How Mike Baur Rose To Success

Mike Baur, worked in private keeping money for over 25 years. Having worked his way up from his part as a business disciple at UBS. Baur was faithful to the bank, and was in the long run working in his part as an official board part for UBS. At the point when Baur was 39 he was prepared for something other than what’s expected, prepared to leave on an entrepreneurial trip he was looking for different approaches to enable kindred business people to do likewise. After much thought, Baur looked for others to cooperate with him in the startup of the ICT Startup Accelerator in Switzerland.


Baur’s essential speculation wasn’t for notoriety or fortune yet his most noteworthy energy was for helping other people, to be specific his capacity to enable youthful business people to reconstruct Switzerland. Baur conveyed his managing an account understanding to the table where he could without much of a stretch help the individuals who birthed new companies with their monetary evaluations, and also helping them figure out where they could fund-raise and spend it astutely. In spite of the fact that Baur had begun this association to help youthful business visionaries, he is additionally the Co-Founder and the Director of the Swiss Startup Association.


Developing this organization would happen quicker on the off chance that it were viewed as the virtuoso behind Fintech, where he would make the business people on a stride by-step trip of what they ought to do keeping in mind the end goal to begin their business legitimately. This incorporated a work allow, notwithstanding their authoritative needs forthright. Giving mentorship, Baur needed to guarantee that every business person could match with somebody that had involvement and tremendous information in their field. This would guarantee that they had a very much prepared business visionary to work with, and in addition somebody that would know within mystery to building a startup.


Combination, the new name for this wander has originated from the group push to see Switzerland flourish as a nation, having assumed an imperative part in how back chips away at a worldwide level. Baur and his accomplices are eager to locate the absolute best ability in Switzerland to unite the best personalities in fund and tech to help manufacture the business and make occupations to enhance the monetary temperature of the nation all in all.

The Role of Jason Halpern in Giving Old Historic Sites New Life.

Jason Halpern is the founder and the Managing Director of JMH Development, a leading Real Estate development company in the US. Since its inception in 2010, JMH has transformed the Real Estate industry with innovative methods of creating distinct properties in the luxury category. This firm has been developing unique and well-positioned properties like Williamsburg in Brooklyn.


JMH Company has been a pioneer in the renovation of significant historical places. The company rehabilitated the 184 Kent Avenue property that resulted in 340 luxury rental apartments in Brooklyn. This building was constructed in 1913. It once housed Austin Nichols Company, the largest grocery in the United States. After its renovation, this property was listed on the National Register of Historic Places and received the 2011 Brooklyn Building Award in the adaptive reuse class.


Jason Halpern Company, JMH Development, partnered with Madden Real Estate Ventures in the construction of South Beach Hotel on Collins Avenue, Miami. This project involved the renovation of Motel Ankara, a historic hotel, and the building of a new eight-story building. This project was designed by ADD Inc. while Plaza Contractors implemented it. In 2015, Aloft Beach hotel won the Americas Lodging Investment Summit Award in the Limited Service Provider due to its unique design, larger rooms than other hotels, among other facilities.


JMH Development Company undertook a major renovation of historic townhouses of Cobble Hills in Brooklyn, New York. The project involved the rehabilitation of four houses and construction of five more to cater for the rising demand of ready homes in the town of Cobble. These homes are the best residential houses in Cobble Hill.


Recently, JMH Development Company began the construction of The Three Hundred-Miami Beach. The project is being implemented on Collins Avenue, one of the most suitable residential areas in South Beach.


JMH is dedicated to building unique and durable properties in Brooklyn and other parts of the United States. Jason is also passionate about rehabilitating of historic sites, therefore, giving them more value.


John Goullet’s Career Journey and Achievements

John Goullet started his career journey as an IT consultant. In 1994, he switched to an IT staffing professional after founding Info Technologies. Having worked as an IT staffing officer and consultant, he has a broad perspective on the IT staffing industry. At Info Technologies, John Goullet would apply his understanding of market trends to act before the market fluctuates. Through Info Technologies, John Goullet would provide IT staffing solutions to Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States. Goullet’s leadership skills proved effective as the firm’s value stood at $30 million within five years. In fact, it featured twice on Inc. Magazine’s list of the fastest growing enterprises in the United States.

John Goullet at DIVERSANT LLC

As a visionary leader, John Goullet merged Info Technologies with Diversant Inc. to advance the IT staffing industry. The merger resulted in the formation of DIVERSANT LLC. Upon the merger, Mr. Goullet assumed the mantle of DIVERSANT’s Principal. At DIVERSANT, Goullet takes part in formulating strategies that help the firm conquer complex challenges in the ever-evolving IT sector. Under his guidance, DIVERSANT LLC has taken over as an innovative leader in the IT staffing industry.

Throughout his career, Mr. Goullet has demonstrated professionalism in steering the company. While other firms decline, DIVERSANT LLC experiences drastic growth even during economic hardship. As an enthusiastic IT professional, Goullet encourages creativity and adherence to ethical behavior. John Goullet attributes his career success to teamwork and commitment. Through his exemplary efforts, DIVERSANT LLC is the largest African-American held IT staffing firm in the United States. Most recently, DIVERSANT received certification as a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise.

In an interview, John Goullet said that it was a great honor to recognize DIVERSANT for its financial success. The award demonstrates that DIVERSANT can meet its customers’ expectations. He also added that DIVERSANT considers commitment as a core value. As such, commitment has been instrumental in the success of building an excellent reputation.


John Goullet attended Ursinus College to pursue a degree in Computer Science. Upon graduating from college in 1983, he ventured into the IT staffing industry working as an IT consultant before becoming an IT staffing professional. Mr. Goullet utilized his diversity in IT staffing to start his IT staffing firm, Info Technologies.

Talk Fusion Founder Bob Reina Works To Change Lives


Bob Reina is not only the founder of Talk Fusion, but he has a personal mission to change lives. He has wound that mission into every fold of his personal life as well as into the very fabric of Talk Fusion. Reina created his company when he saw the need to send videos via email, but could not find a way to make it happen. Instead of giving up, he worked with a colleague and built a company that can do just that and so much more. Read this article at about Bob Reina.

Reina himself not only focuses on business but his giving nature to help change the world. He has been a vital part of the Tampa Bay Humane Society’s success with his time and record-breaking $1 million donation. Reina has also given many generous monetary donations to an Indonesian orphanage where he is helping to change lives. He chooses to not only help change the world through any way he can find, but to lead by example through within his very company.

Reina recently launched a program within his company to help inspire his Associates to give back to the world by allowing each one of them to donate a free Talk Fusion Custom Monthly Plan to the charity of their choice. This action will allow charities to spread their message easier and to a wider audience and in turn help them grow and help more in their communities.

Reina considers the company itself a way to help people, instead of just hiring employees he hires associates and gives them a chance to live their dreams by sharing his video marketing products and building a business. There are currently an overwhelming number of associates who have amazing success stories to tell and have had their lives changed by Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion Allows 30-Day Free Trial to Users


Talk Fusion recently announced the launch of their 30-day free trial in over 140 countries and 9 different languages. Talk Fusion is the world’s first video marketing solution that offers video products for businesses, charities, and individuals. With this free trial, prospective users will be able to try out all the products completely risk-free and no credit card required. All you would need to sign up is your name and email address. Talk Fusion is proud to offer these video products to potential customers in order to give them the opportunity to see how effective these products really are towards their business.

Once users are signed up, they can begin testing these video marketing products for themselves. Talk Fusion offers products such as Video Chat, Video Email, Live Meetings, and Video Newsletters. Their newest product, WebRTC, allows users to have high-quality flawless synchronization in their videos. With these products, you will quickly see how effective they can be for your business. Talk Fusion’s products are user friendly, affordable, and are compatible with all mobile devices. When you sign up for the free trial, you will have full access to all of these great products as well as video product tutorials and step-by-step guides to help you on your way to success.

Bob Reina, Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, wanted to create products that will help people get real results. He wants to see your business succeed and have an increase in sales. With Talk Fusion’s products, Bob guarantees you will see your sales skyrocket in no time and have many repeat customers. Bob wanted to create these products with the customer in mind, which is why they are so easy to use. He does not want to see you struggle, but instead to move forward in your business adventures.

Bob also believes in the power of giving back, whether that is to friends and family, communities, or animal shelters. He hopes that this message of giving back reflects in Talk Fusion’s products. By providing these products to users, Bob believes you will be able to better communicate with your customers and allow for more business relationships to help your company blossom.



Keith Mann Forms a $5,000 Scholarship

With the cost of tuition rising at Universities across the nation, many graduating high school seniors are left with the decision on how they will pay to even attend college. While a vast few that do go on to attend college, have parents who started a college fund long before college became a regular discussion at the dinner table, many kids come from a low income family, and are therefore not able to adequately pay for college. Although a particular student may be a great student, who makes excellent grades, has a high GPA, and participates in extracurricular activities, they are simply not able to afford college.

The Uncommon School Program which is located throughout Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey, caters to over 14,000 who come from low income families. The kids in the program range from grades kindergarten all the way up to the twelfth grade. The program is designed to help prepare kids for college and form them into young adults that are ready to take on the rigors of college and graduate, excel, and contribute to society as citizens.

The Uncommon School Program has recently got good news that Keith Mann would be partnering up with the program to award a $5,000 scholarship in 2016, and every year to come, to a hardworking and deserving individual high school student looking to attend college after graduating. Mann is a wealthy investor who has a numerous amount of experience in the hedge fund industry and private equity industry. He is the owner of a research firm called Alternative Investing Practice which helps other firms make wise investment. His firm does business with clients located throughout the United States, and also in countries in Europe and Asia.

It is because of the generous efforts of people like Keith, and a program like the Uncommon School Program, that kids from low income families have the opportunity to attend college. The deadline to apply for the application is Feb. 29,2016, along with a 1,000 essay. The winner will be announced at the end of March.

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