How Billionaire Eric Lefkofsky Is Making The World A Better Place

He’s Founded Company That Might Cure Cancer

Tempus is the latest startup by the entrepreneur that gave the world the likes of Groupon and Lightbank. Through the use of personalized cancer treatment Tempus is changing the way we treat cancer. Everyone has a unique DNA sequence and the genes encoded won’t always respond to medicine the exact same way in each person. Using the DNA unique to each specific cancer patient, Tempus offers every patient a treatment plan meant just for them. Big data has worked wonders in so things, like marketing and research, it isn’t too extreme to think Tempus will cure cancer.

His Foundation Is Giving To Children In Need

The Lefkofsky Family Foundation is the center of the charitable work of Eric Lefkofsky. Running it with his wife Liz Lefkofsky, he helps contributes to the betterment of children in need around the world. Typically this will occur in the form of contributions to organizations focusing on the academic futures of underserved children. As a graduate of the University Of Michigan he understands the importance of receiving the best education you can.

He Joined The Giving Pledge

As a man of enormous wealth Lefkofsky does his part to support philanthropic causes financially. Like many others of with fortunes of his size he has joined the Giving Pledge. Founded in 2010 by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, the campaign revolves around encourages the wealthy and powerful to use their position for the betterment of the world. In the 6 years the organization has existed it has already generated more than $700 billion dollars in revenue. Although Lefkofsky didn’t create this campaign, he has done all he can to promote this organization through his efforts in his own organization.

He’s Giving Back To His Community

Eric Lefkofsky currently resides in the city of Chicago. While he has plenty of efforts to help those far from him, he has not forgotten his neighbors in the process. Lefkofsky is an important figure in Chicago and participates in projects aimed at promoting the arts and culture in the city. He is on the board of directors of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Science and Technology. In 2008 alone Lefkofsky led the push to have the Summer Olympics hosted in Chicago. Although his efforts were not successful, this campaign stands as an example of his contributions to his city.

The Workings of Autism Rocks

It was announced in February 2016, that Autism Rocks which has it’s headquarters in London, has added Will and Pete Best to their Board of Trustees. The head of Autism Rock Sanjay Shah feels this is is good fit for the foundation, he has known them since their University days. Shah feels very comfortable with his decision knowing that they will deliver. Autism Rocks helps raises money by inviting prominent artist to preform at their charity shows. Shah began the organization because he wanted to bring this condition in focus and, wanted people to know how important it’s to do research.

The research will hopefully identify who are at risk and to help those better their lives once afflicted. By adding Pete and Will Best, Shah is confident in knowing they will bring much understanding to this cause. Their responsibilities entail decision making, business affairs, getting funds, and arranging all the musical occurrence. This is just to name a few. The bothers will also have a role in plans and decision making, establishing what goals should be reach for the organization.

Pete Best comes to Autism Rocks with experience in the financial sector for more that twenty one years. He held the title of Chief Operation Office for ICAP-a brokerage firm. His vast knowledge in finance will definitely benefit this organization. Will Best began his music career at the University. He has worked in the advertising industry, then as a presenter on television, doing music shows. Read more on this article.

Sanjay Shah gives generous amount of money to good causes. He began Autism Rocks because his youngest son was afflicted with Autism. This is a condition that inhibits the developmental of social relationship and interaction with other in children, which carries over to adulthood. Although some children can live life independently, other may require a lifetime of dedicated on going care. Shah promoted concerts around the world and invited only top entertainers such as, Snoop Dogg, Prince, Michael Buble to preform

The funds that are raised through this is event are used for research at Cambridge University. Shah says that they may never find the cause of Autism, he just wants them to find a way so that he and others can understand their children. There is also a “go fund” page set up for anyone who wants to donate to Autism Rocks.