Zika Virus News? Dr. Sergio Cortes Best Secrets To Building Immunity!

The gifted health professional, orthopedic surgeon and famed impersonator, Sergio Cortes formerly served as Rio de Janeiro secretariat. As Extra Globo online published some time ago, Dr. Sergio Cortés intervention at Xerem during the dengue crisis saved lives. With the Dengue Hydration Center organizing efforts to prevent the spread of dengue; Dr. Sergio Cortes educated citizens about mosquito proliferation to control transmission rates. A former Chilean athlete, he smashed the 31-Magnus Larson record when he competed in Florida at the 1993 Lipton Championships. The celebrated tennis player defeated Jacco Eltingh (Dutch) and Derrick Rostagno before getting eliminated by prolific German Olympian Boris Becker. His Wikipedia page reads that his performance at Lipton marked his best win in his sports career history.

In an effort to help society understand and become an advocate of disease prevention, Dr. Sergio Cortes enlighten them by sharing up-to-the-minute tips. He regularly talks about real-world health issues affecting Brazilians and everyone else on Sergio Cortes Official, a professional news blog. In 2002, the WHO (World Health Organization) recognized Dr. Sergio Cortes for his selfless contributions to the Brazilian health sector. The IFOC (International Federation and Olympic Committee) of Brazil appointed Dr. Sergio Cortes as the nation’s chief orthopedist. He’s a University Souza Marques graduate with specialization in orthopedics. Furthermore, he’s done US and Brazilian post-graduate courses.

Dr. Sergio Cortes blogs about different medical conditions and lately he shared some enlightening facts about Zik V. He explained that forty-something-year-old killer zika virus isn’t a relatively new. Yes, news of it didn’t reach public ears until recently as it invaded regions worldwide. Dr. Sergio Cortes blog revealed that Zik V first invaded African countries Tanzania, Sierra Leone and Uganda. Later, Asian countries Thailand and India reported vastly progressing cases of Zik V. Some countries in Latin America, including Colombia, Mexico and Brazil reported a rapidly growing Zik V endemic in 2015. This resulted in the WHO (World Health Organization) alerting nations of Zik V implications.

In fact, it’s been linked of infantile birth deformities, particularly exhibiting patterns to that of Guillain-Barre syndrome and microcephaly. Dr. Sergio Cortes stressed that Zika virus is medically treatable. He further explained that Zik V isn’t contagious. As an autoimmune vector-borne disease, transmission to humans requires an infected mosquito, particularly of the Aedes aegypti species. This same mosquito transmits the culture that causes chikungunya and dengue fever. Endorse Dr. Sergio Cortes on LinkedIn and follow him Twitter for up-to-the-minute health news.

Marcio Alaor Oversees New Partnership Between Itau Bank and BMG

The recent partnership between Itau Bank and BMG Bank was detailed in an article on EM.com, and the partnership will opne up lending services for millions of Brazilians every day. Brazil is a growing economy that is in need of lending services that will reach all the people, and this article explains how Marcio Alaor has overseen a smooth transition.

#1: Two Teams Become One

Marcio became part of the new leadership team when his longtime employer became a partner of Itau Bank. The two banks have come together to protect themselves from competition, and some of the founding family at BMG Bank allowed members of the Itau team to come aboard. Marcio has stayed with BMG Bank to help with the transition, and he is now overseeing a new lending division that is unlike any other.

#2: Consumer Lending At All Levels

The lending that BMG Bank wants to offer to its customers works on all levels. There are customers who need a small loan that will get them to their next paycheck, and there are other businesses that need massive loans in the millions of dollars. Everyone in Brazil may get a loan from this partnership, and the two banks are able to cover more ground as partners. The partnership is changing the consumer credit industry in Brazil, and larger banks will have to keep pace.

#3: BMG Remains A Powerful Name In Brazil

Both banks will keep their names, and Marcio will ensure that BMG Bank remains one of the most respected names in Brazil. Marcio has been with BMG for quite some time, and he wants to continue the tradition of excellence that was started with the founding family. He is working with Itau Bank to offer the best services to all customers, and the two banks are creating marketing campaigns that reach out to new customers.

#4: Building Up Brazil

Consumer credit will help smaller businesses get the credit they need to build a better Brazil. There are many small companies that rely on loans to stay alive, and BMG or Itau will help give these businesses the money that is needed to thrive. More construction and expansion may be done in Brazil with the cash coming from the partnership, and the Brazilian people will continue to thrive with extra money that is only an application away.

The partnership between BMG and Itau is one that helps people in Brazil get the small or large loans they need. Personal loans may be very small, but business loans may be quite large. Everyone who comes to the partnership for cash will get the money they need without much trouble, and the two banks will stay alive as partners.

Rags To Riches: Marcio Alaor’s Rise

As a young man, Marcio Alaor could only dream of being in a position like the one that he is currently in. There were many times that he never thought he would be the vice president of one of Brazil’s biggest banks, but he always made sure that he worked toward success to ensure that he would become one of the best of the best.

Marcio Alaor did not start his adulthood as a banker. He started out as a shoe shiner. As you can imagine, this was not the most glamorous position. It was something that many people would have been ashamed of, but Marcio was proud of the work that he did for the people who he worked for. There were many times when he was able to do a better job because of the pride that he had in the work that he did while he was shining shoes.

He happened to shine the shoes of one of the executives of the BMG bank. This was a man who was always looking for new talent and focused a lot on what people did instead of the experience or education that they had. The man wanted Marcio Alaor on his team because of the drive that he saw in him. He thought that he would make a perfect fit at the bank, but he didn’t want to overwhelm the young man with too much work at one time while he was trying to get accustomed to the life of a banker.

There were many things that Marcio Alaor did while he was working as a banker. He worked hard to make sure that all of his customers were happy and he never gave up the drive that he had when he first started with the company. As a banker, he had a lot of talent. This was something that his mentor had not predicted, but it turned out to be a bonus on top of the drive that Marcio Alaor was already exhibiting as an above-average employee. He worked hard and was very intelligent when it came to the banking world.

As time went on, Marcio Alaor made his way up the corporate ladder of the bank. He accepted higher positions, promotions and raises. He made sure that he always did this with humility and that he never forgot the drive that got him to where he is currently at. Marcio Alaor, the vice president of the BMG bank, has a drive that will be sure to last for a long time. Despite the position that he has, he never forgets where he came from or what got him to where he is at: hard work and dedication.

Marcio Alaor BMG

Marcio Alaor is a BMG executive in the banking business says that Australia’s economy continues to thrive and grow, despite the crisis of 2008. Australia is isolated enough that it has been allowed to grow in a way that the rest of the country can’t compare to.

With the economy in Australia reported to have grown 2.5 percent in 2015, they will successfully close the year without a recession. The data has been disclosed of the economic activities, showing that the country has continued to show economic growth. Marcio Alaor who has many years of experience as an executive in the banking business has seen the world enter into an intense season dryness in the early 90’s, but was still able to handle inflation and adjust the interest rates. This created and rapid growth in the economy and has been able to withstand that negative balances in the market.

Australia has been able to increase its economic growth due to the market of exporting. It’s mainly responsible for exporting popular goods that are sent to the major international markets and then listed for sale. Agricultural products are a huge export for Australia. They consist of soybeans, wheat, minerals that include iron and aluminum. Although the Chinese economy has continues to rise as well, Australia has increased its exporting goods to different countries and remains to be successful in doing so.

The crisis of 2008 certainly slowed the markets that covered the entire world, but Australia remained to prosper despite the wavering economic status. They were able to take part in fiscal stimuli which allowed small businesses to become tax exempt during the troubled times. This most definitely helped to alleviate the effects of the crisis.

Marcio Alaor noted that the Australian Finance Minister, Wayne Swan, gained great effects internationally by being sponsored in the Euromoney magazine which was released in 2011. When the world was feeling the effects of the 2008 crisis in 2009, Marcio Alaor states that Australia was able to increase it’s economic profits by 1.4 percent during that time. Over the next few years of the recession, they were still able to increase their revenue by more than 2 percent, mainly due to the exportation of goods and the fiscal stimuli. This most definitely proves a strong balance of economic education and wise business decisions. Aside from the economic growth in Australia that continues to increase each year, they have also been named to have the highest life expectancy of their citizens and quite possibly the best quality of life. They have also been know to have great human development index (HDI). These are two residing positive factors that stand to name Australia as one of the most excellent first world countries.

Marcio Alaor: Unmasking Automakers’ Stock Market Progress.

It turns out the automobile industry has been raising the interest of investors in the stock markets. Take into consideration the fact that stock market investors always seek for performing and stable stocks with the guarantee of real returns. However, there has been some eyebrow raising events such as the Volkswagen scandal giving headaches to investors.


These occurrences prompt Marcio Alaor in his capacity as an economist and vice-president of Banco BMG to shed light on the situation. In his overview, General Motors is the oldest automaker on the stock markets and enjoys a market value of about $53.52 billion. It celebrated a century since its first LPO. Ford dominated the industry in the mid-20th century and attracted the interest of individual and institutional investors.


The Initial Public Offer gives a starting figure for the trading of stocks associated with a particular company. The LPO also represents the commencement of trading on the equity markets. An increase in LPO leads to an increase in market value and vice versa. A closer look at the LPO’s of the most dominant auto companies’ reveals the consistent and upward growth of market value. Companies like Honda, Nissan, Peugeot, Volkswagen, Toyota, and Renault, continue to perform exemplary well in stock markets across Europe and the United States.


Marcio Alaor’s analysis of such trends comes as part of his job description as the vice-president of Banco BMG. It enables him to gather knowledge and be in a position to advise investors as well as his clients. Market research also allows a firm to identify opportunities or risks and, therefore, make measures to take advantage or avoid loss. Also, Marcio has been part of the initiative to identify investment-worthy avenues for Banco Bomb to venture.


Marcio Alaor personifies hard work and excellence in all his personal and professional undertakings. In his homeland of San Antonio do Monte, Marcio is a man of the people and a hero who overcame adversities and achieved phenomenal success. Marcio’s character and attitude in life make him humble hence his appreciation of his roots and his will to identify with locals. He speaks of his background with enthusiasm, and his story brings motivation to the young and old alike.


He serves as a source of inspiration for students, farmers and local business people who heed his call for realizing hidden potential. The Marcio Alaor effect can already be felt in the area that is now becoming the largest milk producer in the province despite the lack of vast lands. In appreciation of Marcio’s contribution, the town honored their devoted son with the opening of a restaurant named Marcio Alaor de Araujo. The honor befits a man who demonstrates a great desire to transform lives.

Marcio Alour Rebuffs Claims Of A Takeover of Banco BMG

According to noticias.r7.com, Marcio Alour has come out fighting on rumors that BMG is being bought. The rumors seem to suggest that other banks were acquiring the consigned credit lender.Mr Marcio instead surprised everyone when he announced they are partnering with Banco Itau to create another bank called Itau BMG Payroll. The new bank is expected to fill a huge gap left in Brazil after the collapse of private credit. Most major banks are wary of lending regular citizen’s money in lien with the current economic crisis.BMG has thrived in lending money to poor Brazilians and has thrived. It is this background that encouraged Itau to seek the partnership that will be 30/70 partnership in favor of Banco Itau.
The new bank will be valued at $ 1 billion and will have a war chest up to 11 times its capital. It will initially have 8 million customers with Banco BMG contributing five million and Itau 3 million. In the arrangement, BMG will be paid $ 300 million monthly for five years because it will have given more customers. It is also expected they will use the tried and tested BMG business model.
BanCO Itau is Brazils fifth largest bank. It this year posted 36% more profit than last year and had seen its share price surge by 28%.It will partner with Banco BMG which also has a remarkable performance the past ten years. It has grown fivefold guided by its specialization in the personal lending space. It today is the market leader in consigned credit department and expects to extend its winning formula with Itau BMG payroll. It has achieved this by having an extremely experienced team who work very hard.
It is a bank led by Ricardo Guimares who is assisted by Marcio Alour. Marcio has been with the bank for a long time and has come a long way. If you see him in his chair, it would be hard to believe he was a street urchin on the streets of Sante Antonio not long ago.Marcio is a calm and confident individual who has mastered the art of giving back to his community. He has helped built schools and hospitals in Minas where he comes. His community was so impressed they even built a food court and named it after him.
The new partnership will undoubtedly revolutionize the personal credit market in Brazil.


The Success of BMG Under Ricardo Guimaraes

BMG is a financial institution that is owned and controlled by the Pentagna Guimaraes family. The family formed the firm in 1930 and named it Banco de Credito Predial S.A but later changed it to Banco de Minas Gerais. The bank has been in existence for over 80 years. Its existence in the market has made BMG comprehend about the Brazilian market. The bank offers credit solutions to corporations and individuals through services like such as Home equity loans, payroll credit card, used vehicles financing and financing of suppliers besides medium to large companies and economic groups.
The success of the firm has been enhanced through working with high-return portfolios. The corporation’s conservative credit policy has aided in having clean records and financial muscles to undertake various projects. A credit committee handles issues related to credit decisions with the view of enhancing the overall organizational goals of the bank. BMG is unique in terms of its operational excellence, use of technology, and its ability to make correct predictions about market movements.
The nationwide brand is served by a competent board of directors, which has independent members. Members of the board have been helpful in incorporate high levels of governance within the management practices of the financial institution. Some of their initiatives include; the strategic investor relations department, Anti-Money Laundering program and the independent internal audit. The synergy derived from the teamwork has played a pivotal role in augmenting cohesion within the bank.
Up to the mid 90’s, BMG’s main business focus was consumer and wholesale financing. The bank was also providing light and heavy vehicle financing. However, as the years passed, the bank decided to change its product portfolio. The bank switched its focus to offering payroll loans. Currently, BMG is the leader in provision of payroll loans. BMG signed an agreement for association with Itau Unibanco. The partnership was aimed at enhancing commercialization and distribution of payroll in Brazil. The agreement was signed on July 2012. The partnership between the two corporations resulted in the Banco Itau BMG Consignado SA. In 2014, the two firms signed another agreement aimed at unifying the business. Itau Unibanco owns 60 % of the capital stock votes while BMG owns the remaining 40%.
Ricardo Guimarães has played an imperative role in the growth of the company. Ricardo has been working for the bank since 1980. Owing to his successes, Ricardo Guimaraes was made the president and chief executive officer of the financial institution, a position he still holds to date.

Brazilian Lawyers Operate Under A Hybrid Legal System Influenced By Italian, French And German Law

Brazil is the only South American country that uses Portuguese as their country language. Portuguese dialects are as diverse as the Brazilian legal system in terms of origin. When Brazil declared their independence from Portugal in 1822, the country needed a legal system that could establish laws and train lawyers. Brazil established their first law schools in São Paulo and Olinda in 1827.

The Brazilian Civil Law system was influenced by French and German Law during the 19th and 20th century, but in 2002, the Brazilian Civil Code was changed and modeled after the Italian Civil Law Code. The goal was to unify the country’s private law system, so most legal analysts say Brazilian law is a hybrid of French, German and Italian Civil Codes.

The Federal Constitution is the basis for all Brazilian statutes, and it is considered the highest law of the country. The Constitution can only be modified through a Constitutional Amendment. The Federal Supreme Court renders interpretations of the Constitution, and those rulings are followed by all judges.

The Brazilian Bar Association was created in 1930. As lawyers like Ricardo Tosto know, in order to be admitted to Law school, students must take an examination administered by their university, or they can combine their university admission exam with a national exam. It takes five years of study to earn an undergraduate degree in law. A law degree has to be authorized by the National Commission of Legal Education, which is part of the Brazilian Bar Association.

The National Council of Education has compulsory subjects, and they are classified in three axes. The first axes is the Basic Education Axes, which includes political science, economics, ethics, anthropology, history, sociology, and philosophy. The second axes is the Professional Education Axes. Tosto knows that the courses in that axes include tax law, administrative law, criminal law, civil law, business law, procedural law, international law, labor law and constitutional law. The third axes is the Practical Education Axes, which integrates the first two axes with 300 hours of mandatory vocational training, and 250 hours of complimentary training. Once that training is completed, paid internships at law firms or other organizations are required. Upon successful completion, law students are awarded a Bachelor of Laws degree.

Brazil: A Country Filled With Investment Riches And Misses

Brazil has always been an alluring mystery. Rio is filled with incredible beauty, but the city has a dark side. Extreme poverty and crime seem to overshadow the white beaches and carnival atmosphere. Investors have tried to claim some Brazil’s riches in the past, and they have walked away empty handed. The political scene in Brazil has hurt the success of many foreign investors. It’s hard to realize big returns on investments when the government is having issues.

But Brazil is a great place to make money if you understand how the game is played. Brazil is a country rich in natural resources and a lot of manpower. The economy in Brazil has changed dramatically over the last twenty years, and the value of Brazilian money has changed along with it.

Petrobras is Brazil’s largest company, and the oil giant is making investing difficult. The oil company’s value has dropped more than 40 percent over the last 18 months. Corruption allegations have hurt the company’s credibility. Petrobras’s problems have hurt the leadership of Brazil, and that hurts investment potential.

There is speculation that Brazil is heading toward a recession this year. Some analysts say energy rationing could be a reality soon, and that will lower GDP growth. Brazil stocks are not the best vehicles to place trust or a lot of money this year, but analysts have been saying that for years. Investors continue to enjoy excellent returns year after year when they understand the Brazilian mentality.

If you want to follow Igor Cornelsen and have some Brazil investments in your portfolio, the best stocks to consider are companies that deal in meat, coffee, tea and spice as well as mineral fuels. Other good investments are companies that deal with oil seed, machinery and ores, slag and ash. Cereal companies are also on the rise, and so are companies that handle food industry waste and animal fodder.