How Mike Baur Rose To Success

Mike Baur, worked in private keeping money for over 25 years. Having worked his way up from his part as a business disciple at UBS. Baur was faithful to the bank, and was in the long run working in his part as an official board part for UBS. At the point when Baur was 39 he was prepared for something other than what’s expected, prepared to leave on an entrepreneurial trip he was looking for different approaches to enable kindred business people to do likewise. After much thought, Baur looked for others to cooperate with him in the startup of the ICT Startup Accelerator in Switzerland.


Baur’s essential speculation wasn’t for notoriety or fortune yet his most noteworthy energy was for helping other people, to be specific his capacity to enable youthful business people to reconstruct Switzerland. Baur conveyed his managing an account understanding to the table where he could without much of a stretch help the individuals who birthed new companies with their monetary evaluations, and also helping them figure out where they could fund-raise and spend it astutely. In spite of the fact that Baur had begun this association to help youthful business visionaries, he is additionally the Co-Founder and the Director of the Swiss Startup Association.


Developing this organization would happen quicker on the off chance that it were viewed as the virtuoso behind Fintech, where he would make the business people on a stride by-step trip of what they ought to do keeping in mind the end goal to begin their business legitimately. This incorporated a work allow, notwithstanding their authoritative needs forthright. Giving mentorship, Baur needed to guarantee that every business person could match with somebody that had involvement and tremendous information in their field. This would guarantee that they had a very much prepared business visionary to work with, and in addition somebody that would know within mystery to building a startup.


Combination, the new name for this wander has originated from the group push to see Switzerland flourish as a nation, having assumed an imperative part in how back chips away at a worldwide level. Baur and his accomplices are eager to locate the absolute best ability in Switzerland to unite the best personalities in fund and tech to help manufacture the business and make occupations to enhance the monetary temperature of the nation all in all.

Adam Goldenberg Brings Light to Name Change

Recently, Adam Goldenberg did an interview with CNBC where he talked about the changes that were coming to the JustFab brand. One of the biggest changes is that they are going to have a name change. While most people will not notice it because the actual companies that are under the brand will stay the same, the name change will mean a lot for the umbrella company and will make it easier for them to continue adding companies and being successful with the companies that they already have under the same brand on

Before, the company that JustFab, Fabletics, Intermix and Intelligent Beauty were under was called JustFab, Inc. This was reflective of the company when JustFab was the only business that was in the mix but now that there are many other companies along with it, the name just doesn’t suit it. The new name, TechStyle, will be more reflective of the company and the things that they are doing in the industries that they are a part of. Adam Goldenberg is hoping that this change will mean positive things for the company overall and for the people who are accustomed to using the company because nothing will really change.

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Also in the news was information about Fabletics. The brand is becoming more popular and is gaining traction in the fashion industry at While they have always been successful with the fashionable athleisurewear line that they offer, they are now growing to a point where they can compete with other companies. The company is getting close to passing Amazon as the number one online clothing retailer. They are hoping that this will come in the next year so that they can secure their spot and continue helping their customers get exactly what they need from the line of clothing.

Since JustFab and Fabletics launched, Adam Goldenberg has been very involved with the companies. Unlike many other CEOs, he has had a chance to be an active part of the company and has made sure that he is always doing what he can to help people get what they need. It is not unheard of for Adam Goldenberg to start working on different areas of the company even if he is not in an active position there according to By doing this, he is helping them grow as much as possible and is providing a great deal of support to the company that he runs.

James Dondero Investing in Argentina

Many countries around the world are struggling with the low price of oil. Argentina had a strong economy when the price of oil was high. However, over the past two years, Argentina has had to deal with falling oil prices. The government of the country is running massive deficits, and many companies are struggling to survive. It will be interesting to see how the nation comes out of this economic crisis. Highland Capital sees opportunity to invest in Argentina. Government bonds pay a high yield right now, and James Dondero wants his company to get a piece of the action. Investing in Argentina’s bonds is risky, but the potential returns are high.

Over the past few years, James Dondero has done a great job of leading Highland Capital. The company has more sales and profits than ever before. Dondero knows that the company must get creative in order to continue growing. The stock market has been rising for almost seven years now, and he feels like it is important to branch out to other investment vehicles. Investing in government bonds is generally a safe investment. However, when you are investing in bonds of a country in financial trouble, the investment is no longer safe. The bonds must pay out a high yield to entice investors to buy them.

The entire economy of Argentina revolves around the price of oil. Unlike many other nations, Argentina has little economic diversity. In addition, the government is running high deficits in order to keep things going in the country. The current path is simply not sustainable, and many credit agencies have downgraded the country’s credit rating. There are some economists who predict that Argentina will be unable to survive the low price of oil for much longer.


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How Helane Morrison is Setting the Pace for Female Corporate Executives

An insignificant number of women working in the corporate world ever make it to the top. This is a male dominated world and many people have held onto the stereotype that only men have the capability to handle executive roles. Helane Morrison has defied expectations by rising to the top of the corporate ladder. She has done this with all odds placed against her including biasness and gender disparity.

Since her early days, she has been devoted to the fight against corruption and all other ills that happen in business organizations. Of particular interest to her has been the protection of those who are most likely to be sleaze victims. This has mostly been done through the public disclosure of unethical brokers in the stock market. She has also greatly helped to clean up workstations by carrying out independent investigations aimed at pinpointing those who are involved in any kind of underhand deals.

For over 30 years, Helane has made a name for herself owing to her determination and impeccability, which has seen her refrain from participating an all the murk that exists in the financial services sector. After the Great Recession in 2008, she was called upon to carry out investigations. She came up with a damning report, which was an eye opener on the prevalent rot in the stock markets. This helped bring to book those involved in scams. Those found culpable ranged from prominent executives to some of the largest corporations in America.

Helane Morrison’s Résumé

The New York native was a go-getter from an early age. It is in this light that she chose to move to Chicago, where she undertook an undergraduate degree in Journalism at Northwestern University. She later moved to California, where she enrolled at the University Of California Berkeley School Of Law. At some point, she was the editor in charge of the institution’s law review magazine, a role that she performed with great ease and gusto.

Helane’s first employment after admittance to the bar was as a legal official at the US Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit where he worked for one year. She also served under Harry A. Blauckman, a jurist renowned for advocating women’s rights. Later on, she got into private practice at a law firm, where she rose to become a partner. Currently, Ms. Morrison is the Chief Compliance Officer at Hall Capital Partners LLC. Prior to this appointment, she was the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s office in San Francisco.

Highland capital Investments on the Argentina Bonds

Argentina is set to return to the international bond markets next month in a bid to raise $12 billion, with potential buyers weary of the participation of Argentina in the bond trade, Highland Capital Management has placed itself strategically to benefit from Argentina.

James Dondero the President and cofounder of Highland Capital Management has made significant plans in a bid to snap up a significant amount of the securities which are deemed to be very profitable. This new bonds acquisition will be an addition to the already acquired bonds of $4 billion of notes in 2033. Previously, Highland held the highest number of Argentinean bonds.
The choice to participate in this bond by Argentina is as a result of the country’s effort to sell an unforeseen debt with the aim of paying for holdout creditors. In a desperate move to salvage the country’s economy it remains to be seen if the distressed debtors will buy their way back into the bonds despite the country escaping the debt.
Highland Capital Management according to their James plan to hold onto what they have, however, according to the president the company intends to buy the new issuance bonds to add onto what they already have.
Highland Capital Management enjoys the benefit of having a James Dondero who has over 30 years experience in credit and equity markets. With James Dondero at the top Highland Capital Investments has placed itself in a prime position to be the very best and compete in the big leagues. Highland Capital Investment was founded in 1993 and has received numerous accreditations from the creation of separate accounts, CLOs, Hedge Funds to name but a few.
With Argentina set to issue a $11.68 billion of bonds to yield 7.5 to 8 percent in Mid-April, Highland Capital Investments is set to benefit in a major way from the acquisition of the new bonds that are yet to be bought. These new bonds combined with the previous bonds that were bought will place Highland Capital Investment at a prime position to make much more profits. It is because of this expected profits that Dendero feels an urge to push Highland Capital Investments to look beyond sovereign debt and look to increase their profit margins by setting up an Argentina fund
Rumors have emerged that distressed investors will not engage in the acquisition of the Argentine bonds. However, it remains to be seen if this withdrawal will take effect with many companies setting aside funds to invest in the much coveted Argentine Bonds.

Investment Banking with Confidence Thanks to Martin Lustgarten

When many individuals think about the world of investments, there is a significant amount of volatility and hesitance that comes to light. After the great recession that took place just a handful of years ago there was more than enough overflow and aftermath of just not trusting the markets in general. When you think about all of the huge banks that were in the news, it is easy to understand the general distrust that is in the air as well. Financial institutions that were once thought of as the top beacon of security suddenly are seen as skeptical.

When you consider the fact that people still need to retire and they still need to figure out how in the world that they can get to financial security, there is room for a professional financial team to come in. That is exactly where Martin Lustgarten does come in and does make sense. With investment banking, no-one has ever doubted the ability to understand the financial markets. Everyone gets the idea that people are either in love with numbers and finances or they try to avoid them. That’s exactly the reason that people turn to financial professionals in the first place. However, when you find someone who can adequately communicate with you as well as offer you confidence, then it makes sense to work with that sort of person.

When you consider the amount of confidence and stability that one individual can bring with respect to instilling the values of customer service to his entire team and staff, only then do you truly understand the effect that Martin Lustgarten has brought to the investment banking field in such a short time. So much of the world of finances comes down to one simple thing: confidence. When you see markets tanking it is hard to not only keep all of your hard earned wealth in the market but to turn around and invest more. However, when you have the professional help on your side of an expert who not only knows their stuff but can communicate it to you as well, then you have a much better shot of investing for the long haul and making it to retirement. Follow Martin Lustgarten on Twitter for news and other information.

Highland Capital Management on Top List as Hedge Fund

In the recently filed stock market returns for different portfolios, Highland capital management recorded a turnover of 22.37% and a negative change in its market value with -30.41%. The fund has however recorded lots of activities in the stock market by selling off some of its stakes, making new purchases and increasing other purchases. The sectors the hedge fund seems to be more active include health, technology and finance sector respectively. The building up of positions gradually is a common aspect in many investors who weigh options on what will be more beneficial to their company, and they also wipe off stakes that are not adding any value especially in the market.

Since the foundation of Highland Capital Management in 1993 the hedge fund has been very successful has continuously increased in value. James Dondero, the founder of Highland capital management, worked tirelessly to raise the value of the company by working in strenuous investments like private equities, life settlements, and niche products like oil, timber, and gas and debt securities. He is a diversified investor but his targets seems to be more on health and pharmaceuticals that his company is investing most in. James invests in a unique manner in comparison to other investors with hedge funds. Many financial institutions have adopted his investments strategies in America.

The beta gamma sigma graduate studied Bachelor of Science Commerce double major finance and accounting from Virginia University. Dondero is a certified financial analyst with CFA, CPA, and CFA certifications. He and his intelligent team in Highland capital management came up with solutions to financial credit. This was through products that are now used by all institutions, wholesalers, retailers, and consumers. The products include REITs, hedge fund, Collateralized Loan Obligation CLO, institutionalized accounts and private equities. The collateralized loan obligation especially helped many companies who were sinking in credit, and they had an inability to redeem their money back.

Jim started his financial credit analysis career with Morgan Guarantee Trust Company. He has now built trust with many private and public investment companies, and 12 of the companies include him as a trusted board member. Some of the companies include American Banknote and MGM studios. NexBank supports James as a chairperson and a financial advisor a role he fits into perfectly. Jim is tough when it comes to financial management, but he has a heart for environment and children. He supports an organization in America supporting children with diabetes commonly referred to as juvenile diabetes.

The original article can be read on OctaFinance.

Kevin Seawright Launches Summer Employment Program To Boost Graduation Rates

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation’s newly appointed executive Vice President Kevin Seawright has announced a promising new project. Kevin, in partnership with NewarkWorks and other local organizations, has launched the Summer Youth Employment Plan. This program is aimed to engage college students in a six week long paid work experience, complete with on-the-job training and empowerment programs.

Expectations for this program are running pretty high, since it is being helmed by Seawright, known widely for juggling a successful career in education finance in both government and private sectors. Kevin also has a ton of capital management experience.

Early Beginnings In Social Responsibility

Seawright’s career choices display an acute focus on social responsibility, a quality he credits to his parents. As a boy growing up in Philadelphia, he worked programs for youth and community development, which gave rise to the spirit of financial stewardship in him early on. Since then, he has taken his drive for betterment of urban communities to every job he has held.

A Remarkable Career

From LinkedIn it’s evident that Seawright started his career in the public sector as Chief Financial Officer for Maryland’s Department of Recreation and Parks. Post that, he moved to handling finances in the education sector where he created budgets worth $200 million.
Seawright also held the position of the Director of Operations at Collington Life Care Community, where he managed contracts and construction funding. Over the years, Kevin has amassed a staggering eleven years of experience in fields of education and real estate.

Projects At Hand

Kevin is currently involved with the Summer Youth Employment Plan, which will span six weeks from July to August. This program is an effort to increase job opportunities for students, from last year’s 3,000 to an increase of 3,500 in 2016. This plan also aims to tackle drop-out rates in Newark.

Besides this project, Kevin is under talks to collaborate with the mayor to develop an easy and efficient capital management system for small business. Port and railroad development in Newark, along with better wi-fi is also in works.

Seawright is also associated with the University of Notre Dame in the development of an executive leadership program for their Mendoza College of Business. The program will be taught in three parts, and cover strategies for fundraising in organizations and fiscal management in today’s market.

Future Goals

As CFO and executive vice president of Newark CEDC, Seawright’s primary goals are boosting the city’s economy by helping entrepreneurs and opening up job avenues for college students. He plans to put his talents of data analysis, fiscal management and creative solution building to bettering lives of the people in his community, one development project a time.

Philip Diehl Provides Opinions About Gold Investing

The EPN podcast network chose to host Philip N. Diehl for an informative interview on the subject of gold coins. Diehl did not discuss the collecting of gold coins. He addressed many reasons why people are buying them for investment purposes. Diehl does know a lot about the subject. He is the President of U.S. Money Reserve in Texas, a company that distributes a tremendous amount of gold to investors all over the United States. Diehl also knows about the minting of gold coins. He was once the Director of the U.S. Mint, and his tenure at the Mint was an exceptional one.

Gold investing is hot right now. During the interview, Diehl was asked about the factors that are causing such a huge interest in the sale of gold. Speculators are among those Diehl believes have spawned great interest among investors.

Speculators do help drive the price of gold. Even when speculators are not having a tremendous impact on the price, their activity in the market does shape the opinions of others. When speculators go out on television and say they believe the price of gold is going to rise, a lot of investors are swayed to buy. Significant movements of the sale of gold just might lead large numbers of people to also make purchases.

Speculators are not the only contributors to the huge interest in gold investing. Serious worries about the fall of the dollar and the Federal Reserves’ monetary policy does drive interest in gold. The dollar has done quite strongly for years, and Diehl states that high valuation of the dollar likely leads to the currency’s eventual dropping. Gold can hedge against currency devaluation just as it hedges in stock market bear conditions.

At U.S. Money Reserve, Diehl runs a company that seeks to supply gold buyers with quality coins. The bulk of the coins sold by U.S. Money Reserve are from the U.S. Mint. This alone speaks volumes of their value. Legal tender from the U.S. Mint is going to be more attractive to cautious buyers than bars and bullion.

Towards the end of the interview, Diehl tells the listeners that all forms of gold investing should be part of a long-term strategy. Buying and quickly flipping gold for a profit is probably not the wisest plan to have. Holding onto gold for many years is probably what most conservative investors want to do anyway.

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Madison Street Capital: Doing Things Untraditionally


Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that is well known for their expertise in mergers and acquisitions. Since 2005, when the company was founded, the firm has been providing that service along with corporate advising, business valuation financial opinions and financial reporting valuation. Madison Street is a great firm for many middle market companies that are looking for a sound exit strategy, seeking favorable lending or looking for acquisitions. They have offices in North America, Asia and Africa and have a goal of coming to a mutually beneficial transaction for buyer and for seller.

The firm is led by Karl D’Cunha, the Senior Managing Director. D’Cunha has a Bachelors in Economics and Finance, which he received at the University of Western Ontario. He then went onto McGill University to get his Graduate Diploma in Accounting. He is a FINRA registered General Securities Representative, in the Chartered Financial Analyst Program as a level 3 candidate and he is a Chartered Accountant. D’Cunha has created a network of connections for his firm through is memberships with American MENSA, Ltd., CFA Institute, CFA Society of Chicago, Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants and the New York Hedge Fund Roundtable.

Madison Street Capital released a statement and report of its 2015 year. In the statement, the firm noted how it had managed to announce or close 42 hedge fund deals in 2015 alone. The firm also noted how this was a 27 percent increase since the previous year and that this type of momentum was only going to build and produce even better numbers in 2016.

The firm followed up the statement with a report that they released and was covered in the news. 2 of the news outlets that covered the story, and HedgeWeek, also wrote a summary of the report. In the summary, Madison Street Capital Senior Managing Director, Karl D’Cunha was quoted. He said that the hedge fund industry deal environment was very strong in 2015 and it would prove to be stronger yet again in 2016. D’Cunha believes that the industry will start seeing alternative deal mechanisms that will suit both the buyer and seller in a more effective way than traditional routes. Some of the examples he gave were revenue share stakes, seed or incubator deals, PE boltons and PE stakes. D’Cunha believes that the industry has been fragmented in the past but in the next few years much more consolidation will take place. He said the industry should expect to see quite a few partnerships beginning to emerge that will bring distribution and product offering together. Karl D’Cunha thinks that there will be growth throughout the entire industry.

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