Kenneth Goodgame: Helping Businesses Achieve Financial Success

Kenneth Goodgame is one of the most influential leaders when it comes to marketing. He received his Bachelors of Science in Marketing at the University of Tennessee. His knowledge is invaluable and his many years of contributions has helped numerous individuals achieve success.

Goodgame’s area of expertise is Operation Management, where he specializes in creating million and billion dollar OEM excellence. He does this by incorporating innovative marketing and merchandising, financial oversight, and smart business strategy. One of the things that makes Goodgame so successful is his focus on delivering a balance of corporate alignment, key performance indicators, employee engagement, and quality assurance systems. All of these things create improved performance and profitability within the workplace. Goodgame has a very specific approach that has helped him be more efficient at what he does. His approach is to promote analysis, productivity enhancements, and composed negotiations.

Kenneth Goodgame’s extensive experience has allowed him to navigate through the marketing industry. He has worked as the Senior Global Product Merchant at Home Depot in Atlanta, Georgia and he was the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Newell Rubbermaid in Huntersville, South Carolina. Goodgame has held many other prestigious positions, however his most recent position was working at True Value Hardware Corporation in Chicago, IL from 2013-2015. In just two short years, he managed full P&L for over $2.2B in global purchasing, along with $320M in active inventory. This covered 85,000 SKUs. In addition, he turned around low-performance and replaced the lowest performing 40% of buyers. This created a high-energy team environment with broad product experience. Other things Kenneth Goodgame did in this position include hiring a full category management team, launching 250 SKU EDL Program, and initiating an annual “pay for play” vendor supported advertising program.

Kenneth Goodgame is a one of a kind leader who has endlessly made contributions to businesses through marketing. His skill for marketing and sales has benefited businesses greatly as he has improved business process, increased revenue, and overall helped to make businesses run more efficiently and successfully. Certainly, Goodgame is very innovative when it comes to marketing and he continues to be a game changer in the marketing and business world.

Jim Hunt Gives An Overview Of His Professional And Social Life

Through an interview with Ideamensch, Jim Hunt shed light on his life and experiences. He is a proficient financial adviser and the chief executive officer of VTA Publications. Jim has extensive experience in the stock markets. He is highly knowledgeable in analyzing market trends. To this end, he is able to trade safely and smartly. His popular YouTube channel has become an educational platform. He shares significant information regarding his investments. The YouTube account has numerous subscribers who are attracted to the site by his outstanding ability to read and predict trade accurately.

Jim Hunt has also echoed on his Twitter that after an exposure on how big financial institutions operate, he felt the need to share the information. He wanted to ensure that the ordinary person learns how to manage his/her own finances. This situation motivated Jim to establish VTA Publications. Talking about what makes him successful in entrepreneurship; Jim said that he is highly disciplined. He sets goals and ensures that he accomplishes them within the stipulated time. His desire to satisfy the needs of his clients has seen him generate innovative ideas. He said that listening to people’s complaints helps one to deliver products that satisfy the specific needs of his or her clients.

On a typical day, Jim Hunt starts by working out. Later, he embarks on the marketing ideas for the publishing firm. In addition, Jim formulates new stock trading strategies for his subscribers since he believes that people are more productive in the morning. He eats light lunch to avoid sleeping in the afternoon. Jim prefers having dinner with his family. He loves reading Jesse Livermore’s books and urges people to read an inspiring book known as “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” Jim posited that he is complacent with what he has achieved and given another chance, he would change nothing. T

About VTA Publications

VTA Publications prepares distance-learning programs. In addition, the institution organizes events. The non-fiction publisher was established in 2012. Its headquarters are located in Norfolk. The firm specializes in publishing literature materials on finance and economics. It serves thousands of clients worldwide. The company offers cutting-edge information, products and services physically and through digital mediums. With highly qualified personnel, the entity’s clients experience unrivaled services.   See Jim’s YouTube videos about what these programs can do for you, or just read more about the man on CrunchBase.

Eric Pulier: A Giant among Men

Mr. Eric Pulier is one of the most successful technology entrepreneurs of all time. He helped co-found ServiceMesh, Inc where he currently serves as the Chairman and the CEO.

Eric Pulier started computer programming at a tender age while still in the fourth grade. By the time he was in high school, the entrepreneur had already established a database computer company.

The Harvard alumni majored in English and American literature beginning in 1984. While at Harvard he served as the editor of the Harvard Crimson. He was also a columnist for the paper. Four years later, he graduated magna cum laude. It was during the same period that he took IT classes at the nearby MIT.

Soon after in 1991, Eric founded a company named People Doing Things (PDT). It predominantly dealt with finding technological-based solutions to health care and education concerns and issues.

A Visionary with A Big Heart

In 1994, the Los Angeles-based investor started Digital Evolution. The interactive agency company would later merge with US Interactive LLC in 1998.

The chairperson of U.S Interactive, Inc. and the Executive Chairman of SOA software is also credited with the launch of Starbright World. Starbright is a social media platform where chronically ill kids get a chance to share their experiences via chats, blogs and posted content. The private social network also allows for the children to meet up.

Pulier is a philanthropist who continues to work with kids suffering from chronic illnesses. He is a regular donor to various non-profit organizations most notable of them being the Painted Turtle Camp and the X-Prize Foundation.

Milestone Achievements By Eric Pulier

In 1997, he was hand-picked to be in charge of the Presidential Technology Exhibition venture dubbed as the bridge to the 21st century. He was tasked with advising on health care and technological initiatives for the forum founded by the then Vice President Al Gore. He also works with Bill Clinton.

Other notable accomplishments bearing the mark of Pulier are Desktone, Media Platform and Akana, Appsense and the Santa Monica Media Corporation. VAR business named him as one of the top 30 e-visionaries of all-time. He also writes books.

The successes of Mr. Eric has attracted investors by the droves. Today, numerous leading venture capitalist firms continue to express an interest in buying shares and stakes in the works inspired by the visionary.

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The Man Behind The Keith And Keely Mann Scholarship Fund

Keith Mann officially launched the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement targeting high school kids from underprivileged backgrounds. The fund will be available for kids from the Uncommon Schools in New York City. The schools are run by a non-profit charter organization and one graduating senior annually will be able to benefit from the funds. The lucky student will have to have written a 1000-word essay detailing how attending college will help them achieve their life career goals.

The partnership between Mann and the Uncommon Schools will further the institution’s agenda on assisting students from low-income families to not just attend a four-year college but to also head on towards a thriving, fulfilling career. The application was opened on February 29 and the winner is to be awarded $5000 towards their tuition fees. The funds for the scholarship were raised by Mann and his organization Dynamic Search Partners through a fundraising event that was hosted at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden; $22,000 was raised.

Keith Mann is an executive with 15 years experience in the hedge fund industry. He founded Dynamic Search Partners in 2009 and specifically focuses on alternative investment. Mann has grown his organization into a leading recruitment firm which hires professionals and executives for major firms in the hedge fund and private equity world. Dynamic Search Partners is renowned as one of the largest and most respectable staffing agencies in the industry and has handled close to 2000 client requests since its inception as of February 2015. Its clientele span the United States, Asia and Europe and it handles close to 200 requests for executive staffing annually.

Mann is a philanthropist who has been involved with raising money for children with cancer and now education in this new partnership with Uncommon Schools, which has a network of 42 schools across New York Massachusetts and New Jersey. He is invested in ensuring that the children supported through this fund gain practical and tactical skills to take them beyond college. He even intends to work with the students in the years to come as he supports their innovation and academic competence.


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Keith and Keely Create New Scholarship Opportunity

Keith Mann Forms a $5,000 Scholarship

With the cost of tuition rising at Universities across the nation, many graduating high school seniors are left with the decision on how they will pay to even attend college. While a vast few that do go on to attend college, have parents who started a college fund long before college became a regular discussion at the dinner table, many kids come from a low income family, and are therefore not able to adequately pay for college. Although a particular student may be a great student, who makes excellent grades, has a high GPA, and participates in extracurricular activities, they are simply not able to afford college.

The Uncommon School Program which is located throughout Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey, caters to over 14,000 who come from low income families. The kids in the program range from grades kindergarten all the way up to the twelfth grade. The program is designed to help prepare kids for college and form them into young adults that are ready to take on the rigors of college and graduate, excel, and contribute to society as citizens.

The Uncommon School Program has recently got good news that Keith Mann would be partnering up with the program to award a $5,000 scholarship in 2016, and every year to come, to a hardworking and deserving individual high school student looking to attend college after graduating. Mann is a wealthy investor who has a numerous amount of experience in the hedge fund industry and private equity industry. He is the owner of a research firm called Alternative Investing Practice which helps other firms make wise investment. His firm does business with clients located throughout the United States, and also in countries in Europe and Asia.

It is because of the generous efforts of people like Keith, and a program like the Uncommon School Program, that kids from low income families have the opportunity to attend college. The deadline to apply for the application is Feb. 29,2016, along with a 1,000 essay. The winner will be announced at the end of March.

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Kate Hudson Interviewed on Fitness by Elle Magazine

Elle Magazine had the chance to sit down with Kate Hudson and pick her brain on fitness, fashion and the inspiration for her athletic wear company, Fabletics. Hudson is widely recognized for her enviable physique, recently featured in her guest starring role as a dance instructor on the hit television series, Glee. Her new line of athletic clothing features sports bras, tanks, tops, sweatshirts, leggings and joggers, all designed to give women an extra boost of confidence while working out and not break their bank accounts in the process.

Hudson dishes on how she maintains her perfect form and admits that fitness is not always on the top of her priority list for the day. Hudson must balance being a busty working mother of two with making time to work out on a daily basis. She says that she balances this out with a healthy diet regimen, which includes juicing or cleansing. While Hudson admits that she does believe in cleansing as a useful way to keep her healthy eating in check, she advises that it should be done in moderation, and never for more than ten days at a time. Hudson’s advice for embracing a healthy lifestyle is that activity choices should be something enjoyable so that you are more likely to tackle it on a daily basis. Although there is plenty of advice and information available from the fitness industry on the best way to get in shape, Hudson contends that it does not really matter what activity you choose, as long as you incorporate it as part of your lifestyle and not just a short term trend. She also reminds us that while getting on the treadmill might not seem like the most important thing to fit in at the end of the day, it is a guaranteed mood boost once you complete your workout.

Fabletics offers a monthly subscription for only $49.95, which gives members access to specially curated outfits, free of any shipping charges. Fabletics allows members to cancel the monthly service at any time by calling the customer service number or choosing to skip a month for as long as the member chooses. The outfits offered by Fabletics are top quality but have the benefit of coming at deeply discounted prices for monthly members. Hudson is featured modeling many of the designs herself and is intimately involved in choosing the monthly offerings.

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An In-Depth Look At Solo Capital And Sanjay Shay

Much expertise is required in the determination of which investment sectors one can safely put their money on. This is the advice I gave to one of my friends who wanted to invest. In my answer, I was quick to point out one of the most promising and satisfactory companies in London that if he approached, his investments would at least earn him something to be proud of. I suggested Solo Capital which I strongly have the opinion that it will not let you down.

Solo Capital LLC is registered and based in London, England. The company has been in existence since 2011 after it was formed by internationally known philanthropist Sanjay Shah. Additionally, it has permits to conduct business in the entire UK. This corporation deals majorly in the investment industry with its main tasks being investments, proprietary trading and consultancy services. Professional sports investments is also an important sphere of operation for this company.

The company has had an impressive performance over the last few years since its inception. First, it acquired majority of the assets of poorly performing Old Park Lane Capital in 2013 and converted it into a booming investment business. Secondly, the company has a responsive client policy that concentrates on the needs of the client as the most important element. Customer satisfaction, according to its policy, is one of its objectives and which has made the company become one of the most customer friendly companies in London. Thirdly, its human investment is worth appreciating. Solo Capital has over 100 staff, thirty five of whom have the hands on experience in investment since they are traders. Their experience is very crucial to assist in scrutinizing different investment opportunities so as to come up with the best option.

One of the most important traders within the company’s disposal is its founder, Sanjay Shah. Though Shah has a medical background, he is vastly knowledgeable in trading and investment business. After he quit medical practice, Shah started accounting classes and joined highly regarded companies such as KPMG, Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, Dutch Bank and Morgan Stanley as an accountant. In his practice as an accountant, he acquired the necessary experience required to engage in investment, proprietary trading and professional sports investments and counseling. These skills have helped him set up his business empire that consists of over thirty five successful companies based in Dubai, London, British Virgin Islands among others.

Sanjay, as noted earlier, is philanthropist. After the demise of his son at an early age of 4, he began his vibrant campaign against autism. It is through this campaign that he has organized the famous Autism Rocks Concerts since 2011 which have been graced by celebrities such as Drake, Snoop Dogg, Michael Buble and other well known Disk Jockeys.

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Forward Thinking and Sustainability within Eucatex Group

In recent years it has become popular for businesses to give back to the community in some manner. Eucatex Group has been engaging in this practice for over 60 years now. It began with simple re-forestation and conservation and has grown to include social programs, environmental monitoring, and even planning for preservation during environmental emergencies. The original conservation efforts began in 1951 and have continued to present day where the company occupies land adding up to a total of 46,000 hectares. Out of this impressive portion of protected land about 28,000 hectares are certified by the FSC. On the protected land are also 24 owned farms, 36 leased farms, and 15 partner farms which participate in the sustainability of the forest and especially the eucalyptus plant.

Eucatex Group began this conservation effort because they were the first company in Brazil to use the eucalyptus plant as a raw material. Early on they saw that the responsible path to take was one of sustainability. Shortly after the business formed they began buying land and investing in the re-forestation of the raw material they used. Despite their focus on sustainable production practices the company has managed to expand into paints, varnishes, hardboards, softboards, and even furniture. They have done so while remaining true to their conviction of environmental sustainability.

Flávio Maluf is not only the current President of Eucatex Group but also a strong believer in its philanthropic views on business. He has spent considerable time sharing his experiences and insight on modernizing Brazil’s educational system. The primary consideration he provided was the introduction and standardization of using technology such as computers, internet, and tablets in the classroom to create a more effective environment for learning. His position was likely heavily influenced by his background in mechanical engineering, gained from his studies in America.

It shouldn’t be surprising that Flávio Maluf carries the same values as Eucatex Group. His father Paulo Maluf founded the company in 1951. Meanwhile Flávio Maluf returned to Brazil after his education in America to eventually become the CEO of Eucatex Group in April of 2005. In many ways Mr. Maluf and the Eucatex Group have had a similar childhood with identical ideals imparted to them by Paulo Maluf. With this tradition of forward thinking and a strong talent for business there is a bright future for Flávio Maluf and the family business, Eucatex Group.  Flavio released tips for entrepreneurs, which have become a benchmark of what workers in Brazil need to follow.

A Hard Time For Acquisitions In The Energy Sector

An article was published by the New York Times. The article delved into the merger between Energy Transfer Equity and the Williams Companies. The article discussed the ups and downs of the energy crisis and the ups and downs of the merger.

The positive effect of the drop in energy prices can be felt by everyone. It has helped to keep more discretionary money in consumers’ pockets. However, there is a negative side. The article explained how banks, like JP Morgan Chase, have already or will have to increase their reserves because of bad energy loans. Many energy companies have applied for and received large loans, with the assumption that they would easily pay it back. But then the price of energy dropped. The combination of the low energy prices and the high amounts have debt will very likely bring about a third of the companies involved in production and exploration of energy will have to file for bankruptcy. Shell and Chevron have already started letting large numbers of employees because of the dramatic decrease in profit.

The article also discussed the positives and negatives of the merger. One of the biggest downsides of the merger was the doubts that investors had about the merger being too complicated. This, coupled with the lowered energy prices, wrecked the companies’ values and stock prices. They lost a combined value of 37 billion dollars, which is over 60 percent of their worths. And after the release of earnings report, Energy Transfer, alone, lost another billion dollars in value. However, many shareholders that just think that the timing of the merger was not great, but as soon as the energy prices recover, the companies and their value will recover. They are staying positive because they know how natural of a merger it truly is. The merger is currently being reviewed by regulators and if they approve it, and neither side backs out, the merger will go through and Energy Transfer Equity will own the Williams Companies.

There are several firms that are watching this merger closely. One such firm is Madison Street Capital. This investment banking firm stays within the middle market and provides services in five areas. The first area of services that are provided is financial opinions, this includes services such as independent third party fairness opinions and solvency and capital adequacy. The second area is asset management industry focus, which includes areas such as portfolio valuation services and restructuring services. The third area is valuation or financial reporting, which includes services like structured finance products and share-based compensation. The fourth bis business valuation and the fifth area is corporate advisory.

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Charles Koch to Take on Education and Poverty Issues

Charles Koch is well recognized as one of America’s leading businessmen, and is nowadays working on making a new nonprofit in an endeavor to revitalize our society. The principal focus will be based on educational quality as well as the ever growing poverty issues facing our nation.

This new nonprofit will be called Stand Together, and although they are just in the beginning stages of this project, Koch is aiming high with hopes of raising $15 billion in the first year. Aides have already been working on this project over the past year and hope to make it public in the next week.

Charles Koch along with his brother David inherited their business Koch Industries from their father Fred and each own 42%. They have since expanded to include many other pollution controls and technologies from the original oil refining the company was well known for. In 2014, Hurun Report named Koch the 9th richest man in the world due to his 42% interest in Koch Industries.

Koch has always been a supporter of educational organizations that include George Mason University, the Institute for Humane Studies as well as the Mercatus Center. He is also a major contributor of the Republican Party and other various cultural and charitable institutions.

The Koch brothers are well known for their long standing charitable contributions. Some of the more recognized ones include donating $25 million to the United Negro College Fund to be used for scholarships. Other charitable actions include handing out holiday turkeys to the Latinos back in 2014. They also offer couponing classes in an effort to educate the poor on how to save money with limited resources.

The new Stand Together will team up with Bob Woodson, who is the CEO of the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise for their first venture. The plan is to seek support for their new battle plan they are referring to as the new war on poverty. Woodson states that he sees Stand Together offering grants and other coaching assistance, but no financial information about an individual dollar amount has been decided on. He also feels that the operating principals Koch has in place is 100% aimed at helping the less fortunate in our country.