BMG Marcio Alaor Has High Hopes

Being a successful vice president to one of the biggest banks in Brazil isn’t something that happens just by luck. It happens by having the right amount of hope, bravery and the need to succeed above all else. Marcio Alaor, the vice president of BMG has worked to ensure that he has gotten that position. This has allowed him to turn his dreams into a reality and has allowed him to give hope to thousands of other young people who may want to one day be in his shoes.

There are many things that Marcio Alaor has done to make things better for himself. Starting out as a young boy who was a shoe shiner, Alaor knew he wanted to be one of the men that he was shining the shoes of. He never stopped learning, growing or succeeding. This allowed him the chance to be the best that he could be and gave him the opportunity to truly succeed in everything that he did. There was a lot of inspiration behind where he is at today, but he knows that his own hopes, dreams and drive to get there has given him the position that he is in.

At the 33rd annual expose at San Antonio, Marcio Alaor talks about how he has worked to get where he is at. He has always been able to push himself toward success, give himself the best of the best and in the end, the hard work paid off for him. This hard work gave him not only the position that he wanted, but also a life that he had been dreaming about for as long as he could remember. By choosing this lifestyle, he has allowed himself to push even further into the world of banking and has allowed himself to become even more successful.

The one thing that Alaor likes to see when he is hiring new people or is talking to someone who has an interest in the company is a drive. This drive, he knows, is what got him where he is at. He likes to see people who have a will to push on in the face of trouble and people who are not willing to give up on their dreams. When he is looking for new faces at the BMG bank, he tries to hire only people that he sees the same drive as himself in.

Source: Exame

The Benefits Of Charity Work

There are many benefits to performing charity work. Charity work makes you feel like a better person and it helps out other people. Depending on your religious beliefs, you might also believe that charity work can right any past wrong doings. There are many different types of charity work out there that can be completed and all of them provide many benefits to people and to societies.

In order to provide positive charity work, you need to figure out what service or skill you have that you can offer. Once you have figured out your service or skill that you will be offering a part of society for free, you will need to decide what charity or organization you will work with and how often you will be performing the work. Here, you can read about the benefits of charity work.

An easy example of charity work would be working with your church. Whether it be volunteering to be a Eucharistic minister, volunteering to work with your Church’s youth or volunteering to work in your Church’s garden. All of these different ways that you can volunteer your time will help to make you feel like a better person and will help your church community.

Offering up a particular skill or service is another way in which you can become involved in a charity. An example of this would be if you work in the medical field. If you work in the medical field, you could go and volunteer your time at a charity such as Doctors Without Borders where you will be able to help people in third world countries to receive medical care that they couldn’t otherwise receive. Here are some interesting ways that you can get involved and some different facts about the program.

Another way to get involved is to have your business provide services for free. This type of work is called Pro Bono work and can be very beneficial for your company because it gets your name out in the community as well as very beneficial for the person receiving your work for free as they likely couldn’t afford the work otherwise.

One such person who provides a lot of work pro bono is Frans Shoeman. Shoeman is the director of a law firm in Africa called Phatsima Diamond. Frans Shoeman is well known for the many different charities for which he has gotten involved in as well as the pro bono work that he offers to clients at his law firm. Shoeman is a very given man and is very well-rounded. He attended college in America and currently resides in Africa. He is fluent in multiple languages which makes it easier to help a wider variety of people. He has not only donated his money, but his time, his skills, and his energy. He is a good, honest man and truly exemplifies how beneficial it can be to complete charity work. Frans Shoeman does not do his charity work just for himself, he does this work for the good of the world and allows everyone to reap the benefits.