All You Need To Know About Adam Goldenberg

Adam Goldenberg is known to many as a successful businessman. Goldenberg is the co- founder and CEO of a fashion company known as JustFab. His partner is Don Ressler, and they have both worked hard to transform the fashion industry. Adam Goldenberg can spot the upcoming trends, develop them to become the leading brands and he is also very experienced in business. He is passionate about his work, and this is why his company has done very well in the recent past.

Adam Goldenberg ventured in the business world when he was very young. When he was only fifteen years, he already had a company, known as Gamers Alliance. The company was a great success, and he sold it to Intermix Media when he was nineteen years old. He decided to stop studying to concentrate on business. He was employed by Intermix to work as the Vice President in the Strategic Planning department at Before he could even turn twenty years, Adam Goldenberg was already the Chief Operating Officer at Intermix Media. Up to date, he remains to be one of the youngest COOs of the institution. Despite his young age, Goldenberg performed very well, and the company increased its revenue thanks to his efforts.

When Adam Goldenberg was working at Intermix Media, he met Don Ressler. Ressler was a businessman and a successful brand building specialist in the country. He was running a company known as He decided to sell the company to Intermix Media in 2001. Adam Goldenberg excellent skills in business enabled him to get more than one billion dollars in the sale. Ressler had saved a lot of money in the past, enough to start several companies online.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler become very close, and later on, they become business partners. A news corporation bought Intermix Media in 2005. The news company failed to manage the successful company, and the two businessmen watched as it slowly collapsed. This made them start other ventures online. Intelligent Beauty is one of their brands, and it has enabled them to start several other brands on the internet.

JustFab is one of the online brands from the company. The fashionable clothes from this brand are affordable to most of the consumers. The activities in the company are fun, social and engaging. The customers on Forbes receive a selection of shoes, handbags, and any other accessories that are designed according to their tastes at a certain fee paid every month.

Staffing Firm Diversant and Principal John Goullet

Diversant is a large staffing firm that specializes in helping information technology professionals and companies come together. With the services of Diversant, technology professionals of all experience levels can more easily and efficiently find the ideal career opportunity. At the same time, companies that are looking for technology professionals will have the ability to find the ideal person for their job openings. What makes Diversant a leading firm in staffing is its commitment to its core values of diversity, teamwork and leadership. It also takes pride in helping everyone get what they are looking for in terms of making the perfect business arrangement for technology workers.

When it comes to Diversant it has core values that set it apart from other staffing firms. One of the core values of Diversant is its commitment to diversity. What this means is that the firm strives to help a number of professionals and companies get what they are looking for. In terms of technology professionals, Diversant helps a number of technology professionals in a variety of experience levels and skillsets find the ideal career opportunity. Whether you are an entry level worker looking to get your first job or an experience professional looking to advance to an executive level position, Diversant will help you achieve this goal.

This staffing firm also helps companies in a number of industries find the ideal information technology professional. Companies that are looking for professionals such as web developers, programmers and software engineers will have a staffing firm that will recommend these professionals to them on a regular basis. With this assistance, companies in numerous industries will have a viable resource to help get the talent they need to run their information technology department.

Like a number of organizations, Diversant has leadership that helps it operate at its best as well as provide direction. The person who currently leads Diversant is its Principal John Goullet. John has been in the technology industry for over two decades and has brought a lot of experience to Diversant. During his career he has worked at a number of technology companies to give him experience in the field as well as an in depth understanding of what companies and professionals need. After finding out that there was a demand for technology workers and companies in need of hiring them, Goullet decided to start his own staffing firm. He would eventually sell it and take on the position of Principal at Diversant through a merger.

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James Dondero and the Top Ten Holdings of His Hedge Fund in the Last Part of 2015

James Dondero has always an individual with the utmost in determination in everything that he does. He is an investment banker who is the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management. James Dondero currently oversees the investment strategies with the firm and manages operations for both the retail and institutional markets. Mr. Dondero’s management strategies have garnered him a number of awards and accolades, including a 5-star designation in 2014 and also a Lipper Award for Floating Opportunities.

James Dondero’s experience in the markets spans back three decades. One of the most impressive things he can claim on his resume would be in the fact that he was a pioneer in the Collaterized Loan Obligation (CLO).

The top ten holdings of James Dondero and Highland Capital Management for the third quarter illustrate the caliber of success that he has had. There are a number of holdings to consider. Take a look at the following facts:

1. The Recent 13F filing represents 22.73% of Highland Capital’s Total Assets.

The recent filing of Highland Management shows a total of $15.04 billion in assets and the equity exposure of the is at about 22.73%.

2. The Fund had a number of new purchases.

The Highland Capital Management had a host of new purchases, including the Spdr S&P 500 Etf Tr for $67.1 million; Amazon for $23.3 million; Eagle Pharmaceuticals for $17.7 million; Danaher for $17.2 million; and Intra Cellular Therapy for $15.9 million.

3. Highland Capital lifted the information technology sector.

Highland Capital was able to lift the information technology sector from 16% to 18%. This is one of the marks for a well-performing hedge fund.

4. Highland Capital had some solid Top Ten holdings.

Finally, Highland Capital had some holdings within the Top Ten, including a “call” position with the American Airls Group Inc and the Salesforce Com Inc and a “put” position with Ishares Tr. Moreover, Highland Capital’s Top Ten holdings represent about 29.55% of the reported portfolio within the most recent 13F.

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China Achieved Less Despite Squeezing Speculations Against its Currency

China’s decision to support its economy by funding heavily local banks and starving offshore market has not achieved much so far, according to financial analysts. The Hong Kong rate for yuan loans was down to 4.87 percent last week, as compared to Shanghai’s rate which was 3.10 percent. Chris Morrison of Omni Partners said funds would flow to offshore market and in the process yuan will flow in excess making it possible to borrow and sell it. However, Morrison said that China may impose draconian laws to control capital markets as way of protecting its currency.

Morrison said the best option for China is to allow onshore rates increase sharply in order to deter speculators, but it cannot do it because the economy will be depressed further. He further predicted that this year yuan may fall to about 15 percent. He believes it would be up-task for the Chinese to bet between the onshore and offshore interest rates at the same time. Earlier in January, the costs of borrowing yuan in Hong Kong, the largest center financing the currency for offshore market, surged to their lowest, prompting the central bank of China to buy the currency. There was shortage in the market as short trades were faced with expensive borrowing.

Info on Highland Capital Management and James Dondero

Highland Capital Management is a leading global hedge fund that was established in 1993 by Jim Dondero and Mark Okada. HCM is estimated to be managing about $21 billion in AUM. The company focuses on high yield credit oriented investments, and also bottom-up market analysis done by a team of the best professional credit researchers. In addition, HCM was the pioneer of Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs), and also non-bank CLOs. Highland’s is estimated to have bank loans/leveraged loans of $13 billion in asset under management.

Jim Dondero co-founded Highland in 1993 having worked in the past in the credit and equity fields. He started his career at American Express serving in the position of Corporate Bond Analyst in the 1980s. He was later appointed to the position of Portfolio Manager where he was responsible for managing approximately $1 billion of funds. Later, Jim Dondero joined Protective Life where he managed more than $2 billion in AUM until he co-founded Highland Capital management.

Jim Dondero is a graduate of University of Virginia where he studied Accounting. He is the President of HCM and under his leadership, the company is among the most experienced and the largest credit managers across the globe. Jim has ensured that HCM has hired highly talented, experienced and qualified team of professionals in the industry. Highland targets healthcare, industrial and telecommunication companies in its operations. Info was found on Bloomberg via the link below:

Makeup The Fun Way

Like a lot of women, I start almost every day by putting on make-up. Makeup has been part of my life since I was a teenager and I still enjoy using it. I was always obsessed with transforming my looks and being creative with cosmetics. Just a little goes a long way and if I want to go to town also that’s easy too. Makeup is a tool for me and many women to share what they feel inside on a everyday basis. Now, perhaps you will find ladies who wear full faces of foundation only to remain alone inside their bedrooms, but I’m not one of those, and the majority of the females I meet aren’t either.

When did men and women start utilizing make-up? Nobody is 100% certain. The very first archeological data of clear makeup use originate from Ancient Egyptian and Sumerian tombs dating way back to about 3500 BC. Makeup generally is a form of self-expression and individuality. What’s particularly fascinating about make-up is the fact that it’s one of the only types of expression mainly for women of all ages. Even fashion is starting to become an increasingly notable means for males to express themselves, but, typically, makeup has stayed simply for women.

If you take a look at makeup use throughout cultures and centuries, a pattern comes forth. Hypothetically, one could place color anywhere on the face area. But all cultures have independently decided on selected beauty guidelines: Makeup can be used to even the skin tone, color the eye area, make cheekbones pink and redden the mouth, it doesn’t matter if you are a doll-like Japanese Geisha, an early Egyptian or perhaps a modern day American girl primping for your Saturday night out.

The upkeep of youthful features and also the overstatement of female common characteristics can be seen in nearly all cultures. Makeup is effective mainly because it exaggerates (or totally fabricates) our all-natural indications of youth, libido and sexual availability, therefore making a female look more pleasing.

Makeup lines like Lime Crime showcase unique vibrant shades of lip sticks that can make any gal sparkle and shine. I love their Blue Milk and Citreuse liquid eye liner. This online makeup store is very creative and filled with fantasy girl fun. Lime Crime is unconventional in its style and selection of hues on Packaged in glitter and unicorns makes this makeup give out an inspiring message to speak your mind with cosmetics. Coming out of Los Angeles and focusing on the most amazing cruelty free makeup its making a buzz. With its founder Doe Deere who making her mark in the cosmetics world leading the way for girls to shock fashion and beauty with something different.

BRL Trust Investmentos: Its Mission, Values And Partners


BRL Trust Investmentos was established in 2005 and serves as the largest investment funds administrator in Brazil. In its initial year of operation, more than 100 loans were executed, in which the Trust acted as an Intervening Trust. Its tenacious activity and customer commitment fostered an expansion into Administration and Management of Investment Funds, Mergers and Acquisitions and Capital Markets while maintaining sector segregation.


The mission of BRL Trust Investmentos is to fulfill its client’s needs in a secure, transparent, and dynamic process by means of a proficient and collaborative effort, with unique and diverse differential processes and controls, developed from within utilizing a methodology acquired from its sector performance.


The organization is ethically obliged to all, in every sense, extending respect to the judicial system and its clients interests. Its determination and focus serve as the framework for its technical expertise in establishing the greatest opportunities available through transparency, confidence, and honesty.


The Trustee Services of BRL TRUST provides contemporary and specialized services that provide safety and reliability for investors. With Securities Commission authorization, the organization is an administrator to 109 funds with a net asset value of approximately R$ 19.99 billion. BRL TRUST also provides custodial and controlling services for its clients. As asset managers, BRL TRUST manages assets, as a means of creating investment strategies, and solutions geared to client goals. Asset writing provides individuals, and organizations the required framework for raising funds, in accordance with structured fund allocations.


Mauricio Ribeiro is the founder and director of BRL TRUST Investmentos, in charge of the Custody Fund and the International sector. Rodrigo Boccanera, acts as the director and founding partner of BRL TRUST Investmentos, in charge of the Fiduciary Services, project finance, and management of SPE’s and Rodrigo Caval Cante serving as the partner director of BRL TRUST Investment.

Policies and Manuals

BRL TRUST Investmentos takes a strong and hardline position that responsibilities and obligations are fully compliant with all legal mandates, with regard to money laundering and with all sector standards. It has a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct that is proficient and specific. It has published its own compliance manual and fund management pricing manual as well, as a guide for honest and transparent transactions.

Beneful Has Been Created With On…

Beneful Dog Food Research Has Shown Positive Results = TITLE

Delicious and wholesome, Beneful dog food is here to help dogs live longer and better. Purina presents a loved, trusted brand that is known to have the best outstanding nutrition and concern for dogs and health. Research has shown positive results of this product and how kind it is to dogs.

Furthermore, dog foods that are right for the dog one wants to give the best to include Dog Chow, Just Right, Mighty Dog, Pro Plan, Purina One, Chef Micheal’s, Alpo, Moist & Meaty and Beyond. Purina came up with a new product for pet owners to choose from. Beneful has been created with one’s cherished pet in mind, and dogs love it.

It depends upon breed, activity level, age, metabolism and the lifestyle that one keeps, as to how often a dog needs fed, and how much he will need. Along with fresh water at all times, please feed the pet at the same exact time day-after-day. Once may seem often enough, but it is usually best to feed the dog twice a day. Feed the darling a precise amount of food also. These two significant factors are the basis for the overall health of one’s pet.

What is more, Beneful helps to build genuine muscles with proteins, and whole grains support energy. This wonderful dog food also supports the need to play. Purina cares about balancing nutrition and wholeness with playfulness. Purina not only loves its own pets, it loves all pets and the care that goes into Purina’s quality foods show this.

Beneful comes in wet or dry and Purina’s Beneful also makes dog treats too. Beneful dry dog food is packed with antioxidants, minerals, protein, vegetables that give an abundance of vitamins and whole grains. Moreover, Beneful brand of dog snacks are baked in the oven and burst with flavor inside a pet’s mouth. There are 20 assortments in which to chose from.

Beneful wet dog food has terrific flavors such as lamb, chicken, pork and pork. With barley, green beans, rice and carrots, and a variety of textures, one can find what his pet likes easily. There are different sizes to accommodate all needs. Purina’s ultimate intent is in knowing what pets love and need, to do their best and get the right nutrition.

Know Your Favorite Brand: FreedomPop

FreedomPop is a mobile phone and wireless internet service provider based in Los Angeles, California. The company was founded in 2011 with a dedicated goal of eliminating the digital gap through provision of free mobile phone services and wireless internet access to each person wherever they are located. Backed by companies such as Doll Capital Management, Mangrove Capital and Atomico, FreedomPop was founded by its current CEO Stephen Stokols together with Stevan Sesar. It sells tablets, mobile phones and broadband devices that are used with their services.

FreedomPop is laying its strategy of success through the utilization of well-placed Wi-Fi routers around the country to reduce cell phone costs. Stephen Stokols gained important experience prior to setting up his company as he served as a CEO of a video-chat and entertainment company Woo Media. The company sold its first smartphones in October of 2012 and in the same month managed to convert to paid users 5% of its free users. As a boost in its quest to expansion, the company increased its paid users to reach to 10% in November 2012. A further 10% of its users were converted from free to paid users to reach 20% by December 2012.

According to a Freedompop review, the company has been offering its free cellular services on Sprint’s network with a plan to expand its services to Wi-Fi to tap more customers who use Android devices through the use of an Android app while iPhone users will also be able to access the services in a couple of weeks once the iPhone app has been fully developed. The move is aimed at giving customers access to over 10 million hotspots for $5 a month. The main aim of this company is to create a better and cheaper alternative to the expensive cell phone plans on offer in the market. The company’s CEO has always expressed his vision to make his company a giant tech in the near future and expects the number of customers to swell above 20 million within this year.

FreedomPop is working with companies providing Wi-Fi hotspots all over the country. This is being facilitated by their software that is enabling smartphones to automatically join these Wi-Fi networks whenever they are available, meaning they need not to connect to the networks manually. This will enable its users to utilize the more than 10 million hot spots spread across the country, some of which are not openly available to the general public, for $5 each month. The company has already

Understanding How Computers See the World

It’s easy to take vision for granted. Most people don’t really think about the process of seeing things. Vision is usually something that’s so intertwined with our experience of the world that we only really think about it when it’s gone. But in reality vision is an amazingly complex process. We’re not consciously aware of it, but the act of looking at anything will require an amazing amount of brainpower. Not to mention that the human eye is itself quite complex. In all, the simple act of looking at something such as a chair and realizing that it’s a chair is a very complex process.

This is why computational image recognition is such a difficult task. Researchers need to start from scratch, and recreate a complex biological process within a computational medium. Until fairly recently, it was often more cost effective to simply hire people to recognize images than it was to have computers do so.

Part of the reasoning behind this can be understood by thinking about what’s involved with image recognition. A chair is a comparatively easy to recognize item. It has four legs, a back, and a central platform to sit on. It’s probably one of the easiest items for a computer to recognize, but it still needs to sort through a vast number of definitions. Consider the legs as an example. For humans, it’s easy to focus on the column of the leg as the most important section. A computer doesn’t have the same cultural frame of reference. It can’t know that a leg in many ways defines what is and isn’t a chair. To it, a chair might seem to be more about the bottom of the leg. And in those cases, a wheeled chair might not be seen as a chair. Or the curve of a chair’s back might seem like the proper area to focus on. Even the material involved might get undue importance placed upon it. Computer based image recognition needs to not only be able to see individual parts of a greater whole, but understand what aspects of those objects are the most significant. It’s a difficult problem to solve. But once software is able to make those distinctions, it can open up a whole new world of possibilities.

One of the best examples can be seen with Slyce. Slyce is one of the leading companies in the field of image recognition. They’ve gone from solving the more difficult aspects of image recognition, and have now moved it into the realm of true real world application. One of the most impressive aspects of their products is how it can impact sales. It’s simple for the image recognition to look at a picture someone’s taken on their phone. It can usually not only categorize it by type, but actually determine the exact brand and nature of the item. It will then be able to load a store’s selection to allow the user to buy it. By doing so, one can capture a big market of impulse buyers. If a user sees a chair they like at a friend’s house, all it takes is a quick use of an app to buy it.

Brazilian Banker Expert

Igor Cornelsen is a business man, but not just any businessman, he is a professional in the Brazilian stock market. He uses his talents to prepare investors to make long term successful investments. He uses their already prepared portfolios and gives them his expert advice so that they can pick the best stocks. In the banking world, when the economy is down the banks suffer. Brazilian banks such as Itau Unibanco, was able to weather the storm. According to Igor Cornelsen the way to avoid a crash is to know the market and he has the experience over the many years. According to Cornelsen , “the Brazilian bankers that are in the private sector are the most worthy of credit. This gives the Brazilian banks some security.

Cornelsen gives his advice and says people who have less desirable credit has to use sector banks or use cash for spending, but this is a challenge for a micro based economy and does not help the development of the country. Cornelsen sees that more and more investors are standing behind the world of banking, due to the abundance of natural resources. Cornelsen used his knowledge and expertise and created an easy profile for investors to use before considering Brazilian stocks. The following are key points in Igor Cornelsen’s basics on Brazilian banking: knowing that Brazilian banks have ten major players,a fresh face could turn things around, attention needs to be on China, and putting value on imports.

To further explain Cronelsen’s views the following goes in more depth. Brazil has the largest economy in South America and what backs it up is the ten state owned commercial and investment banks. Building an economy has to be based on rational ideas. A new face has come into play, Joaquim Levy, a new finance minister. He brings hope for Brazil’s banks. When Cornelsen says pay attention to China he refers to China being Brazil’s largest trading partner. The better China’s economy is doing, the better the prices for Brazilian’s raw materials. Lastly, Sparking investments in the industry will make the export of manufactured goods much more competitive for Brazil.