that enough preparation is made (and resources kept aside for uncontrollable events).

It is because of these qualities and techniques that Ricardo Guimarães has been able to steer BMG towards success and efficiency.

Why Choose U.S. Money Reserve?

When you want to secure your wealth, you have to turn to partners you can trust and commodities that you can trust will hold value. U.S. Money Reserve is a company that knows this and knows what’s important to you. As one of the nation’s largest distributors U.S. Money Reserve can provide you with the largest selection of profitable precious metals. Their highly trained staff of over 100 knowledgeable precious metals specialists will guide you through every step of the way.

For the seasoned gold buyer or even new prospectors, U.S Money Reserve is a great choice to deliver your gold or precious metals. When dealing with your wealth it’s important to have peace of mind. And that’s exactly what you get with a company that is AAA rated by the Business Consumer Alliance. Their experts can guide your investment choices to ensure the utmost in value retention. Their experts include Senior Gold Specialists, and Coin Research Professionals that provide you with the information you need to be a leader of the pack.

When buying from U.S. Money Reserve you can rest assured that you will be getting access to expert market knowledge. With over 100 top professionals you can be certain that the guidance you receive is sure to make you a market leader. Buying from U.S. Money Reserve not only gets you access to the best experts in the market but also the best selection of precious metals on the market. They only offer their clients the highest graded coins and bullion available on the market. Ensuring excellent value and opportunity.

All of these reasons combine to make U.S. Money Reserve a solid choice for doing business in the precious metals market. Between years of expert experience and buying power of a large distributor there’s simply no better choice. When choosing U.S. Money Reserve, you won’t be alone. Over hundreds of thousands of happy clients have taken advantage of these resources and continue to do so. If there’s one thing that indicates true customer satisfaction, it’s repeat business and when it comes to purchasing precious metals, there’s no competition.

Kevin Seawright Rewarded For His Continuing Education Success At Notre Dame

The role of executives and leaders in the non profit sector is constantly evolving and changing as new theories and programs are introduced. One executive in this area who understands the need for continuing education to stay ahead of the game is Kevin Seawright, the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Newark Community Economic Development Cirporation. Seawright has been studying the Executive Leadership Program at Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business to make sure he is prepared for the changing business environment not for profit organizations provide.

Market Watch reports Kevin Seawright has successfully completed the second phase of the Executive Leadership Program and was one of the few participants to be awarded a special certificate of achievement for his work on the phase known as Leading Non Profit Boards. Seawright worked in this phase of the program to understand how the role of a board must change over the evolution of a non profit, which included understanding the areas of the board that must grow to make sure the needs of the organization are met in the long term.

Kevin Seawright has been a well known figure in many communities up and down the east coast of the US, where he has worked in not for profit groups for many years and involved himself in the daily life of the communities he works within. After being awarded the special Certificate of Achievement from Notre Dame University, the CFO of the Newark organization stated his future aims included helping the local community find greater success and understand the importance of education to economic and personal growth.


Is New Jersey real estate really poised for a comeback? Is talk of New Jersey becoming a magnet for young professionals seeking affordable, yet very upscale housing here, as an alternative to Manhattan, the real deal? Can this hard-charging state bring new life and vibrance into areas that have been overlooked for years? According to the talk among the experts, the answer is a resounding yes.

Though it’s been talked about for years, even as the “Garden State” has endured a string of tough challenges including fallout from the Great Recession and job losses and business closures in the aftermath of two major storms, this time, it looks like this hardy state is playing for keeps, comeback-wise. And why not? New Jersey has always had a vital fighting spirit, and now, with major developments coming up from major players like Boraie Development LLC and Tucker Development Corporation, the talk of a major real estate comeback seems very real indeed.

In a recent story in, a panel of commercial real estate experts, including Wasseem Boraie of Boraie Development LLC made it clear that the outlook is very positive in the New Jersey market. Boraie observed that now there are 5-10 “Class A” projects currently under construction or in the development pipeline in New Jersey, and that is very good news as well as a new kind of strategy. According to Boraie, in the past, civic leaders in cities like New Brunswick were looking to one major project to bring new vigor into the area. Yet what is really needed is for a whole swarm of projects to come in to really attract vibrance and growth.

Now, with the new developments coming in, including a 168-unit residential high-rise from Boraie Development, New Jersey has every chance of becoming a very exciting real estate center. And yes, that is very good news indeed.

The Finest in Italian Footwear is Worth Every Penny

Italian leather shoes are one of the world’s greatest luxuries. The best brands and styles are sought over by the best dressed and admired men. They are crafted by hand with pride and care that is second to none and offer the maximum comfort to all who own them. Men who appreciate the finest in Italian leather know that a pair of shoes created by some of the world’s finest designers and craftsmen will last and will deliver a sense of pride whenever they are worn.

When the company made it’s start in the beginning the brand handled just three Oxford models for its customers. Today the shoe line has expanded so much that you can find Paul Evans boots, loafers, oxfords and monk straps. The Paul Evans company set out to eliminate the traditional retail experience most men went through to purchase a good pair of shoes. Offering style, comfort, and a shoe made of the highest quality products available were goals set from the very beginning. Then they discovered a way to save money for their customers. By offering their exquisite shoes directly to the customer and not through a traditional store front that cost money to maintain the mark up could be relatively low. After joining forces with companies in six different countries, today the shoes are created by the most talented craftsman in Naples, Italy.

When it’s time to shop for your next pair of luxury shoes, eliminate the trip to the store, the hassle of dealing with salesmen and waiting behind other customers when you already know what you want. Your time is valuable and you can save the time it takes to go through all that. Paul Evans offers luxury leather shoes that are delivered right to the customer’s front door.

There really is no finer shoe that one made from Italian leather. You deserve to treat yourself.

Vijay Eswaran talks community with Premier league linkup

Across Asia there are a number of brands that continue to grow by leaps and bounds each year, which include the soccer’s English Premier League and the multi level marketing group QNet. In recent years, QNet CEO and founder Vijay Eswaran has been keen to improve the brand in Asia and in particular across India where his company has been enjoying a high level of growth and brand awareness. By choosing to align the QNet group with former Premier League champions Manchester City, Eswaran is leading his company into a new era where QNet will expand on a global scale with the backing of some of the best known athletes in the world.

However, there is more to the linkup between Eswaran and Manchester City than simply the many business opportunities that are created. The former Southeastern University student in the US has made sure the Premier League club he partnered his business with has as strong links with its local community as QNet does in Malaysia and India. Manchester City are known as a community club across the northwestern city of Manchester in England as they feature heavily in the community running programs to assist young people who may be struggling to find their way in life. Vijay Eswaran himself has recently been at the forefront of a series of educational programs across Asia designed to give those with little chance of achieving success a fresh opportunity in life.

QNet has recently been gaining a large following in India and at a recent conference the largest group of delegates were drawn from the company’s group of employees and independent contractors in the country. In a bid to assist those who are seeking to improve their lives Eswaran and QNet are offering Indian people the chance to bring their ideas for products and inventions to QNet and have them assessed for inclusion in the QNet range of products. Giving back plays an important role in the future of QNet, Vijay Eswaran and Manchester City, which is why this partnership could be of great benefit to people in many different areas of the world.