Rags To Riches: Marcio Alaor’s Rise

As a young man, Marcio Alaor could only dream of being in a position like the one that he is currently in. There were many times that he never thought he would be the vice president of one of Brazil’s biggest banks, but he always made sure that he worked toward success to ensure that he would become one of the best of the best.

Marcio Alaor did not start his adulthood as a banker. He started out as a shoe shiner. As you can imagine, this was not the most glamorous position. It was something that many people would have been ashamed of, but Marcio was proud of the work that he did for the people who he worked for. There were many times when he was able to do a better job because of the pride that he had in the work that he did while he was shining shoes.

He happened to shine the shoes of one of the executives of the BMG bank. This was a man who was always looking for new talent and focused a lot on what people did instead of the experience or education that they had. The man wanted Marcio Alaor on his team because of the drive that he saw in him. He thought that he would make a perfect fit at the bank, but he didn’t want to overwhelm the young man with too much work at one time while he was trying to get accustomed to the life of a banker.

There were many things that Marcio Alaor did while he was working as a banker. He worked hard to make sure that all of his customers were happy and he never gave up the drive that he had when he first started with the company. As a banker, he had a lot of talent. This was something that his mentor had not predicted, but it turned out to be a bonus on top of the drive that Marcio Alaor was already exhibiting as an above-average employee. He worked hard and was very intelligent when it came to the banking world.

As time went on, Marcio Alaor made his way up the corporate ladder of the bank. He accepted higher positions, promotions and raises. He made sure that he always did this with humility and that he never forgot the drive that got him to where he is currently at. Marcio Alaor, the vice president of the BMG bank, has a drive that will be sure to last for a long time. Despite the position that he has, he never forgets where he came from or what got him to where he is at: hard work and dedication.

Igor Cornelsen Touts Opportunities in Brazil’s Emerging Markets

Looking for long term investments with immense profit potential? Bainbridge financial advisor, Igor Cornelsen says look towards emerging markets like Brazil. Equity investments in emerging markets offer great opportunities that are overlooked by the smaller investor.

In emerging markets, equities and bonds can still sometimes have considerable fluctuations, but these markets are attractive in the long term because the economic dynamism of the emerging economies is still considerable. The growth prospects for Brazil’s emerging companies are overwhelmingly positive. Igor Cornelsen on about.me says, cautious investors can circumnavigate any pitfalls by investing in shares of leading, reasonably valued companies.

Brazil is certainly an attention-getter. In 2014, the held the South American country held the Soccer World Cup, and next year, Brazil will host the Olympic Games in Rio. With two major events, Brazil has planned for extensive building. Many investors are looking at Brazil’s infrastructure as the missing piece to their portfolio. Since the Brazilian government developed a billion dollar investment package in their infrastructure sector, foreigners have jumped at the opportunity to reap huge dividends and profits. President Dilma Rousseff has sought 62 billion dollars for the development of roads, ports, airports and rail links. Investment programs have undoubtedly propelled Brazil forward.

From Banking to Unrivaled Investment Adviser

With decades of experience in private banking and investment, Igor Cornelsen has become a recognized expert in the industry. His open, communicative and dynamic nature allows him to quickly evaluate the market and pair customers with the right investment strategy. Innovation and development has been the hallmark of the Brazilian market and Igor Cornelsen is known for anticipating and adapting to the changing trends. His forethought and vision of Brazil’s emerging industries became a key piece to his success. Cornelsen has become one of the most dynamic finance players in Brazil.

The Brazilian native on angel.co has brought focus to the wide range of investment opportunities. “There is no other country in the world where the privatization process provides overwhelming opportunities as in Brazil,” says Cornelsen. Of course this has magnetized the country for foreign investments, and the market is still in its infancy. Cornelsen’s investment moves have been so precise that his expertise is unequivocal. Over the years he became a complex combination of vision, ambitious goals, and confidence that delivered welcomed profits.

To differentiate his services from the competition, Igor Cornelsen has stuck to his core principles, and long-term focus on client services is under-pinned by the highest standards of ethical, responsible business.

BMG Bank And The Culture Of Innovative Leadership

It is said that an institution is nothing without the people at its helm. It is by the strength of character and quality of these people that an institution, irrespective of whether it is public or private, finds success. BMB Bank has become a household name in Brazil and at the helm of this bank is Ricardo Guimarães, the CEO and President. Ricardo Guimarães has kickstarted the culture of innovative leadership with the BMG group.

So what are the key elements of the leadership of Ricardo Guimarães? Can young leaders learn anything from the innovative leadership style of Ricardo Guimarães? The following points will answer these questions –

Communication – Ricardo Guimarães has always ensured that with BMG, he has an open communication line with the employees. He does not put his employees into boxes and pigeon hole them because he understands that people respond to different management styles. Instead, he understands the story of each and every employee and treats them as individuals. With this unique approach, he not only has the trust of his employees but he also knows his people better than anyone else. This kind of understanding from the very beginning has paved the way for success in the future.

Flexibility – Ricardo Guimarães has stood by BMG’s principle of always being flexible. The current environment of banking and finance in Brazil is extremely capricious. In the best of circumstances, this industry is still a pretty dynamic one. As such, banks like BMG need to be ready for anything the industry and market can throw at them. They need to have a good risk profile that would prevent any catastrophe from occurring. When the times are good, leaders like Ricardo Guimarães help to ground the company while during bad times, these leaders know how to keep their employees motivated.

Planning and Organization – Of course, an organization as big and successful as BMG could not have succeeded if Ricardo Guimarães wasn’t as resourceful and organized as he is. Planning and organization are skills that need to be learned over the course of one’s professional career but Ricardo Guimarães was always quite good at it. He analyzes every situation and prepares for every controllable event. He also ensures that enough preparation is made (and resources kept aside for uncontrollable events).

It is because of these qualities and techniques that Ricardo Guimarães has been able to steer BMG towards success and efficiency.

Brazilian Lawyers: Attorney Tosto’s Mission

The mission of lawyers is to help clients through legal issues in an efficient manner. Getting the right attorney to handle a matter can significant reduce the stress of a client, and can even speed up certain processes. Luckily, there are qualified lawyers all over the world who can explain the ins and outs of business to client and even protect clients if they are sued. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of those lawyers.

Attorney Tosto is very prominent in his field, and is very well versed in Brazilian law. He began working in a small law practice, but grew professionally to become one of the most well-known corporate litigation attorneys in his area. After growing in popularity and proving that he was capable of handling challenging cases, Tosto opened his own law firm, which became one of the biggest in Brazil.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has had a number of famous clients, and was involved in several cases that got national attention. He is known for giving expert legal advice to some of the largest and most important corporation in Brazil. Tosto’s expertise has also proven to be beneficial for multinationals and politicians with opposing views. He has worked with government organizations to help them arrive at sound legal conclusions as well.

For example, Tosto was one of the pioneers for adoption a number of new legal mechanisms in Brazil. These mechanisms are now tools that are commonly used by other lawyers in the country. Most of Tosto’s current partners are professionals that he once mentored, which indicates that he’s been great at what he does for quite some time. Tosto’s primary responsibilities include overseeing the most important or lengthy cases that his firm takes on. He also offers his legal team a number of effective and innovative ways to win cases.

At his firm, Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados (the firm for which Tosto is both partner and co-founder), he takes on a significant amount of credit recovery cases. He also deals with banking contracts and bankruptcy. Tosto has the skills necessary to help businesses get themselves out of financial trouble, and provides assistance with reorganization and business restructuring.

As you can see, there are lots of reasons why people need lawyers. Whether you’re going into business, thinking about selling your company, or simply want to change some of the ways you do business while protecting yourself and your employees, attorneys like Tosto can help.